December 19, 2006

We interrupt the memories for a moment....

Crunch time has officially begun...busy, busy busy!! Sunday of course was the kids Christmas program...Colton was a total ham...dancing around the whole time and he was hilarious until he pushed the Pastor's daughter down the step...oh well. Brennan really expressed himself this time and Austin did a great job as well. I was a proud momma! Pics forthcoming....hopefully. Then we had a caroling and cookie exchange that evening at church.

Yesterday I had to make more cookies for the teacher gift baskets, then hubby and I had calling hours to go to for a co-worker of mine when I worked at Buehler's. Her husband passed away...he was only 43. SO sad right before the holidays like that. It's things like that that make me want to ask God why?? He leave behind 4 kids, two that belong to him and my co-worker Ruby...their daughter just gave me a huge hug when I went up to her...I haven't seen her since she was a baby. Almost made me cry. How difficult Christmas will be for them this year...please say a little prayer.

Today was serious crunch day...I had to get a salad ready for a funeral dinner for one of the saints from our church, thank hubby for helping with that! Then I had Austin's Christmas party at school, we then have a Christmas play to go to for the twins I watch during the week...their play is tonight. Then I need to clean my office area (YIKES!!) because the newspaper is coming tomorrow to take a picture of me answering Santa letters. I hate having my picture taken. I just hope my boys don't see it since they still surprisingly believe.

So all that is left now is hoping that a few more gifts show up and get them all wrapped. Hoping that your holiday season is going well.

More memories later~

December 14, 2006

Memories # 13 & 14

So today's entry is on an arts & crafts tangent today...ever since I can remember my gifts as a kid ALWAYS included something in the arts & crafts dept. Whether it was just a simple coloring book and crayons or a table top weaving loom, I always had at least one arts and crafts kit...of course I always had something artsy on my list. I've had actual art sets complete with crayons, paints & chalks, one of those neat crayon aprons (loved that as a kid), a table top weaving loom, those pot holder know the ones with the loops of stretchy fabric, paint by number sets, crewel and needlepoint sets, a simple drawing pad, sewing sets, mini sewing machines, you name it I probably had today's # 13 memory is dedicated to all those arts and craft gifts that I received over the years (and still receive). It has made me the artist (I use the term very loosely) that I am today.

So it's only fitting then that my # 14 memory goes with the previous one...this was one of my most favorite "artsy" gifts I received as a kid...Fashion could make different outfits, make them different patterns, so many different combinations...I so loved this set...I'd sit for hours and play with this set...I still have a few of the plates, but the board that it came with I have no idea where it is...lost in the depths of my parents house I imagine, but nevertheless, still one of my favorite toys.

So today I have a question...what was your favorite toy as a child and why? Do you still have this toy? What memories come to mind when you think of it? Please share!

December 12, 2006

Memories 10, 11 and 12

So I've been so much going on...too much going on.

Anyway the next few memories are movie related and something I've done for the last 6 years.

Memory # 10:

Favorite Children's Christmas Movie:

Can't resist this the meaning behind it...who can resist Linus speaking about Jesus' birth and the true meaning of Christmas...not to mention Charlie Brown's tree!

Memory # 11

Favorite Grown Up Christmas Movie:

I SSSSOOO LOVE THIS MOVIE...every time I watch it I get teary eyed. Who can resist George Bailey...I tell ya if this world was filled with more "George Bailey's" where would we be, huh?? It's not Christmas until I watch this folks it's not Christmas yet 'cause I HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO WATCH IT YET!! Been far too busy....working on homemade gifts this week.

And last but not least...Memory # 12:

Answering Santa Letters!

I have been answering Santa letters in our area for the last 6 years. I love it! To see those scrawled letters full of wishes and hope, love and compassion...melts my heart...and hand drawn pictures...(fiddlestick...Blogger won't let me upload any more pics tonight....oh well...I'm sure you get the picture). My heart breaks for those letters that ask for their grandparent's to feel better or for daddy to get his job back...sometimes it's things like that which is all they ask for...hard to answer those letters I'll tell ya. I had my first disturbing letter this year...a boy asked for a headless horseman with the bloody ax and guns and stuff of that nature...complete with hand drawn pictures of what he wanted. Strange and weird! Creeped me out.

On a different note real quick...please be in prayer for hubby's job. They are talking about cutting hours way almost half. I know God is in control and though every time one of these "threats" are made he seems to increase in hours, but I just would like some prayer anyway...with the economy in this area right now I'm just kind of worried. I know God will take care of us...He always does in one way or another.

December 9, 2006

Quick update...Memories # 8 & 9

Making this kinda much to do. Don't you just hate the hustle and bustle of this season?? I know I do...of course I kind of got off to a late start this year with Christmas, so I haven't made it to easy on myself along with other things that have been put in my path...oh well...

Onto the memories...Memory # 8:

I'm not sure when I started this memory...I think it may have been before the boys were born. But I began decorating my own tree. One year I painted these birdhouses and decided to put them on my Christmas tree. Up near the top I have always put a white dove couple (if you look near the top you can see them) in honor of my hubby and I and our love for each other.

Memory # 9:

Another new memory combined with an old one. As I child I remember that sometimes we would have those Advent know...the ones where you would open the "date" to find a picture of something Christmas related behind it. One Advent Calendar I remember had a piece of chocolate behind each kind of calendar! (HEE-HEE) Well, while purusing on-line last week I found this cool Advent calendar that used a clip board and scrap supplies...needless to say I was there! So I made this one up for my boys...they have enjoyed it...though maybe not quite as exciting as opening the little "doors" or getting a piece of chocolate, in a pinch and with the rush of the season this one had to do, and so far it is working just fine...Just so you know...only 16 more days until Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

December 7, 2006

Memories # 6 & 7

Before I go into the next batch of memories...I hope these pics of the tree come out a little better...

Onto the memories...# 6 would have to be where we went last year for's something we still talk about almost every day. Our trip to Disney last year was a dream come much fun, so magical...can't wait to do it again...soon!!

Memory # 7 I was reminded of tonight. My oldest had his first choir concert at school tonight....he was so proud and so was his mama. Reminded me of when I was in choir and had my choir concerts. I loved choir...I loved to sing...still do...I started choir in fourth grade just like Austin is now...hope he continues to enjoy it like I did...of course choir in high school IMO has a stigma for boys than girls I think...never enough boys in choir when I was in school and I think it was because it wasn't thought of as "cool". oh well.

It's been a very very long week...and I plan to go to bed early tonight in fact as soon as I get off to go to Z-ville to get haircut and hubby (hopefully), Colton and the twins will be going with us. Should be quite an adventure. Better get some rest.

18 days until Christmas folks.

December 5, 2006

New Memory 2006, Christmas Memory #5

Created a new Christmas memory for 2006. Boys and hubby finally got their tree decorated tonight...I have my tree that has bird houses I painted in the dining room (I'll show pics later)...the boys got to decorate the real tree in the living room...I told them they could decorate it however they wanted...I should have known, left to their own devices....well, lets just say it definitely goes with what phase all my boys are going through at the it is:
Yes need to adjust your screen (well, the pics are a little dark...sorry about that) but yes is a Star Wars tree complete with Darth Vader mask where a angel used to sit...I have to admit it was very ingenuitive and it is fitting for all my boys, hubby included. The Darth Vader mask is a bit creepy though, but truly what is Star Wars without Darth Vader though? Boys took what few mini light sabers and Star Wars things they had, then hubby broke out the arsenal...his old 1978 set of original Star Wars figures (I swear he must of never played with them cause they still have all their robes and guns!) Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and the villianous Darth Vader as well as many other characters have taken temporary residence on our family christmas tree. Definitely a new memory indeed. Though not traditional, though not common, it's us...right now...and I kind of like it.

Feliz Navidad ~

Christmas Memories, day 3 & 4

Sorry wasn't able to update yesterday....Sunday's are always so busy.

So anyway...Christmas is my church...reminds me of not only the obvious...Jesus...but the many Christmas songs and plays we have sung and performed. Lots of memories there...

So then on to memory 4...I thought since I brought up church and singing that I'd share my favorite Christmas Carol...this is a toss up, and I like a lot of the Christmas Carols, but these two are my favs...What Child Is This and O Come All Ye Faithful...Nothing like singing "This, this is Christ the King" and "O Come Let Us Adore Him" much meaning, so beautiful.

Sorry to make this short, but it's late, it's been a long day and got things to get caught up on tomorrow. Hope you are having a good week.

Oh, and BTW, the Christmas Story...though it had it's cute moments that I was kind of my hubby put's like nails on a chalkboard...ooh well...nothing beats George Bailey and It's A Wonderful Life anyway.

December 2, 2006

Christmas Memories, day 2

So on to my new Christmas tradtion of remembering Christmas memories...this one though old, is new for me....I have never seen this movie all the way through, but tonight we will as a family...hubby rented it tonight and I have always wanted to see this movie in its entirety. So tonight for our viewing pleasure we are watching this: It's A Christmas Story...have you seen it?? Is it one of those favs for you?? Let me know what your favorite part is...or just tell me what your favorite movie is for Christmas...I'll share my favorite Christmas movie another day, but for now this one should be fun.

Happy Holidays!

December 1, 2006

It's Officially December!

Happy December to all! I thought I'd re-visit my blog of last year and remember what I love about Christmas...favorite Christmas memories...things that just say "Christmas" to me.

So for today I will share first what Christmas is all about...JESUS! It's not the shopping, the giving or receiving of presents, the's about Jesus and His message to the world. Jesus IS Christmas...and to be honest I could do without all the hustle and bustle...I just love celebrating Jesus.

Hope you all are having a great Decemeber so was SUPER windy today here...thought the house was going to blow away!
Got most of my Christmas shopping done too...thank you Jesus!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

November 30, 2006

I'm Still Here...

I'm still here folks...been pretty busy with the holidays and all...Here are some updates for now...

Still grieving a little over the passing of whole routine just seems out of whack not having to take care of that little pup. I miss him bunches.

I'm finally back up and running on my new's so much quieter than my old one...almost too quiet. Had to play some music tonight so I could concentrate ;-)

Got our tree on Monday...not decorated per usual it was a bit too big...had to cut about another foot off the's so pretty though...and so fragrant...I could smell it even on the second floor of our house! We usually get a long needled white pine, but this year I wanted to go with a soft short needled Canaan Fir tree...I love just makes Christmas for me. It's been 3 years since we have had a real tree...hubby doesn't care much for them cause of the mess, but God love him he knows what makes me happy. Can't wait for the kids and us to decorate it.

Been reading a new book about getting organized and getting rid of the clutter in my life. Though I'm not making any huge drastic changes...the changes I've made thus far have made me quite happy...I am OK with throwing some things away...I've even thrown away some (only some) of the boys artwork...I finally realized that I can't keep everything. I rearranged my dining room and I really like it. Decluttered under my shelf in my dining room which was a huge thing. I feel at peace and I want to do more...not that I feel I'm a slob, but you know those areas in your house that seem to grow clutter on their own...I've been dealing with a lot of that...I'm starting to feel better now though...that's if my brother-in-law stops throwing more stuff he wants me to sell on eBay ;-) Just kidding.

Well that's about it for a lot of "ketchup" work to do since I'd been without my PC for so long. Church calendar should have gone out this past Sunday...oh well...better late than never.

Hope you are having a good week.

November 22, 2006

A Very, Very Sad Day...

I'm not sure where to start...I knew this day was coming soon, but is one ever prepared for it?
At 6 a.m. this morning our darling companion of 13 1/2 years went home to be with the Lord in doggie heaven. My heart is broken...though I know that he is no longer was so sad to watch him go. I'm just so glad that I did have those few moments with him before he left us. He will always hold a special place in my heart. We just told the boys a little bit ago...Colton of course doesn't understand, but Brennan had the hardest time. Tigger will be sorely missed by our family...he was a great friend.

Because of all this I'm having a real hard time focusing on getting Thanksgiving together, you know cleaning house, baking...things I must do, but it's just hard...I was really praying that he could have made it through the holidays, but of course God knows best. I know my cyber-friends and family will be praying for us, so in advance I thank you...It is like losing a family member when you lose a pet...Tigger was my first real pet, so this is hard...I just didn't realize how much it would be.

Well may you have a blessed holiday and God bless you all.

Rest In Peace Tigger, my friend

November 20, 2006

Weekend Update...

So much to say...where to start...

Well went to Sandusky this weekend to visit with my hubby's Great Aunt Thelma...we had a nice visit. It was a long day, but a nice visit nonetheless. The new DVD player hubby got for our van helped IMMENSELY with the boys...hardly heard a peep out of them. Brennan got sick though...we traveled on a road where at least one of my boys always gets sick on...I was prepared...bags, extra clothes just in case...Brennan wasn't feeling that well when the day began anyway. He was complaining of a sore throat...and when Brennan complains, you know it's bad cause he doesn't complain much. Took him to the DR. today and he has a severe case of strep throat. Missed school today and will miss tomorrow too...thus the lucky duck will be off school from today until next Monday because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyway, we got home around 11:30 p.m. (much later than I wanted) and then had to get up early cause the girls would be there at 6:45 a.m. It's been a long day!

On other news...the page I did for the Creating Pages website...well found out today I got third place in the contest...I'm so thrilled...I don't usually win, and I was just happy to be having so much fun with the challenges they had...This made my day.

Went grocery shopping tonight for Turkey day...Luckily it wasn't busy at all. I worked in the grocery business long enough to know not to go the two days before's a total nightmare. Anyway, I'm making turkey dinner for my in-laws. They were planning on going out to the Golden Corral for dinner...I told them no...I would make dinner. Something about going out on Thanksgiving for dinner just doesn't appeal to me at all. Thanksgiving to me means having a home cooked the home of someone you love...this year it will be at our house. Anyway like I told my hubby I LOVE leftover turkey dinner...nothing like enjoying the feast a second time ;-) I always miss out on leftovers cause I usually don't make the dinner or something else, but leftovers will be had here this year...I hope a little anyway ;-)

Well I am going to go for now...was getting the boys ready for bed tonight and hubby left the house to pick up a van for a lady that he's going to clean her van for...and he left me several frantic messages and now I can't get him on his cell and I don't know what is going on...hopefully he is OK...hope your Monday was a good one.

November 18, 2006

Just Another Manic Friday

Wow...what a day! Today I woke up late...not a good way to start the up at 8:15...boys have to be at school at 8:50...rush around get boys off to school...luckily they were cooperative. I hate starting a day that way...had no time for devotions, but man DID I PRAY today!! ;-)

Luckily Papa picked up the boys or I would have been hurting. Gathered myself after that and then got ready to go to the school for Brennan's harvest party. I was in charge of crafts. We made these: The picture isn't very good and if I would have not forgotten my camera I would have taken a pic of Bren in this Turkey hat, but I had an armload to carry as it was. The kids loved them and had a great time...however now I know why Brennan doesn't like going to school anymore...ever dealt with a controling teacher?? This is going to be a long year. Anyway...the party was fun and I enjoyed being with the kids so much...they were a blast!

Went to our Christmas parade in town tonight...wasn't really up for going (it was COLD), but boys wanted to since they were lining up right in front of our house!!! After we got out we had, I mean I had, a good time.

Here is my layout I finished for the Creating Pages contest... I'm also incorporating this into the Ali Edward's challenge since her challenge is about our scrapbooking style and how that style has evolved. My style has changed a bunch since my first days of scrapbooking 6-7 years ago.
Here is my very first scrap page: I've changed a longer just scrapping events, but scrapping life. How life changes...what I/we may be going through at that moment. Capturing moments, not just recording events. Not that recording events isn't important, cause indeed it is. But capturing a slice of day when I or someone else puruses my scrapbooks they'll see "me"...or "my boys" or "my husband" and know how I felt about them and what I may have been going through at that moment in life. Kind of like a journal with pictures in a way. Not only that, but I put more thought in a page other than...OK here are some photos...let's slap them on a page, put a title on it and it's done. I enjoy the Ali says...becoming a Life Artist. Oh, Also, I would hope that my photography has improved. ;-)

Well I'm going to close for many little time. Thank God for Saturdays!!

November 15, 2006

Started Christmas shopping...

Well I've started my Christmas shopping last night...all on-line shopping of course. In my opinion and in the position I'm in....can't beat it. Yes you have to pay for shipping, but no crowds...get to shop when I finding a sitter for the going to 12 different stores to try and find the right thing...nope all done in the comfort of my home...jammies and all ;-) For me it is the way to go. Glad to finally get started.

So much going on as usual...I probably packed about over half of my eBay items tonight to ship out...that is the part I think I like the least....but I'm glad that the stuff is going out of more tripping over it, until brother in law brings me more of his stuff to sell...oh well keeps me busy and give me some extra $$.

Should hopefully have my "somewhat" new computer by the weekend. I'm glad...though son's computer is OK, I'm needing my own back.

I have to say....I am so spoiled by my father in law...he always takes my boys to school every morning...well this past week my in laws have been in New Orleans and I have had to take the boys to school every morning...though I did OK, it is so nice to not have to drag the little guy out in the cold if I don't have to...Thanks dad for all that you do....I need to do something special for him!

So here is my layout so far in the "Creating Pages Runway Project Contest". Tomorrow is the last day of competition...had so much fun with this contest...and I love how this came together thus far.

I'm starting a "Thankful Tree" with the boys this coming week...we started tonight. They make "leaves" out of construction paper and write one thing they are thankful for...we'll hopefully do this from now until Thanksgiving. Thought it was a neat idea to get the boys especially to think about how lucky they really are.

So what are you thankful for??

Have an awesome week!

November 12, 2006

Well I'm up and running...sort of...for now

Still using my son's computer...but at least I'm online. I think hubby and I have decided to go through his brother again and get more or less a "shell" of a PC with a new motherboard and we're going to piece out this old one...install our old hard drives, RAM we just bought, and use that for the time being until we can research a better alternative, be it PC or MAC...I just don't feel right plunking that kind of $$ down without doing some proper research. So it's going to cost us about $ 150 or so...but better than let's say low end $ 400 for a bare bones PC to $ 2000 for a decked out MAC. I'm happy and OK with that...just can't be without my's my lifeline to the outside world after all. Being a SAHM...I don't get out much and this PC is not only my work that I do for church, myself and others, but it also is my social life...I know I need to get a life don't I :-)

Church was good today...though I had to lead worship and I felt very distracted for some reason and nothing seemed to go right during our Praise Team practice, God was in control and it all went OK. Donnis preached today and his sermon was interactive one and it was actually interesting and fun.

Well I'm off to check out my eBay auctions...have 28 auctions running right now...insane! Keeps me busy and provides $$ for Christmas after all.

November 11, 2006

Computer died...

We now bow our heads...I'm pretty sure it's official. My computer finally bit the dust. Tried all morning to boot it up and nothing...just some weird noises. So...until my brother in law looks at it, I' m pretty sure it's DOA. And right at Christmas time too...Yuck!...not really wanting to plunk the $$ down for a new PC, but I can't live without one...right now I'm using my son's computer. So I will be on here sporatically...until a new PC is on my desk...any suggestions as far as a computer greatly appreciated. Stay with PC or go to a Mac? Well until later folks.

November 10, 2006

Playdate cancelled and Ali Challenge

Brennan's playdate was cancelled...the little girl had a bad we will reschedule next week.

Here is a post for a challenge I did for Ali Edwards AEzine challenge: Her challenge was to make a layout using stamps. Behind the picture I have a list of things that make me sad.

Also here is a layout I'm working on on the Creating Pages website. They are doing a "Runway Project" that just really has been so much fun for me thus far...each day they put a new challenge up in creating a layout...for instance the first day we had to create our own patterned day we had to add something black and white, today was to add something that was inspired from our own homes. Today is day 7 of the challenge. This goes on for 6 more if you're a scrapper and up for an interesting challenge, join in! This challenge so feeds my scrapbooking obsession with my Project Runway obsession...what could be better!! Anyway, here is what I have so far...just have to share...

We raked our leaves job...we had fun, but man it was hard work. Now I'm going to go relax and watch Cars with the family...Have a great evening!

November 9, 2006

My sweet Brennie has a "playdate"'s boys are growing up...way too fast I might ad! My little middle sweet little shy boy...has a playdate on Friday evening...with a girl! How did this happen?!?!? And the girl isn't even in his class. She's in the other second grade class. I guess Brennan passed a note to her after school a couple days ago and it said that he liked her and wanted her to come over to our house to play. She sent him a note back yesterday saying she liked him and she wanted him to come to her house. Anyway, luckily this little girl's mommy is someone hubby and I graduated with and someone my hubby knows quite well. He and this girl's mommy talked on the phone last night and they both got a huge chuckle out of Brenn has a playdate with this girl at her house on Friday. Luckily Austin is going too...this girl has an older brother who is in Austin's grade and they've played together before. Even so, I'm nervous....I'm cracks me up hearing him say, "Well when I look at her she smiles and when she looks at me I smile." Oh my...can this be starting already??? Can't we just go back tothe days of dinosaurs and Veggie Tales?!?! I'm just not sure I'm ready for this stage...can anyone out there relate??? Pray for me ;-)

Some pages I've done...

Here are a few pages I've done scrapping comes in spurts anymore and as much as I need to go to bed, the inspiration is flowing and I don't want to wate it by sleeping it away...I'm sure I'll regret that in the morning ;-) So anyway here they are.

God is good...all the time...All the time...God is good.

November 7, 2006

Thank God today is here!

OK...I don't know about you or how things are in your area...but I am so glad today is finally here!! If I have to watch one more political mudslinging commercial on TV and receive one more political phone call I think I'll SCREAM! Man...the phone calls....yikes I went to the neighbors last night and Austin's Parent/Teacher conference (see last post) and I had 4 political phone calls on our machine....FOUR...I was hour and a half at the most. Though I thuroughly believe in the right to vote and our right to do so, I just don't like politics all seems like a bunch of liars, cheats, manipulators (now granted not all are that bad), but my goodness the negative campaigns that were on our TV this political was downright awful...and honestly I felt like I was stuck picking which was the lesser of two evils in many cases. And I don't like it being jammed down my throat...maybe because I'm at home and I hear all the ads on TV and get all the phone calls, I feel that way but...I'm just glad it's about over and we can return to the status quo of life.

But beyond all that, I did do my patriotic duty and vote...considering it was lunchtime I thought it would be packed, but I walked right in. Colton was the man of the hour charming all the older ladies and getting candy. He cracks me up.

Was going to go to the art gallery here in town that is displaying a local artists black and white photography on "Fatherhood", but hubby wasn't feeling up to it. Maybe Friday. I so love black and white photography....there is just something so timeless and magical about just speaks to me.

Well if you haven't gone out and voted...get out there! Your voice can't be heard if you don't.

November 6, 2006


Well had Austin's parent/teacher conference tonight. Though he's doing OK in school the collective response from all his teachers is that he lacks focus and doesn't pay attention. As most of you know Austin has ADHD and we took him off his meds because his doctor was concerned with him losing so much weight. Now granted I don't think Austin is doing so bad in school...he's getting A's and B's...and I'm not putting him back on his meds if his grades are acceptable, but I understand the distraction he has. I deal with it at home, believe me. I know it can be aggravating. So I'm on a huge mission to do whatever it takes to get this boy to focus...and I don't want to be a nag or do it negatively. So if you have any advice as to how to keep a lack of focus child focused...I'd be most appreciative.

It's so aggravating...public schools expect all children to fit in this certain peghole...yet not all children are the same. I know Austin is a brilliant child. Sometimes I just wonder if he's bored. He's doing great in language arts...which is his passion...writing. He loves that. However he doesn't like reading as much, unless it's something he's interested in.

So I'm on a mission...a mission to help my boys focus better in come along side them somehow...I know it's going to be's going to be aggravating...but I have to...I want to see them excel and do well. Pray for us.

November 5, 2006


OK...I don't know about you....and I don't know that it's just the weather, the time change or something else, but I feel like I'm going into hibernation mode! I am like sleepy all the time and I feel like I'm eating as if I am about to go into's ridiculous! I just can't seem to get any energy. I took an almost 2 hour nap today...which sometimes I do get the luxury to nap on a Sunday afternoon, but a two hour nap is not normal. Though it sure was awfully nice, yet I still woke up tired....might have to look into some sort of vitamins or something...anywho...

Going to have some short weeks babysitting the next few a way I'm glad cause I NEED to get started on this Christmas shopping thing...and with me being tired it's a MUST to get it into gear!

Had Brennan's parent/teacher conference last week...he's doing well, just having a lot of trouble focusing on what he needs to be doing...I used to have the same trouble to a degree...I wish I knew what to do to help him stay on task. Even when he's home doing his homework, he has a lot of trouble sticking to it and getting it done...if you have any advice in this area I'd really appreciate it. He did however test highest in his class in word comprehension...actually in the 8th grade level...which blew me away, yet he only tested in second grade level as far as reading the story and answering the questions. It's like if there is only one word to figure out, he's off the scale, yet if there is a whole story to do, forget it. He just doesn't want to "waste his time" doing it. Which I understand because I always disliked the "read the story and answer the questions" problems. I pray that he is able to focus better and will be able to do well. Austin's P/T conference is tomorrow night. Let you know how that goes.

Was going through some of my pics tonight...found this one from our County's of my hubby and our neighbor Michelle...she is such a great friend who loves Jesus...I'm so glad God blessed us with such a great friend! She always makes me laugh...always. Thank God for great friends! Tomorrow she's fixing us her Chipotle Chicken for dinner...yummy HOT spicy mexican food!

Well I hope the Lord blessed you today.

November 2, 2006


Hard to believe that Halloween is now over, Thanksgiving is right at our heels and soon Christmas will be here...YIKES!!

Not even started with the whole shopping thing. We were going to go tomorrow, hubby and I, and start on our shopping but I have to babysit. Oh well....I suppose I'll have to resort to my usual internet shopping, which by the way is much better than fighting bad shipping the stuff is sometimes outrageous. Also need to get started on my homemade gifts. I'm all about the homemade gift. Something about it says "I think you're special and I made this just for you" thing. I know...schmultzy I know. Got lots to do before Christmas...crocheted blankets to make ,scrapbooks to put together....never a moments peace I swear! ;-) Wouldn't it be nice if we could concentrate more on what the true meaning of Christmas is?? My sister had the notion of celebrating the gift giving part of Christmas after the holidays are over when things are cheaper and it doesn't take away from the meaning of Christmas...I think it's not a half bad idea.

So tell me here is my question....are you a all around Christmas shopper picking things up here and there throughout the year or are you a I must wait until the day after Thanksgiving (or even later) to do that sort of thing?? (BTW, I don't care how good the deal is...I just can't handle that after-thanksgiving shopping...drives me nuts! Just had to share that.) I'm hoping my shopping is not as bad as last year when I waited until the last minute to shop for a lot of my gifts...of course I don't have a Disney trip looming over my head like I had last year...isn't that hard to believe that it's already been almost a year since Disney?? Unreal how time flies!

Hope you're having a good week!

November 1, 2006


Just an update...I found my rubber stamps!! Believe it or not I put them wonder I couldn't find them! :-)

Yesterday just wasn't a good day...had a headache...hubby and I had a disagreement...forgot about my women's Bible study group last night so I was a little late for that. Ever have just one of those days??? Glad it's over.

You know I can always tell when I haven't spent quality time with my Lord. Yesterday was one of those days...when I don't I ALWAYS have a bad day. Today I made sure I read my Bible and far it's going a bit always helps when you have the Lord on your side to start your day.

Well I have a ton to do today....things I just have to get caught up on. Have a great day!

October 30, 2006

Trick or Treat and other fun...

Today was a long day....had to babysit today and just let me say that I earned my $ 20 today. The 4 year old stage is obviously the tattle-tale stage because that is mostly what I had to deal with and so hit me, so and so took my toy, so and so did this....YIKES! And so much attitude! The time out corner was used by everyone today. Not so good. Hopefully Wednesday will be a better day. I said last night, we took the boys to Cambridge tonight to go to "Valley of the Dinosaurs" exhibit that they had over there for the month of October of dinosaur was OK...not quite what I was expecting...though we were a bit spoiled by the place in Kentucky we went to a couple years ago that had life size dinosaurs that Brennan what ga-ga over...these were much smaller, but Brennan still liked it much as I hate to admit it, I think my little boy is growing up and though he still loves and knows his dinos, me thinks the dino phase is highly overshadowed by things like Star Wars and super heros. It's sad to see, but man I wish they didn't have to grow up so fast. They also had an "Enchanted Forest" there tonight were the kids got to trick or treat....and man did they ever get candy!!! They pumpkin pails were literally overflowing with candy...after the trick or treating they did last week and tonight we have two huge Tupperware bowls of candy....enough to rot their precious teeth five times over!!! Thank goodness for the trick or treating cause I think the boys would have been disappointed in the trip otherwise.

Well like I said hubby is on vacation this week. Hoping to get some stuff done around the house and start our Christmas shopping. We'll see what happens.

Have you ever lost something, possibly misplaced it...not sure, and you swear it was in the last place you put it only for it to just completely vanish?? I bought two new sets of clear rubber stamps and had them on my computer desk and man if I can find those pesky things!! It's aggrivating me!! Never even used them yet...I think I'm aquiring those senior moments just a bit too soon! I just pray they just didn't end up in a trash can by accident...if I only had the $$ for things that accidently got thrown away in my house!

Well I'm off to's been a very long day!

October 29, 2006

Gotta love technology...

Been down again with the old PC....Brother in law had to fix it again....looks like we may have to consider a new computer in the near future....not sure about that...though this old clunker is over 5 years old at least....and has been patched up numerous times. The thought of plunking down big $$ for another computer doesn't thrill me much, but it is something I HAVE to's a definite need with all that I do. Been thinking alot about switching to a MAC...they are so geared more for what I'm wanting to and such. Just not sure I want to plunk that much money though...they are more expensive, but my are they cool!! Hoping to actually "test drive" one soon to see if I really like it. That would be nice.

On other things...hubby is on vacation this week so that is a huge praise! He's not so stressed when he is on vacation. Still have to watch the twins though...may have to watch them Friday, but thinking of saying no to that cause hubby and I were planning on finally starting Christmas shopping and he NEVER gets to do that with me...that is usually left up to me to do...We'll see what happens.

Aren't you glad to have that extra hour of sleep last night!!!!??? I know I was happy about that...Praise Jesus!

Plan on taking the family to Cambridge tomorrow after school to go to a huge outdoor dinosaur exhibit....tried going Saturday and got all the way up there to only find that it had been canceled cause of the weather. Hoping tomorrow will be better since it's pretty much our last chance to see this. Brennan is a huge dino fan and he's been so looking forward to this.

Well it's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow...sorry not much interesting to say, but I'm tired and it's late. Hope that God blessed you at church this morning...I know He blessed me! Thank you Jesus!

October 24, 2006

Let's try some more....

Well here we go again...I'll try to post a few more pages...
Phewwww...that was more than I thought.

Well I'll write more later...hada bunch to write, but I got interrupted and have to go pick up the boys talk to ya later!

October 20, 2006

Here are some more...

Here are a few more pages I made from Scrap Camp:

Pickles...Blogger is acting stubborn again...well...I'll hopefully upload the rest of them tomorrow...yes there are more!! Amazing what you can get done when you have a whole weekend of uninterruption.

I am finally all unpacked from my weekend, got all my supplies put away and even scrapbooked another page last night...I'll show it later. But the weekend totally inspired me and got me out of my scrapbooking funk I was in. Had no creativity left in me. The weekend away so helped...I'm like a scrapbooking fool now! And I like it!

So this week has been busy like any other...getting caught up with laundry and cleaning house while I was away. Dealing with homework...please say a pray for my middle son Brennan....he's really having a hard time with school and falling behind. Just not sure what to do with him...not that I think it's all him...I knew there was going to be troubles this oldest Austin had the same teacher and troubles in her class too...can't wait to get past second grade! Anyway, thanks.

So...on other things...hubby and I had a rare chance to get out of town together yesterday...of course we had the little guy, but we got out of town...if only for a couple hours. Got my hair cut and then hubby spoiled me with these....I'm a huge Bath & Body Works fan...actually any nice body lotion, make-up, beauty products in general...I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a junkie...but they had these awesome fall scents that were so yummy smelling that I couldn't pass them up...and better yet I got the huge tube of body cream FREE!!! Can't beat that! The Vanilla Bean Noel smelled wonderful too...almost bought it too...but I refrained. Go check it out and enjoy the aroma!

Hope you are having a good start of a weekend!

October 18, 2006

It's late...

and I really need to get to bed...but I want to post at least one layout I did over the here is one thus far...I'll post more maybe tomorrow or Thursday. It was ssssssooooo busy here today and I didn't even have the twins!!! Just one of those days.

Anyway layout is of my son Austin when we went to Disney MGM Studios...hope you like it.

Have a great week!

October 16, 2006

God blesses....

Well anyway, decided after all to go to my Scrap Camp this past weekend....after much guilt from myself and even though hubby insisted that I go, I indeed went....and I'm glad I did...though it was a long 2+ hour drive, I slept very little, the bed was as hard as a rock (of course nothing beats being in your own bed) I truly had a great time and had some much needed kid free time. Actually I didn't realize how much I had needed this time away. It had been over a year since I had been back to Scrap Camp or been away alone for anything else and I soooo needed this....I thank God that I had the opportunity to go. It was such a blessing. I got a lot of scrap pages done (I'll post those hopefully tomorrow...too tired right now), met some new people, re-connected with some people I hadn't seen since last Scrap was a great time. What was wonderful is how supportive people were of my work. Lots of compliments, which blew me away and was such a blessing to me cause I see my work and don't think it's all that good compared to others, but it's nice when other peers make positive comments. It truly encouraged me and inspired me.

The greatest blessings were Saturday morning when I walked around the lake at the campground we were at and prayed...our church is having our annual Lay Revival this week and I was scheduled to pray for an hour from 9-10 a.m. This is usually done at our church, but I asked if it would be ok to do it "remotely". It was ok with them, so I did...what a blessing. Honestly I don't get the time to pray like that anymore...I know I need to make the time, but as many of you moms of young ones know....sometimes it's so hard to dedicate that time. It was so nice to be able to just relax and pray and connect with my Heavenly Father without interruption. Such a blessing. Then on Sunday morning the two ladies who put on this Scrap Camp lead a worship service. Usually it's only a handful of us, but what an awesome time that was! We prayed for one lady who was seriously thinking abotu leaving her husband, one who is having difficulties at her job, and Christina (the co-leader of Scrap Camp) talked about prayer. The amazing thing is I have this t-shirt that says "Pray Hard" on it with the verse I Thess. 5:16-18 on it (one of my fav verses BTW), and I was just so amazed by that because I just had this strong urge that I had to pack that shirt and then wear it on Sunday....isn't it amazing how God uses a silly t-shirt for a connection?!?! God is so amazing. Anyway I came back exhausted, with an awful headache and shoulders killing me, but I was so happy driving home....92.7 playing on the radio....blarring actually, and just praising and worshipping God thanking Him for the opportunity to go and enjoy this weekend. God is so good to me even when I truly don't deserve it.

On other info....saw my old pastor and his wife tonight which was a surprise....a pleasant was so nice to see them both.

Well I'm really tired, had to watch the twins today, get caught up on thigns that weren't done while I was gone...mainly laundry, had homework from you know where tonight, I'm exhausted.

Hope you have a great week!

October 5, 2006

The Road Ahead...

First of all....I may not be going to Scrap Camp this year...Sister bailed on me and it will cost me an extra $ 40.00 to stay at the lodge by myself....or succumb to staying in the dusty circa. 1940's cabins that were probably cleaned about then bunking with 8 other women...why is it when I get the chance to get away...the chance to do something I like to do...there is always a glitch....I feel guilty for going alone since I really put hubby in a bind with watching the kids and getting someone to watch them while he's at work...and then of course there is the $$ issue...the money could truly be used for more important things...then there is the little hints that hubby says that honestly tells me that going is really not the best idea, but he doesn't honestly want to come right out and say it for fear of hurting my know the "Go and do what you want's whatever you want to do..." I know that line....rats....thing is I'll lose $ 10.00 for cancelling now....if my sister would have told me last week I would have received a full refund...oh well.

The Road Ahead...

On to other things that have been plaguing my mind...been thinking a lot about the future...more specifically the next much happening in my life come next year. I'll be turning 40 for one thing...YIKES!! When did that happen! Then there is the issue that all my babies will be in school next year....Mommy will be free, for part of the day anyway....been seriously thinking about what I will do...will I get a part time job? Stay home and watch the twins twice a week? Stay at home and do eBay? Volunteer at the school or church?? Stay at home and just craft my little heart out? What am I going to do??? I feel like I felt when I was getting ready to graduate from high many doors opening much to choose...will I make the right choice? I have that deer in the headlight look right about now...I know it's not until August when all these changes will take place, but I don't want to wait until then to make a decision....I want to have this thought out....I want to make sure I make the right decision...I have been a stay at home mom for lets see now....almost 7 years now...I have the 7 year itch to go out and be amongst adults again...enough Disney channel already...I think I've earned that right....somewhat...I'll never stop being a Mom....yet I want what every mom wants...a job from 9-3 would be great so I can be home for the kids. The one dilemma that I have is that the twins will still need a sitter twice a week next I certainly don't get rich watching the twins not that I had any intention to...I pretty much do it out of kindess to my friends...after all $ 10 a day for each is not much at all when I watch them 8+ hours a day. Do I still want to do that next year?? What if she can't find another sitter especially for what I charge...I know I'll feel guilty. Do I want to go back to my old job...and even if I did would I get morning hours so I could be with my kids?? So much to think brain just won't shut it off...Maybe you out there who may have gone through this situation can give me some insight...what were your struggles...what helped you...I know I'm going to be putting a lot of prayer into this...I won't make this decision without God, but just so much to think about and consider....and I can't believe that I've reached this crossroad in my life already. My oldest will be ten next year after all!! 10!!! Time goes way tooo quickly....

Sorry for the long post, but I just HAD to get that off my chest (and brain)....hope you are all having a safe and glorious week!

October 3, 2006

I'm here...

Just a quick update...will write more hopefully tonight cause I have a lot to talk about are the results from my fair entries....

My black & white pictorial received 2nd place:

My black & white flower picture won 1st!!:

Then my black and white fair scene pic won first also!! Isn't that hubby's face won me first place!! Love ya honey...and he didn't want me to enter this picture...I'm glad I went with my instincts on this one.

I also won first for my ripple afghan, second for my indian afghan and third for my infant afghan (which shocked me). Though I didn't get any ribbon for my scrapbook...which I was really disappointed about, but people around here just don't get the art of scrapbooking so I'm not totally shocked either, though people told me that they loved my work, which means more than a ribbon truly anyway...but I'm just so tickled with how well I did with my photography this year...I've competed in photography for the past 3 years with nothing...this year I got three ribbons! I'm so excited...I feel like my photgraphy has truly evolved in the last year especially...I get the difference between a picture and a's truly an that I hope to continue to grow in over the years...I'm so blessed...God has bestowed me with some amazing gifts...I give Him all the glory for what I do withthe gifts He has given me...I feel this year, actually the last two years, have been so full of growth for me...and this coming year and the much on the much change in store for me...but that is for the next post....not right now...

Well getting ready to take the family to the fair this afternoon along with our neighbors probably. Can we say cotton candy and greasy fries?!?!

Later all!

September 26, 2006

Join with me as I take a breath....

Yes folks I can breath a little easier now...entries for the fair have officially been dropped girls to babysit today, cold is pretty much gone except for a small cough now and then....yes folks that sound you just heard was me finally taking a deep breath and breathing...Halleluiah!!!

It's nice to be able to relax a bit and just breath...not that I don't have other things to major dust bunnies screaming my name or checkbooks needing balancing...but those things can's time to just breath....AAAHHHH that feels good...God bless the air that gives us life!

On other is my baby bro's b-day...He's 23 that makes me feel old...I was in high school when he was born and just a little thing when I officially left home. We aren't super close anymore since there is truly a huge age difference and he just doesn't have time for us "old people", but bless his heart, anyway Happy birthday Luke.

The weather here is so very fall-like. It's amazing how in just a few short weeks we went from shorts and flip-flops weather to jackets and jeans again. I love fall though...never used to, but hubby over the years has taught me the beauty of this time of year and I have to admit I now love this time of year too, except for the fact that it brings about my least favorite season...winter. When I went to the fairgrounds today it felt like, crisp air...made me want to run and get a caramel apple and some cider...yum. I love decorating my house for fall too...nothing like those rich harvest hues to make a house feel like home. LOVE IT!! When fall beckons here I get in the mood to crochet...I have already made a baby blanket, which I started last week and is already at the fairgrounds preparing for judging even as we speak, I finished a ripple afghan I had been working on off and on for 3 turned out so nice. And now I'm working on a southwestern type of grandma taught me how to crochet...and I'm so glad...I love it cause it's something I can do while I watch TV or wait on an appointment. I'm not one much for just sitting still or just watching TV...I have to be doing something else too...strange I know.

Well I have to go get my boys from much for my break :-) Hope you are having a good day. God bless

September 25, 2006


Well as I said in the previous post I've been busy preparing for the fair here in town...needless to say, God always has a way of making you slow down...been dealing with a cold...pretty much over it now...just a little congestion, but at least I can breath! Had to miss church yesterday though, which I hate...I love going to church...just helps recharge me for the week.

Well needless to say though, I'm pretty much ready to take my things to the are printed, blankets folded, scrapbook ready...I'm pretty much set despite the cold I've been dealing with...Thank God!

Well here are a few more pics that I plan on using for the tell me what you think...