June 24, 2008

And So Life Goes...

So how's your summer goin'? Well mine is going and seems to be going fast...Hard to believe that June is almost over. WOW!

So this past Saturday hubby and the family went and bought a used tent camper...now we will be able to go camping...which Brennan has been begging and begging for a camper of some sort since we went camping last summer. Hoping to use it when hubby takes his vacation in July. So excited. Brennan even had been praying for a camper in his evening prayers...and now has said thank you to God for his camper...he's so excited as well of course!

We have had two full rainbows this week over Coshocton...a sign maybe?? The one we saw on the way home after buying the camper and then tonight. I have pics...will upload later.

Today Brennan and Colton and I did some science experiment. Brennan received some science kits for Christmas and we finally broke them out today and used acouple of them. We worked a little with his weather set (which he LOVES weather...he even loves to watch the Weather Channel)...then we did a rocket with backing soda and vinegar...which we only got to work once, but hey it was fun anyway, then we played with the diving submarine that you used baking powder with....Brennan sat for almost an hour and played with that. Nice bonding day.

Well it's late and time to get to bed...update with photos soon.

June 17, 2008

Wow has it really been that long??

Wow...look who's been a bad blogger lately!! Things have been a bit topsy turvy since hte boys let out of school and hubby's been on vacation. Boys got out of school the end of May and honestly I love having them home...yet it has thrown me off my schedule so I've been trying to truly no avail to go back to some sort of schedule, but hey...it's summer...schedule...no schedule...it all works out and the days go by quickly with or without one.
Hubby was on vacation these past two weeks and it was more or less a working vacation...we worked around the house, cleaned lots of cars and just tried to get caught up on things.
I had a birthday while on hiatus from my blog not that I want to advertise birthdays anymore, but Brennie (my sweet tender hearted one) was so determined to buy me a present and was so disappointed when he wasn't able to get me one on my actual birthday (hubby was out of town at the time), but hubby took him later that week to buy me my very own WEBKINZ! Yes I've been blessed with adopting my very own Webkinz...now I can play with all my boys online with their Webkinz...and I have to sheepishly admit it IS quite addicting...I know I am truly a sad individual.
So now that hubby is back to work I can finally be on vacation and get things accomplished that I want and need to accomplish (as long as I can stay off this computer...it truly just sucks me in and I can't get away from it!)
So I hope you are having a great summer...I know I am so far. See ya real soon I hope!