September 30, 2005

Hoping to scrap tonight...

But I am a bit on the tired side. It's been a long couple days. Colton just really got under my skin today...just would not listen. I think it's just been a long week.

My sister has been tempting me with going to Fall Scrap Camp this year and as much as I would love to go, I just can't bring myself to say yes since we haven't hardly saved for Disney. I just wouldn't feel right going to Scrap Camp when we need money for Disney.

Man I thought I'd have a lot to talk about tonight but I guess I'm just too tired. Fair started tonight. We may go out tomorrow or Sunday. I love the Fair...not like I used to as a kid, but I still like it. Can't wait for some Fair fries, chocolate covered ice cream bars and my fav...batter dipped pickles and a hugemungous bag of kettle corn...YUM!!

Well here's to hopefully a good weekend!


September 29, 2005

...And back to the valley I go....

I know...sounds so dramatic doesn't it...not really me, at least I don't think so. But I'm so BUMMED right now. Went to the fairgrounds tonight (Fair doesn't officially start until tomorrow) just to be nosey and see if I got any ribbons on my stuff...only 2 2nd place ribbons this year...I am so stinkin' miffed...I know I should be thankful for the two ribbons, but none of my photos got anything, which doesn't shock me, but my scrapbook stuff got nothing for "Creative Hobby", actually to be honest it didn't look like anyone with scrabooking stuff got a ribbon, which I truly don't understand at all. Kevin's Corvette brochure collection got nothing, but the one that really upset me was my got nothing...and it was gorgeous. Just like the one I make last year only in grey with a mauve yarn in it every so poncho last year got 1st, this year nada...go figure! I would love to just once one year go to a judging and watch what it is that they really judge befuddles me. Especially in the photgraphy category. I undertand at least I'm beginning to, about looking for the lights and shadows in the pictures...those are the ones that seem to always win. But this one had a boy standing in front of his pool in a backyard with a picnic table that had a watermelon cut in half on it. The background wasn't nice, it seemed a teensy out of focus to me...but I think it got 2nd or 3rd. I just don't get it. I'm really bummed and discouraged. This just stinks big time. But praise the Lord for the two ribbons I got anyway, at least I won enough to buy me a sandwich at the fair :-)



OK...once you've been on the mountaintop...

somewhere there's a valley lurking around the corner...not that it's a huge valley, and I'm NOT was just a long day and it's only 4 in the afternoon. I earned every bit of my $20.00 today. The twins and Colton kept me hopping pretty much all day. Lunch time was the only time I got a small break and we all ate together which in all honesty was fun and nice.

Alaina was crying when she came over...she didn't want Leslie to leave. Poor thing...this adjustment with Leslie working has been hard on the girls...I just hope they enjoy being here while they are here. I hope I can somewhat make it a little easier on them. Then Alaina peed on my kitchen floor (I just mopped it yesterday)...thank God it was the kitchen floor and not the carpet. Alexis peed her pull up...Colton didn't want to share...Sharing is a HUGE issue here right to figure a way to nip that one in the bud right quick.

Well I have to go run and get Austin...and then I have a meeting tonight too...full day today.



God is still good!

WOW...well I gotta tel ya God is good! I have been a bit laxed on the balancing of the checkbook especially after the computer kinda crashed and was redone...and after buying the new Quicken 2006 CD and then our A drive not working because for whatever reason Adam didn't hook it up, but needless to say against all the odds and despite all of that, after much diligence and prayer I have balanced 4 months of statements without much of a glitch...tonight was an awesome night! I had 92.7 blasting on the internet radio and I just went in with determination and as Kevin would say "got er done". Kevin is going to be thrilled!! Thank you Lord for your grace and just being ROCK!


Praise the Lord!!!

Long day today, but a good one. Got a call from Pastor Dean today and we had a nice 20 minute chat. Man I sure do miss those guys. I like Pastor Rod and Joann...they're super nice people. I just don't know them that well yet. I guess you could say that I just miss my friends. Anyway, Pastor Dean was telling me about this church that he's candidating for and this church was voting tonight whether or not they would hire him and we just got the call tonight that they did! PTL!! I've been praying for them since they left that they would all get a church and get back into ministry. Pastor Lisa will lead worship from what I understand. Man I miss singing with her on Praise Team. PL knew how to "rock the flock"! So that means that they're all going to have to move again, but I think they'll be OK with that. It's in Gahanna Ohio which is real close to Rachel's family so I'm sure she's happy about that. I'm so happy for them...thank God for answered prayer! Pictures are of Pastor Dean, Racehl and PL with my hubby Kevin. I pray that God blesses their new ministry and that the people respond well to them. Thank you God!

God is good all the time...


September 27, 2005

I am blessed...

Today was a busy, yet a good day...I love good days. I had prayer and devotional time today..not a lot, but more than usual as of lately...the twins were in good spirits today and had fun playing with the most of what I needed to get done done today which was a blessing. Had Faithbooking tonight at church...only Michelle showed up with the twins...Leslie came later, but didn't was nice to unwind for an hour or so.

Have to share a funny...Brennan came home from school and was telling us at dinner about how his class watched a movie today called "Chew and Swallow" obviously had something to do with food cause he's explaining about how this big pancake hovered over the school...and then he said..."Then there was the tornado sauce..." Tornado sauce I asked?? Yeah tornado sauce. "Yeah was red and all over the place..." "You mean tomato sauce honey?" "Yeah mommy...tornado sauce" to love moments like that.

Picture above is one taken tonight...Daddy put the bandana on Coltie's head to look like a biker dude...He didn't want to take it off...Of course Austin, my little ham, had to get in the picture too. Man I love these little guys...they are my everything!

Thank you God for my family!


September 24, 2005

The latest and up to datest...

Well as some of you may or may not know I do participate in the Effer Dares on Two Peas...this is my latest attempt. This week's dare is about scrapbooking about what makes you sad. If you've never been to Two Peas In A Bucket...check them out...some awesome talent on here... Also if you want to participate in the dares...they have a new blog to go to to see all the dares... ...these gals are super talented and have really helped me stretch out of my scrapbooking box...thanks gals! Tonight was Friday night...which means movie night at our house...tonight Brennan (the middle guy) wanted a dino night...(just to catch up...last week Austin, our oldest had Lilo & Stitch night). Last week I decorated their play room with Hawaiian stuff...raffia hanging from the doorframe, pineapples and palm trees was a blast and they loved it...I even changed Austin's screen saver on his computer to Lilo & I took Bren's dinos (he has a huge Rubbermaid tote of them) and just set them up around them room. I wanted to do streamers, but the twins Alaina & Alexis were still here and Colton was wound so I nixed that idea, but never got back to it wasn't as elaboarte as Austin's but I did have Pterodactyls hanging from the ceiling. He liked it anyway. Though Austin being a butt cut his Pterodactyls down...made me mad. Maybe tomorrow Brennan and the rest of us can just veg and watch dino's been a long time since we vegged. Well it has been a long day and I'm going to call it a night. Later, Tammy

September 23, 2005

We are cups...

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. Ray Bradbury

Saw this quote on Sweet Honey Child's webblog that I read once in a while and I loved it. Sometimes it's hard to not only fill ourselves with the good stuff, but only allow the good stuff to come out. Sometimes the things that go on around us just makes it so hard. Help me Lord to rise above all of it and only see you!

Got another layout done for dare #8...wasn't very original and it was kind of a rushed layout as you can tell...I just wish I could do that one layout that just made people go WOW!!! Maybe someday...

Well off to maybe scrap some tonight.


How to do a blog...

Well I know this blog isn't very fancy...yet. Hopefully with some trial and error, and Lord willing, I will master this blog thing...if any of you have any ideas as to how to make my blog fancier with a new custom banner and all...hey how about some music?? that would be great. So as we start this journey together may we all learn from each other.

God bless,



Well here I am