November 6, 2006


Well had Austin's parent/teacher conference tonight. Though he's doing OK in school the collective response from all his teachers is that he lacks focus and doesn't pay attention. As most of you know Austin has ADHD and we took him off his meds because his doctor was concerned with him losing so much weight. Now granted I don't think Austin is doing so bad in school...he's getting A's and B's...and I'm not putting him back on his meds if his grades are acceptable, but I understand the distraction he has. I deal with it at home, believe me. I know it can be aggravating. So I'm on a huge mission to do whatever it takes to get this boy to focus...and I don't want to be a nag or do it negatively. So if you have any advice as to how to keep a lack of focus child focused...I'd be most appreciative.

It's so aggravating...public schools expect all children to fit in this certain peghole...yet not all children are the same. I know Austin is a brilliant child. Sometimes I just wonder if he's bored. He's doing great in language arts...which is his passion...writing. He loves that. However he doesn't like reading as much, unless it's something he's interested in.

So I'm on a mission...a mission to help my boys focus better in come along side them somehow...I know it's going to be's going to be aggravating...but I have to...I want to see them excel and do well. Pray for us.

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