August 28, 2007

Has it almost been a week already?!!?!?

Sorry about being gone...nothing like trying to get back into a routine to throw you for a loop. Needless to say we've been doing pretty well getting back into the swing of school. Here are a few Austin & Brennan first day pics...

Today was Colton's first day of school...he was so ready to go...he was ready way before his brothers were and couldn't seem to wait to be a "big boy" and go to school like his big brothers do. He did so well pretty much telling me and his daddy "see ya later" and have a good day, but I'm ready to move on with my life now...kind of thing. And no I didn't cry or blubber like a baby. ( I did get a little teary eyed when I pulled up to the light leaving the school, but that's all.) Honestly I was just so proud of him and how well he did and how well I know he's going to do. Just very very proud. Here are some pics from his first day:

He started with this outfit....but then wanted something like Austin was wearing today so he had to switch to his new Power Rangers outfit...which I initially was going to put him in in the first place...guess he knows best. Colton showing his attitude with his spikey hair!
Miss Cores asked Colton to find his seat and start kneading the clay into a ball for her. He had a nice brick of blue clay...of course in true Colton fashion..."I want the yellow one." To which Miss Cores replies "I need you to use the blue today please." To which he of course replied..."I like the yellow one better." Of course Miss Cores told him maybe another day he could have the yellow, but today he was to have the blue. Oh my little determined independent one. I hope Miss Cores knows what she's in for. Here is a pic of him leaving school today...he said he enjoyed kindergarten and liked school a lot.
Though (to no surprise to me) I guess I need to work on him not talking when someone else is talking because I guess he did get in a little trouble for speaking while Miss Cores was speaking. After school he of course in true Colton fashion tells me..."No, she was talking while I was talking." Oh my...I guess I need to go over a few of the "good manners" rules again.

Overall it was a good day. My neighbor took me out to lunch with her daughter Alaina who was home from school to our favorite restaurant The Yucatan. Very tasty! Chips and salsa!

Then hubby brought his mom's Endeavor over for me to clean and detail this afternoon...guess he didn't want me to be bored or he said "I didn't want you being all depressed today so I thought I'd keep your mind busy." I thought the honey do list was supposed to work the other way around ;-) It really wasn't all that bad and yes it did keep my mind busy.

Well needless to say I'm tired...these getting up early in the mornings mean I can't seem to stay up as long, which I guess is a good thing.

Oh, BTW...looks like I'm going camping with my little sister and nephew this weekend....can't wait. My boys have never been "camping" before. Should be a cool trip!

August 22, 2007

It was a good day!

I was going to wait until I downloaded "first day pictures"...maybe I'll add them later, but just had to share....God is was a good day. Despite the fact that I was up at 5 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, I at least got a nap and the day was good. Boys got up with no problems, Brennan was still reluctant about going, but I could tell by his smile when he walked up to the van this afternoon that his day was good...he even said so. No homework for either of them which of course made them happy. Brennan got to play at recess with his big brother and cousin which he hasn't been able to do, which made him VERY happy cause he has such a hard time making friends. Overall the day was an A+. Colton even was good today despite having no brothers to play with...Friday is his testing and first day for him is Tuesday.

Just had to share that as I know many want to I said I'll add pictures as soon as I download them. Off to make some dinner!

August 21, 2007

Tomorrow's the day...

Going to try and keep this short...and going to try and be a good girl and go to bed at a decent time since tomorrow is (dun dun duu...) the first day of school...for Austin and Brennan at least. Colton doesn't officially start until next Tuesday. Gives me a week to enjoy him before he goes...phew...we had open house "meet your teacher" night at the school. Brennan got the teacher I hoped for...I think he'll fair much better with a male homeroom teacher. Honestly he's not the least bit excited about school, but I hope that changes this year. Austin I think is ready too. Between his books and notebook, there isn't much more he could fit in that desk of his. Yikes! Colton got to see his classroom, see some of his fellow students, and see his teacher. He immediately went to the play area and then just explored the whole room. He's so excited. I'm glad. He's my independent one and I know he'll do fine...probably better than mommy will.

Well going to finish a few things on the computer, read my Bible and call it a night hopefully. Have a great week!

August 20, 2007

Birthday, Rain and School oh my...

Well Colton's birthday party went well considering hubby was supposed to help, and of course got stuck at work, but other than that overall it went very well thanks to help from the neighbors and of course lots of prayer. The boy made out like a bandit...receiving a skateboard, scooter and a new bike plus a plethera of other wonderful toys and was like Christmas for the poor kid. He loved his party and all seemed to have a great time.

Lots of rain here...It has off and on for the last two days. Hoping that the first day of school (Wednesday) is nice...I hope!

Speaking of school, getting ready. Backpacks are packed...clothes are washed and ready...two oldest boys are partaking in a last sleepover with Papa and Gamma tonight...I think we are officially ready. Austin (though he says he's not) is ready, Colton is more than ready and can't wait to get started...Brennan...well Brennan I worry about. He as some of you know and may remember had such a hard year last year...mainly due to his teacher...I'm just worried about how this year is going to go for him of course. This year he switches classes so he'll have 4 teachers instead of one. He'll be responsible for keeping track of his own homework and making sure he writes down all his assignments and all. Just worried about all the changes and since he had such a hard year last year I know just from talking to him that he's worried and not looking forward to this year. Been doing lots of praying.

Oh speaking of Brennan, he gave his heart to the Lord yesterday at proud of him!

So not much else to top that so going to call it a night. Happy Monday all!

August 17, 2007

Reality is starting to set in...

(Picture of Colton and Brennan, first day of school 2006)

How quickly a year passes...I knew this time was coming...been thinking about it heavily over the last year...but I still can't believe the moment is almost here...just had a home visit with Colton's teacher Miss Cores (who taught my other two boys as well...we love her! She's a great teacher.) He did very well and I think he's going to do this point probably better than Mommy will ;-( He has testing next week and we have orientation and open house next week as well. He doesn't have his first day of school until the 28th...but it will be here before I know it...I can't believe that it's time for him to go...I know I've mentioned this plenty of times, but I think it's finally hitting me. Hard to believe because when Austin started kindergarten Colton was literally just days old. I thought it would take forever to get to this place and now boom, it's'm just in disbelief.

So if you are a mom and you have any stories to share with me about your babies kindergarten experience and how you handled it, especially when your last baby left, please share.

August 15, 2007

Sketches Layout and other things...

First of all...I have been visiting the "Sketches" website for a while and have never been able to participate in one of their challenges...tonight I MADE time...just because I loved the sketch and knew exactly what photos I wanted to use when I saw it and also because it's been a while since I've done a traditional scrapbooking layout. Lately it's been cards, mini books and the like...this is a full fledged layout....oh, and also just because I needed a sane creative here it is:

Picture is of Austin...we have one of those message boards and Saturday he wrote the message you see pictured "Went to explore for anything - Austin" ...later that day I caught him "exploring"...just had to take pictures of there ya go.

Well got things to go do...have a great day.

August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday shout outs...

Happy birthday Colton and Dad!!

We love you both!

Hard to believe my baby is 5 today...where has the time gone?!?!?...I won't mention how old you are Dad ;-) Hope your birthday is great!

August 13, 2007

Just another Random Monday

Before I go on...please check out the latest video I posted below this post of Jeremy Camps "My Desire"...beautiful song and it was one of my favs from the concert.

So onto much going on and so much has happened since I last wrote...We had our VBS program was cute...the boys enjoyed themselves.

Last night we took the opportunity to go enjoy God's fireworks...the meteor shower. It was great family time enjoying the outdoors...we went out into the country, found a spot, plunked down our chairs and watched. There weren't as many as I would have liked, but what we did see was amazing...we only got to stay out for a couple hours, hubby had to be at work early AM...but so amazing.

Spent my day trying to get caught up on TONS of laundry from the very busy week I had last week, fixed my gas grill (myself!!!), finished up on some eBay and mowed the lawn. Now I'm trying to relax a little. Got to get things together for Colton's party this weekend...haven't even started that yet. School supplies have been bought and I think in all honesty that everyone is ready...not sure about the "going to school" part, but I think everyone is ready to get back to a routine.

Have to share this hubby decided to rip out the carpet in our main floor bathroom...just one too many accidents on that carpet if you know what I hubby took some remnant carpet squares, taped them together and put it down temporarily...later today I find Brennan and Colton playing in there rolling a dice...check this out...they thought it looked like a game...does kind of look like Candyland huh?? Guess it takes a child to think that your mess can be a adorable are they! Really made me laugh.
Hope you are having a good week!

my desire by jeremy camp

Hard to believe it's been a week since the concert, but this is the last vid I'll share for a little while anyway ;-) This was one of my favs from the concert and one of the last songs he sang...very intimate and beautiful...listen to the lyrics...they're beautiful!

More later...lots going on.

August 10, 2007

Jeremy Camp - Walk by Faith (acoustic)

Another awesome Jeremy Camp of my favorites in fact. No matter what happens in life or what I may face I should walk by faith cause God is always there.

Last night of's been fun to work with the kids...they are so cool. I am tired though...a good tired. It's been a long week. I'm hoping to go and start some school shopping after VBS tonight if I feel energetic enough. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday to ya!

August 8, 2007

Jeremy Camp - Take My Life (dove awards)

Going to keep this short...another awesome Jeremy Camp song...just had to share it. VBS was CRAZY tonight...the crafts tonight didn't go as smoothly as the previous night...I misplaced my glue stick, had to improvise stuff...and thank God hubby is helping or I would have been in BIG trouble. Anyway, I have to go cut out stuff for tomorrow's craft, so enjoy the music...more hopefully tomorrow.

August 7, 2007

Give You Glory - Jeremy Camp

Well I'm back from the Ohio State Fair and the Jeremy Camp concert. First of all it was so HOT!! But worth it just to see Jeremy Camp!! The show was so amazing!! I can't put it into words...He played for about an hour and a half, no break and just rocked for Jesus! It was incredible! The Afters who opened for Jeremy were great too. Even Kevin enjoyed the concert and he's not a huge fan of concerts...that's how good it was. So if you get a chance see Jeremy in won't be disappointed! Above is one of the songs he sang....I'm going totry to post one video a day this week of Jeremy's just because he ROCKS and he loves Jesus...what more can I say. Thanks to Jess Gress for getting us the awesome tickets! Hope you are having a good week!

August 5, 2007

Long weekend and long week ahead...

As I think I mentioned in a previous post...we are preparing for VBS at our church which starts tomorrow...the theme is Sonforce Kids (it's kind of a spy kids theme)...I am in charge of crafts again this year...I have most of my crafts prepared, but my room is not decorated. Not really sure how much decorating I'm going to get to do, but it's OK...I will decorate some maybe Tuesday since I won't be there tomorrow since I will be at the State Fair to see this guy:Can't wait!! Saw Jeremy Camp in December at the WInter Jam Concert and he just did a few songs and it was awesome...even got to meet him and shake his hand...this concert however is all him, though The Afters are opening for can't wait...I love concerts!

Have I mentioned how much I love my MP3 player????? I told the hubby it was the second best tangible gift I think he has bought me (first being my camera of course). I play this thing lie. Sometimes I even take it to bed with me to help me sleep...I'm sad I know. I added a few new songs last week to it and I also accidentally deleted the wallpapers folder on my MP3 so I had to put a few of my own photos on there so I at least had some sort of background wallpaper...and I found I like it so much better...I was bummed about losing the default wallpapers, but I'm OK's all OK. Anyway, I have been enjoying new music now by Big Daddy Weave, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Elliott Yamin, Mandisa, Bryan Adams (a song called "I'm Ready" which I found by accident on Yahoo and HAD to download's beautiful), Chantal Kreviazuk, Brandon Heath, & Michael W. Smith...good stuff and thuroughly enjoying them. I think the MP3 player is just one of the best little inventions of the 21st so appeals to this music lovers heart...and just grasping the fact that I can carry 700 songs (so far) on this little tiny contraption...amazing! I am in love...still!
Well got to get the kiddos to bed...their Papa is taking them to the cheese factory tomorrow (Brennan will be in heaven he loves cheese!) and then babysitting them all day. I'm tired too...long day ahead for me tomorrow as well.
Hope you have had a nice weekend and that your week is peaceful.

August 1, 2007

Randomness again...

Unfortunately I'm being random's again one of those weeks. Spent most of the day working on crafts for VBS next week...only got three crafts prepared...have SEVERAL more to do...there is always tomorrow ;-)

Brennan had his own private "Art Show" for his Papa and Gamma tonight since they couldn't make it to his art show on Sunday. He was pretty tickled...he fixed (I helped of course) snacks and explained all his work. I am still so proud of him. Austin showed off some of his work too that he's been doing in his art classes. A good evening.

I keep forgetting to post this, but here are some pics of that album I finished that I said I was going to post on here what like two weeks ago?!?! Here are a few:
O.K. I guess that was more than a few...sorry...this has become one of my favorite albums I've done so was so different for me creative wise and I so enjoyed it bunches.
Well it's getting late and I really need to get a decent night's sleep for a change.
Hope you are having a good week!