April 27, 2006

God is so good!

Thank you to all of you who prayed for my family. Got the results finally yesterday and Austin DOES NOT have a heart murmur and hubby doesn't have hepatitis at least, though they say he may have another gall bladder attack if he doesn't take better care of himself. I know he doesn't want that to happen so he's trying to change his diet now...though the stress hasn't changed in his life...hey baby steps right??

I am just so in awe of the awesome God we have. The God that knows my heart and answers prayer...the God who comforted me while I waited...the God that I trusted to answer. He is amazing. Truly and completely amazing. To think that the doctor thought he heard something and to find out there was nothing....I attribute it totally and completely to God....He is the Mighty Healer....Thank you Jesus!

Thanks again for all your prayers and concern...you gals are amazing!

April 20, 2006

Random stuff

Well....no news yet on hubby and Austin's tests...a little bummed by that. Called this afternoon and of course they didn't have the results yet, but they would call later this afternoon...and of course no call...and they of course are closed until Monday. Long weekend I guess.

Saw this on Sarah's website and thought I would try it so here it goes:

1. Never in my life: Have I traveled overseas
2. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always manage to make me smile: Wendy
3. High School was: a pain
4. When I'm nervous: I tap my foot
5. My hair: Needs cut
6. When I was 5: I stole a 3 Musketeers candy bar from the grocery store
7. Last Christmas: Was awesome cause I was at DISNEY WORLD!!! (Thanks Dad!!)
8. When I turn my head left, I see: The pile on my computer desk that I really need to go through
9. I should be: Typing my Church board minutes
10. When I look down I see: My pink painted toenails
11. The craziest recent event was: Hey everyday here is a crazy event
12. If I were a character on Friends I'd be: Rachel
13. I have a hard time understanding: How Chris made the bottom 3 on American Idol
14. Take my advice: Don't get your tubes tied!
15. My ideal breakfast is: French Toast
16. If you visit the place I grew up: You'll understand why my family moved
17. If you spend the night at my house: Please bring your own Valium
18. I'd stop my wedding if: It needed to be stopped.
19. The world could do without: Cancer
20. Most recent thing you've bought yourself: Way too many scrapbooking supplies from QVC
21. Most recent thing someone else bought for you:Honestly can't remember...Ticket to the Chonda Pierce concert last month I suppose
22. My favorite blonde is: Ash blonde...oh you mean blonde person...my mother-in-law Marlene
23. My favorite brunette is: Kevin
24. The last time I was drunk was: right after I got married...almost 17 years ago
25. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Pigs...how many times did someone tell you "When pigs fly"
26. I shouldn't have been: so shy as a kid
27. Last night I: Watched Idol
28. There's this girl I know who: Stares at me in the mirror everyday...man I wish she'd quit following me
29: I don't know: and don't blame me...I'm blonde.

Have a great week.


Well I'm not surprised...Ace is gone. Sorry to see him go in a way, but it was bound to happen I'm afraid. But I am TOTALLY floored that Chris was in the bottom three...HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?!?! Unbelievable. How did Kellie make it through when she hacked her song?? Go figure.

April 18, 2006

When it rains....

Lord please send the rainbow....still waiting on results from Austin's test...hubby however had his check-up today. Almost told him to cancel it...he's been feeling just fine. Wasn't sure it was worth the trip...hubby called the doctor...they wanted to see him and thought it would be in his best interest to come in...his blood test showed that his billirubin is still too high...blood pressure is high...protein is high...doctor taking more blood work. Not sure if it may be hepatitis, a liver problem or possibly his gall bladder or who knows what else. Hubby of course fearing the worst. I'm done with all these health problems this year. On top of that my allergies are giving me fits. I know that God brings things into your life for a reason...Im just really really searching for the reason right now. I know He's still in control and all things are in His hands. Please pray for hubby and for Austin. Should hopefully know by Thursday about both of them. Things are just a bit stressed here.

Speaking of stressed...raising children is definitely not for the faint at heart. Trying to teach my nine year old about obedience...he's been rather the opposite lately. Not ready for those teen years...guess this is what I have to look forward to. He's such a sweet boy. He hates being disciplined though...but isn't that the way with all of us ??? Even with our Heavenly Father??? No one I know has ever said, "Yeah I love to be disciplined." It stinks. It's hard. It breaks my heart....as I'm sure it breaks God's heart when He has to discipline us. Trying to tell a nine year old that is I think even harder. There are rules...there are boundaries...they are there for a reason. I just hope one day he can look back and know that we loved him and always will. Like I've always told my kids, "I may not like what you do, but I will ALWAYS love you." I just pray that I can look back and say I did a good job. It's one thing I struggle with. Since being a SAHM is basicly my job, I want to do the best job I can. I hope one day my boys can say...yeah mom you did a good job.

Well going to shove off to bed...kids go back to school tomorrow...ick. Not much longer till summer though. YEAH!

God bless...

April 17, 2006


It's so hard not to give in to the same old thing....ever feel that way?? Today was kind of a hard day for me...though it ended better...

Today I had to take my oldest son Austin to the hospital for an EKG because the doctor thought he had a heart murmur. Still of course waiting for the results on that, but it was a stressful day. No mother wants to hear that something is wrong with their child. Though the doctor told me that it's not uncommon, that some children grow out of it...nothing to be too concerned about. I prayed to God when we went to the doctor last week..."God please take this and make it go away, but if you choose not to, then give me and Austin the strength to get through it." Thing is when it got to today I was hoping that hubby was going with us for the test, though unfortunately work got in the way. I was upset and things didn't go well there...Felt bad...felt bad cause I should have allowed God's strength to sustain me and instead I was trying to rely on hubby to do that...bad me. Just struggling with trying to see God's purpose for this...give it to me...don't give it to my kids. I know I'm probably making so much out of so little...oh well.

Though the neighbors made it a bit easier for me...gotta love them. They watch the other two boys today while I took Austin to the hospital. Then I had them over for some leftover lasagna and we played dominos. Got my mind off of things, which I needed badly. Thank you Lord for friends!

Well got some things I need to get taken care of before bed, but just needed to share that.

Help me Lord to truly lean on you and to trust you better.

April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Hoping you are having a Good Friday...Today I can't help but to reflect on what a sacrifice has been given on this day many many years ago. I stand in awe as to how much our wonderful God must truly love us...I mean REALLY TRULY LOVE US! I think and look at my three beautiful and amazing boys and wonder...would I be willing to allow any of my boys to die for sinners...some who could care less...some who may never know the sacrifice that had been made for them...Tough question....but God did and without hesitation...and Jesus was willing...Did he want to...I don't think He wanted to...but I do believe that more than anything He wanted to do His father's will and He did...for us...so we could enjoy eternity in heaven with Him oneday. That's how much He loved us...that He willingly died on an old rugged cross...sinless as He was and without blame...so we who believe can live. So as you reflect on today. Think about the sacrifice that was paid for you...for you to have the possibility to enjoy eternity in Heaven. Think about how much God must truly and unconditionally love YOU...God is Amazing...God is Beautiful...Thank God for the sacrifice of His Son so I can boldy come before the throne and worship, praise Him and cast my cares directly at His feet.

If you don't know Jesus...check out this site. Jesus wants to know you.

Praise Be To God and His Amazing Gift and Sacrifice!

Have a Blessed and Amazing Easter!

April 13, 2006

What a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day today was! First day of the boys Easter break and we and the neighbors and the little girls I babysit went to the Park to play....what fun they had. It was nice to get out and just enjoy the sunshine. I think it got up to 80 today. So nice! Wish hubby could have enjoyed it...he ended up working a long 10 1/2 hour day.

Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed it with your family!

April 12, 2006

Reality TV and other silly things...

Well as most of you know I've gotten into Top Model and American Idol. I only caught the very end of Top Model last night and only half od AI last night. First, Top Model....though I didn't see the commercials the girls did....I am so tired of Jade and her attitude I just wish she'd get axed already. Was kind of sad for Molly Sue.

As for AI...I unfortunately caught AI after Chris sang....bummer. But didn't sound like he must have done so well. I thought (from what I watched...which was the last half hour...)that Taylor stole the show. He had so much energy and just rocked the house. Hubby is more of a Taylor fan than I, but he did do a good job so Kudos Taylor.

But I am so happy after the results tonight...as most of you know... Bucky got the ax tonight....It's about time. He was annoying me. Sorry to those who were Bucky fans, but after Mandesa exit last week...It was high time that Bucky went too. Thing is ...Ace better kick it up a notch cause I'm afraid he's going to be the next to go. We'll see what hapeens next week.

Well I also did one of those weird Blog tests tonight....this one was about "What Sign Is Your True Love"...now I don't believe in astrology or anything so don't think that I do but I just did this for fun. This is the result....

Your True Love Is a Taurus

Why you'll love a Taurus:

Romantic and sentimental, a Taurus can provide you with the security you need.
And you both share a fondness for the finest things, from great food to luxury vacations.

Why a Taurus will love you:

You have the honesty and direct approach that down to earth Taurus desires.
And enough elegance to show a Taurus a few new decadent delights!

Ironicly...hubby is a Taurus....guess it's meant to be ;-)

Boys are off school until next Wednesday. Kinda glad...I love having my boys home. Hoping to go to Columbus on Friday, but we'll have to wait and see.

Hoping your week is going well.

April 10, 2006

Can't sleep

3:30 a.m......actually got up around 2 a.m. Hubby was laying on the couch with Colton...put Colton in his bed. I then tossed and turned until 3-ish figuring sleep was going to ellude me the rest of the night.

Got a batch of laundry in the wash...ready to put a second load in...

Cleaning off the rest of my craft table while I wait on laundry. Spent the last few days cleaning out our basement...things to go into the garage sale I hope to have this summer...things going in the trash...things to go to Goodwill...It's been liberating getting this stuff cleaned out...I have a little more room which is phenomenal! Spring cleaning...I hate to do it, but it sure is a great feeling when it's done! Though is it every really done????

Father-in-law had hernia surgery this past week...I just want to say that I am so blessed that he takes the kids to school in the mornings. Though I haven't had to drudge out and take them yet myself...I know I'm probably going to have to this week...what a load it takes off me when he does it for me though...Thank you thank you thank you! I have the greatest FIL in the world!

Well off to put some towels in the dryer and do my next load of laundry. Hoping that I don't fall asleep this afternoon and forget to pick up the boys. We have a DR. appt. right after school so that would be bad.

Have a great day!

April 6, 2006


I cannot believe it!! Granted I have been getting too much into this season of American Idol I know...but...

I can't believe that Mandisa got the axe!! I missed her performance Tuesday night, but I did see a smidge of it...and though it wasn't her best performance...there were for worse. Like BUCKY FOR INSTANCE!!!! Granted I know I'm not much of a country music fan, but I like Keith Urban and Garth, but Bucky in my opinion can't sing. I was especially surprised and dissapointed when Bucky sang Tuesday night when it was country night...totally his element...and I thought he stunk! I was not the least impressed. How is he staying in this competition?!?!? All I have is a picture in my head of all these country music folk sitting at their local bar sharing a cell phone and dialing his number for two hours....I can't for the life of me understand it...I don't think Mandisa would have won, but I surely thought Bucky would be gone before her...I'm totally confused by this show.

Anyone else feel this way?? I know I may be a bit out of line, but come on!

On a different note...went to Brennan's Parent/Teacher conference tonight. He's doing much better...I'm so proud of him. I was really expecting the worst when he started first grade since Austin seemed to struggle with it. His teacher said that he is opening up more, gaining confidence and doing more things on his own. Now if we could just get him to talk louder (Oh if only his teacher could see him at home!!)

Well going to go get the kiddos off to bed.

Hoping God blessed you with a wonderful day!

April 5, 2006

Scrapbooking and why I do it...

So here's the thing...as many of you know I peruse the site Two Peas. I like to post layouts sometimes, love to leave praise for others...then I was reading Missy's blog last night and it reminded me....I shouldn't just scrapbook to get praise from others....nor should I stop scrapbooking because I don't. I should scrapbook because of what it means to my family...not just those I have in my life now, but those to follow me. It's not about all the accolades....it's not about being published (though honestly I would love for that to happen just once)...it's about leaving a piece of me behind for my family...it's about keeping hold of those memories I'd probably forget ten years from now otherwise....it's about digging deeper....finding out more about myself...realizing more about my kids...it's my life...it's my passion...it's my hobby. If others don't like what I create...that's OK...it's not about them...it's about me and my family...it may seem selfish (at least it sounds that way...don't mean for it to) but it's the truth. Nothing beats the accolades from your child anyway.

Speaking of my child...this weeks dare was about allowing one of our family members to create a page...this is one that my 9 year old Austin made out of my scraps...it was kind of a two-fold project...1 for Two Peas...2 as a recycling project. I think he did a great job (and he's already received more praise for his page than I ever have...I'm proud!)

Looking at this page however, it reminded me of something...the days when I would just do art...when I would just do what I wanted...paste something where I wanted to paste it. Colored what I wanted to color whatever color I wanted. I think those of us who feel like mediocre scrapbookers get in a rut where we think we need to be spectacular like the Ali Edwards, Heidi Swapps, Elsie Flannigans....but God didn't make me to be that way....He made me as Tammy...and though I may not be Ali or others...God created me to make beautiful things too. And not only that...as a challenge to myself...I'm hoping to follow Austin's cue and make a page where I just put things where I want, create it my way...hopefully soon. I'll post it when I do. Thanks Austin for reminding me! Please don't think that I'm sounding crass or nasty...it's just a freeing revelation that sometimes I just seem to forget....especially when I look at so many other artists amazing work. We all create beauty in our own way.

May today cause you to create what God created you to create.


April 2, 2006

Conversation with Colton....

Colton: (Coming into the bathroom...no privacy at my house after all) Hi Mommy!

Mommy: Honey, Mommy needs some privacy.

Colton: No you don't.

Mommy: Honey, yes I do. Can I have some privacy please?

Colton: O.K. Mommy, I'll close my eyes.

Mommy busts up laughing....how can I not!

Got to love these guys....even if I don't get any privacy.