June 28, 2006

Got to love the simpleness of a child.

Today after lunch hubby, myself and our youngest little man Colton were practicing our counting with the little man. We lined up a bunch of different things that were on the table and he began counting them...first it was to ten...then a little farther...then the conversation went like this...

Colton:Mommy...I can count backwards.

Mommy: Really honey??? (Looking a bit perplexed since we haven't begun learning this yet)...O.K. sweetheart, show me.

Colton: O.K. ....he then proceeded to turn all the things he was counting backwards and began to count...one...two...three...

Mommy: BWWAAAHHH!!!! Proceeding to bust a gut. Got to love the simpleness of a child!

June 27, 2006

Just a few pics....

Well I'm going to post just a few pics tonight...more tomorrow though. It was so nice to get away to Hocking Hills again...I so love the Hocking Hills area...so relaxing and beautiful. I could so live there...minus the mice though...more on that later.

Anyways....here is a pic of our cabin...it was very nice. Loft for the kids...basement room for us...two tv's so we could have watched one while the kids watched Disney channel...not that we did that, but the option was there. It was a very cozy cabin and I realized that Hocking Hills just has this kind of 'smell'...I used to think it was just this one place we would usually stay at for our anniversary...no...it's the whole Hocking HIlls area...it just smells so fresh and alive...alive in nature. It's a wonderful smell. Anyways... this is one of the caves that was right next to our cabin...pretty cool I thought... then we had a furry visitor....the boys named him Smokey...he was a VERY friendly syberian husky... The rest are just pics from our trip....loved the quilts on these beds...wanted to SSSOO take them home...then some cute photos of the hubby and my son Brennan...well enough to bore you with tonight. Tomorrow hopefully I'll post pics of our hike through Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls. I am always amazed at God's beautiful splendor...more tomorrow.

June 24, 2006

I'm back....

Got back last night...will fill you in on the details and hopefully have pictures to share later. Weather was rainy off and on most of the time, but it didn't hinder us too much. It was nice to get away.

Momma bird ahtched her babies today...there are 2 baby robins in that nest.

Well gotta get these boys off to bed...they are fighting it bad tonight. Got church in the morning and I have to man the nursery so I need my rest.

Later folks!

June 20, 2006

Find God in the little things...

So this morning the dog woke me up at 6:30 a.m. Now I'm not much of a morning person as most of you know, but God was gently telling me this morning...Get up...I have something to show you today...so I willingly complied. So here I am, 6:30 a.m. fixing a pot of coffee...go out on my front porch to sit on my swing and in the corner is that robin's nest with it's momma being so good and sitting on her eggs. Then the sweetest thing happened...the daddy robin flew in from my pine tree and was feeding the momma bird some worms and putting some in the nest. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen in a while. Such devotion, this "father" bird taking care of the momma bird. Then the verse came to my head about how the birds don't have to worry about what to eat....God takes care of them, and the lillies don't have to worry about what to wear, God covers them with such beautiful splendor that even King Solomon wasn't dressed as beautifully as those lillies, yet God takes care of them and how much more He loves me (and us as those created in His image) and will take care of me. It was so what I needed to "hear". God is going to take care of me, no matter what happens, no matter how my world goes...He truly cares for me. I am always so amazed how God just shows up...maybe not when we want Him to...but will show us just a glimpse of Himself and it just leaves one in awe...it does me at least. God is just so amazing, so wonderful...how He sends us these little love notes throughout our day and if we are not focused on Him we miss them...the cool gentle breeze on your face, the smell of freshness after a gentle rain, and the devotion of two birds and how they care for each other...so beautiful and so priceless....God is good and so amazing...can't wait to go on this trip tomorrow to see what other wonderful beauties of nature, love notes if you will, He has in store for me. I know there will be something...hopefully I'll have my camera with me so I can share it when I get back.

May you take time today to experience God's love notes to YOU today...until next time...God bless.

What a weekend...

This was a strange...hard...stressful...and thought provoking weekend. I'm hoping that this trip to Hocking Hills will clear heads, wipe out the cob webs, help to reconnect and just enjoy the simple things like just being a family. It's been rough and it's just something that we NEED...it's no longer a want or something to think about putting on our calendar....this is a desperate NEED...no matter what the cost. I am just so thankful that I have a God who is just there to listen to me day or night, hear my cries and just be my comfort and my rock.

Today went to do laundry and the carpet in my laundry/craft area was wet. At first I thought it was the dog, but then after I investigated it ended up being the pump for our air conditioner...soaked the whole piece of carpet. Thankfully it's just a remnant so it wasn't a total loss, but just not something I wanted to deal with. Austin though got an awakening to what it was like to be "the man of the house"...not sure he likes the grown up thing.

Went to go see Cars again today...went with the neighbors this time. I think I liked it even better the 2nd time around. Such a cute movie...If you haven't seen it yet you have to go...it's great!

Well I need to get to bed...have to start packing for our trip tomorrow. If you get a moment...pray that we have a good time as a family and that we connect in an amazing way. Thank you.

May God bless you with an amazing week!

June 17, 2006

So looking forward to vacation...

I'm ready....hubby is MORE than ready....kids are ready....just need to GET ready ;-) Come Wednesday we'll hopefully be in Hocking Hills...2 days of relaxation...two days of bonding as a family which we haven't truly been able to do since Disney. Hoping Hubby will be able to relax...unwind...hopefully connect with the Lord and with the kids...it's been a rough few months. We have so needed this in so many ways. I'm praying that the weather is nice, but even if it isn't I know that it will still be good...no phones...no interupptions...just us as a family. Hoping for total quality family time. I'll have my camera ready ;-)

We were all sitting outside at our new patio set...I always wanted one...you know the one with the umbrella...and how wonderful that the Lord provided one for free! Not brand new, but it's nice and I love it and that's all that matters. Got it from a house that hubby's mom is working on a forclosure on. So cool. Love it! Anyway we were sitting on the patio set and just enjoying ourselves as a family...it's the first time in weeks that I heard my hubby laugh...it was a nice preview of what our two day outing can be. Please pray that my hubby finds refreshment...finds peace...and just relaxes.

Later folks! May the Lord bless you in a very special way today!

June 14, 2006

Saw this on another blog...

This morning...I know...morning...I was blogging this morning...must be something up with that since I am NOT a morning person, but the Lord woke me up this morning with a beautiful sunny day, I read His Word and decided to blog...go figure?

First of all...It seems like I've been dealing with a lot of negative...a lot of junk lately and I'm just trying...hard...to get through it. Just a lot of negative attitudes and just plain junk. I just prayed this morning that God would just help me get through the junk and find the good and remain positive about it...to stay positive and not only that...be contagious to others.

Anyways...I read this on one of the blogs I peruse once in a while and thought I'd share it...

What delights you? What are the things that give you pleasure? Notice your moments of joy and make a list of all the things that bring you gladness. Don’t try to analyze what should bring you happiness. Instead, just notice what DOES!

I love this! It goes along with the idea of not making things more complicated than they need to be. Don’t worry about what you think you are supposed to be doing, based on anyone else’s standards or notions. You are uniquely you. God has put desires in you for a reason. Do what you have a natural bent to do, and it will most likely bring you happiness and be a blessing to others. So what I needed to read today...find the joy in something...

So, what brings you joy? Go out and do it today! And tell me about it!

June 8, 2006


So tired...not that I did a whole lot today. Sat outside while I watched the boys play in the sprinkler and on the trampoline. I did cook out on the grill today for lunch and had the neighbors over before they left to get ready to go to Disney...lucky bums...so miss Disney.

Finishing up laundry and went to Wal-Mart tonight. Grocery shopping tomorrow. What fun...

Finally found a place to stay on our vacation...though we are only able to stay a couple days, it will be nice to get away...and it's right next to Ash Cave. In fact there is a cave right behind our cabin...check out the picture...better yet, check out their website. I think we'l have fun...we so need to get away.

Well I'm off to bed....actually I might take a nice hot bath first and then off to bed. Nighty- night folks.

Got 'er done...almost

Well got to work in my laundry/craft area today...got most of it done, just need to clean off my craft table...AGAIN....that's something that always needs done though...kinds like the dishes...go figure.

Spent most of my evening tonight though looking for places to go on our vacation here in a couple weeks. I know...procrastinators we are...but not sure if we were going to be able to go anywhere at all, but I think it's more of a HAVE TO...NEED TO go somewhere...hubby has had enough and wants to get away...far away...well not too far, but who am I to buck him on that?!?!? Sounds good to me ;-)

Well I'm tired and need some sleep...got to sleep in today by the way...it was so nice!


June 6, 2006

I have other things...

that I really should be doing...like balancing the checkbook...catching up on e-mail...cleaning out the laundry/craft area....but I'm just taking a break for a moment.

Ever just wake up not in a very good mood and not sure why?? Today was my day. Despite the fact that Austin and Colton got me out of bed early today, I just honestly haven't been sleeping well. I think this situation has been keeping me from much desired good decent sleep. Anyways...

Had all intentions to start cleaning the Laundry/craft area today, but my body was so tired and sore from cleaning the playroom, mowing grass, laundry and all the other stuff I did yesterday...just didn't do a lot today.

The boys, Leslie, the twins and I went to the library today and signed up for their summer reading program. It's a great program, they get a pool party at the end of the summer...they love that.

Had Women's Group tonight...just kind of hung out tonight and we met for ice cream. Hubby brought the kids along and he took the twins and boys around the towpath for a long walk. We had a good time just talking and laughing. Times like that are so nice.

On another note I found this quote on another blog tonight....

An introverted person recharges by being by himself / herself, while an extroverted person recharges by being around other people.

So true...I consider myself more introverted and seem to become so much more refreshed after being alone...hubby on the other hand is an extrovert and LOVES being around people...he fuels off of them. Made me think....so which are you???

Wel off to do my "chores" now...thanks for the break!

June 5, 2006

Out with the old...

Today was the beginning of D-day...or d-week...or d-month...who knows. Began cleaning out the boys playroom today...what a chore that was. They have accumulated so much and though we try to keep a handle on it, it was time to do a major rid-out of stuff. I was waiting until I was no longer watching the girls to do the major clean out. And it feels better...there room is clean...stuff is in its proper place...momma is happy about that. Thing is trying to find a place for all this stuff before I either sell it on eBay or toss it to the garage sale. (BTW if you know anyone who would like to buy a gently used Little Tikes Fun Interactive Kitchen...let me know). It just feels good to lighten things up in our house, though sad to see the things that they've outgrown go. They are growing up so fast. It makes me sad.

Did take a little break from cleaning out the playroom and laundry to play a couple rounds of hand and foot with Leslie & Michelle...they taught it to me Saturday....not sure I like that game...won last night by a fluke I'm sure of it...but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a strategy. I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances this summer to practice ;-)

Tigger is sounding better today...PTL...still worried about that little pup though. Thanks for your prayers.

Kind of dealing with an issue...please pray about it if you wouldn't mind...someone in my life is not treating people the way I think they should be treated and I may have to get drastic with them and not sure I'm liking that idea...please just pray that they see things the right way.

Hope you had a happy Monday!

June 4, 2006

The good, the bad...

Well I tried updating this yesterday but internet was acting flakey and I think the rainstorm yesterday didn't help. Anyway, boys are off for summer...so far so good except for the occasional fighting over gameboys and computers...so what else is new. I'm just so glad to have them home.

On a more somber note...had to take our dog Tigger to the vet again Friday. We took him a couple weeks ago cause he had a cough and acted like he was choking...found out he had trachial bronchitis...got him some meds, but just wasn't cutting it...then Friday I called the vet and even though I had an appointment on Sat. Tigger was really hacking bad so I called Friday and they luckily worked him in. Talked to the vet and we already knew that Tigger has a heart murmur, but Dr. Jere did some x-rays and found he has an enlarged heart. Nothing we can do about it. Now I know Tigger is 13 years old, but it makes me sad. Tigger was my first baby and I guess more or less the vet told us to make him as comfortable as possible. I is a sad momma...but we'vre prayed over him and today he's hardly coughed at all, Praise God...but I know that our days together are fading...just makes me sad.

On a more positive note...finally downloaded pics off my camera..found this on my craft table around mother's day. Not sure who did it...no one is fessing up. But it's things like this that make me happy to be a mom.

I got up early yesterday (couldn't sleep) and began reading the 7th chapter of my book "Captivating". This has to be my favorite chapter so far. It talked about how Jesus loves us...not just the "Jesus loves me this I know cause the Bible tells me so" kind of love...though that's nice and I don't want to downplay that. It's just God loves us with such a deep and passionate love that we can't possibly understand or grasp it. God loves me so much and with such passion and He wishes the same from me. God sends us little "love letters" each day and all we need to be is sensitive to those and sense those little displays of affection....the sunrise...the breeze on your face...the twinkling stars at night...the song of the birds in the morning...little things that God sends us when we need them just to show us that He loves us. Each of us has a hole in our heart that only God can fill, but God also has a hole in His heart that only I can fill....God has a "Tammy shaped hole" in his heart and He longs for me to fill it...He loves me that much...all I can say is WOW...I mean that much to the God of all creation. If that doesn't make one feel special...I don't know what to tell ya. God always amazes me.

Well that's all for now...hope you're having a nice weekend!

June 1, 2006

Onward and upward....

How's it goin'??? Well to recap my week so far....

Monday...Memorial Day...celebrated my 39th birthday...pretty uneventful. Was going to go out to dinner, but place we wanted to go was closed for the holiday. Boys made me some beautiful cards. Hubby's gift didn't come until yesterday...he got me this... a Canon EF-s 60 mm Macro Lens for my new camera...need to take some time to read up on it, but it is nice. Wanted it so I could take some decent close up shots. Thanks honey! Now if I save for a zoom lens (which is far more expensive) I'll be set. I'd like to take a decent photography class first before I plunk a bunch of money on something like that.

My neighbors and the girls I babysit for got me this...I saw it on TV and since Brennan has a DS now I've shamlessly confiscated it as of late. This is one of those games I could easily get addicted to...sad I know. Like I'm not busy enough then I have to throw something like this into my life...Is there no mercy?!?!?! Love this game...especially the game Sudoku....wasn't sure how to play this or what all the buzz was about it...now I get it. It is fun and makes you think...enough to make my head hurt anyway! I'm not much for taking any sort of drugs, even aspirin...but the last two days I have taken them. It's sad. I'm beginning to look like my boys...sitting for what seems like hours in front of this crazy contraption...I need help. By the way my brain age is 38...it was 45, but I improved today...good for me ;-)

Got $$ from my parents and Kevin's parents. Debating on whether to just plunk it into the checking account or to splurge on myself and get that Adobe Photoshop program I've been trying to save for. It'll probably end up in the checkbook...Ron & Ellen got me $ 25 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in town...the Yucutan and picked me up a to go order of chips and salsa...I SO LOVE THEIR SALSA...it's the best. I could literally stick a straw in it and drink it...it's that good!

Well...I'm on an operation to clean out my house and hopefully have a garage sale soon. Time to unclutter and lighten our load. Today I went through my closet...cleaned it down and weeded out clothes and other things I no longer needed. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get through our bedroom and maybe the boys' rooms. We'll see...

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER...(do you hear that faint cry of Alice Cooper in your ears)...YES School is out! My boys were so happy. When I finally get my camera downloaded I'll have to show you pics of what I made for my boys teachers...they turned out great. When I was waiting for the boys at school when the bell rang you could hear this literal roar of screaming and delight from the kids as they were running...and I mean running out of school. It was the first time that Austin was out of the room in a long time that I didn't have to go in after him. They are free!!!

It's late and I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow....sleeping in...I'm ssssooo looking forward to doing that now!

Happy summer all!