July 10, 2010

Summer is just flying by...

Wowzers!! It;s already practically the middle of July?!?! Where has the summer gone?? Life has been crazy busy, but good. God has been good to us this summer. Kevin and I have been able to make a little extra money here and there (to prepare for our upcoming vaca) and the boys have been somewhat busy. God is good.

My Brennie had a huge growing up experience this past week...he went to a week long Boy Scout camp, no mom, no dad, just a bunch of boys and his scout leaders. It was truly a learning experience for him and honestly a test for me...none of my babies have ever been away from me for that long. Maybe a weekend, but never a whole week. This morning I was up at 5:30 a.m. and couldn't wait to pick him up...I didn't have to get him until 10:00 a.m. If they would have let me I think I would have been there at 6:00 a.m....lol. I missed him lots! He pretty much came home and crashed and is still in bed in fact. Poor guy. It was a long week! And during this week I think my little boy grew up. Even my oldest son mentioned it...Mom I think Brennan matured a lot this week...and for Austin to say that is huge, cause you'd just have to know Austin...he could use a little maturing himself...lol! Anyway I'm so glad to have Brennan back home and have my family back together again. By the way have I mentioned this growing up stuff stinks?? Speaking of stinks...I just started doing Brennan's laundry from camp...HELLO!! Wow...do not go in there! I know I gave that boy white socks before he left...he must have either traded someone for some black socks or this boy didn't wear shoes all week...YIKES!!

Onto other things...I'm currently attending a online Scrapbook Camp over at Big Picture Scrapbooking with May Flaum. I was a little leary about taking this class at first, but even though I'm a bit behind I'm actually getting some paper layouts done and that's all that matters. Reason I say that is because I haven't done any paper scrapping since I went to Scrap Camp in W.V. back in March so it feels good to get back into the saddle again.

So, we are getting ready to go on a long and much needed vacation. I think I had mentioned before that we, hubby and I, have felt a tugging to go to Asheville, NC. Not sure why, love North Carolina, but God I think has something in store and we are just being open to what He may have for us. Maybe it's a calling to move, maybe it's just a calling for a nice relaxing vacation, maybe it's a calling to help out somewhere just this one time...don't know, but God is in control and we are excited to see what He has in store for us. After we get done in Asheville we are going to visit my parents and little brother and his wife in Kentucky. Even though us moms don't get much of a vacation going on vacation (after all we do all the packing, making sure nothing gets forgotten, keeping track of everything and everyone during the whole entire trip and then all the lovely laundry afterwards) I am looking forward to a nice get away...it's been a long year, a pretty good one, but just been so busy...nice to finally get some R & R.

After we get back from vacation I then am helping Colton during his Cub Scout camp all week...then that Friday hubby and I are finally taking a weekend for ourselves and going to Columbus for the weekend to go see the Broadway show Wicked. I'm super excited about that cause hubby and I haven't been away for a weekend (other than a church kids convention) since 2006. We are sorely overdue for some time away. The grandparents have so willingly offered to watch the boys so we can get some time away...woohoo and thanks Gamma & Papa!!
After we get back from Columbus our church's VBS starts...so by the time mid August rolls around I should be pretty much shot to the wind...lol! Just in time for school to start...ugh! Not ready for that at all....it seems like summer has just flown by in a big way this year.

So how has your summer been??

Not sure when I'll get to post next, but have a great rest of your summer. Going to go inside (yes I'm outside on the laptop enjoying the stars and God's creation) and spend some time with my boys and snuggle with my Brennie a bit, heard he's awake now.

Have a super summer!