November 11, 2006

Computer died...

We now bow our heads...I'm pretty sure it's official. My computer finally bit the dust. Tried all morning to boot it up and nothing...just some weird noises. So...until my brother in law looks at it, I' m pretty sure it's DOA. And right at Christmas time too...Yuck!...not really wanting to plunk the $$ down for a new PC, but I can't live without one...right now I'm using my son's computer. So I will be on here sporatically...until a new PC is on my desk...any suggestions as far as a computer greatly appreciated. Stay with PC or go to a Mac? Well until later folks.

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Live, Love, Laugh said...

I have a SONY VAIO and I love it, but I have had some great success with HP and Compaq also. At Christmas time there are usually some great pkg deals at Walmart and Best Buy, they usually run around four or five hundred with printer and all.

Most come with around 512 Megs of Ram, and processors over a gig, so hang on if you can and pick one of those up. I also know of some friends who bought E machines with the same software and have been just as pleased and they run around $349.

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