September 27, 2007

Here lies someone who is...

Totally whipped...drained...with her head still spinning on her shoulders. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz after the tornado...what just happened and where did September go?!!? And my house does look like a tornado hit it...amazing how your house can look like a tornado hit it after neglecting it for three weeks! many of you know September usually is a busy month for me getting ready for the fair and all, but I literally feel like I've been run over by a Mac...Hubby was off on vacation for two weeks...he kept me very busy cleaning cars and starting to remodel our house...YIPPEE!! If we make it through this remodeling thing unscathed I will be so thrilled!! Right now we are currently in the process of remodeling our kitchen, finally replacing the carpet in our dining room (I have refused to do it until the boys quit throwing food on the floor...of course Brennan spilled a whole glass of lemonade yesterday...maybe I should reconsider {g}...) We are also beginning the process of redecorating Austin's room since we have no babies anymore the Precious Moments baby theme in his room has to go (per Austin). I already have paint, we've already picked out carpet and the border is on it's way. That will be an easy fix. The kitchen scares me...we are stripping the cupboards, putting on new hardware, new floor, new counter, new cooktop and oven, pretty much everything but painting the walls and lighting which have been done for a while. I'm just glad to have something in the works. Oh and we are also eventually replacing our back door and putting in a new glass door window in our dining room..I'll have to explain that one later.
So you may be asking..."What about that house you was looking at???" Well...don't get me wrong, I still love the house. After we found out that the gas budget (Yes budget) was over $ 200 a month we kind of stepped back a bit. It needs new windows, it isn't insulated and really needs a paintjob. Still like the house though...I still say God has to make that one happen. And of course now that I'm fixing up my house I may not want to leave it anyway ;-)

So anyway sorry for that long story...I have been so busy with Kevin's honey-do list that I had to litterally CRAM to get my fair projects done...poor planning on my part, but I did get them done, but now I'm exhausted. But I did win 3 second places and 1 third place on my photos and one first place and one third place on my afghans. I made a bad judgement on a couple of my afghans and apparently put them in the wrong categories...will have to try again next year on those and put them in different categories. Still not sure about my scrapbooks, but I'm OK with that...I made enough on my premiums to pay for my fair ticket and that is all that matters to me. Praise Jesus! I got to sit through the judging this year which is something I've never been able to do before because I always had the was interesting...and boy was that judge tough and picky...of course she has to be. It was interesting to watch.

Well I have to watch the girls tomorrow (they don't have school) and I think I'm actually going to retire early for a change this week ;-)

Hope all has been well with you's nice to be body anyway ;-)

September 21, 2007

I'm Still Here...

Just a very quick note to say that I am still here.....just EXTREMELY busy (hubby is on vacation....need I say more). We are currently working on MANY projects, plus I'm trying to get things ready for the fair next short it has been chaos here.

So needless to say I will return once things slow down a bit. Until then God bless!

September 9, 2007

18 Years

Eighteen years...with this man...

Happy Anniversary Honey!

September 4, 2007 name is Tammy...nice to meet you...

I know...I know...I really need to update more often, but with the holiday weekend and still TRYING to get into some sort of routine with the boys in school (ha...not sure if that is ever going to happen, but so far that is really OK...I've kind of enjoyed the unpredicatbility). So much to share...I don't want to write a book, so in case that I do...I apologize...just so much to share.

Colton is doing a little better in school...Miss Cores said he did good today. Phew...maybe we are on our way ;-)

Had a FANTABULOUS weekend camping with my little sister, her fiance and her little boy Treyce. We were trying to get a camping site at Lake Park but of course they were booked, then my awesome hubby remembered that the church he attended as a kid had a shelter and people used to camp up here we were Labor Day weekend, we with a borrowed camper (hubby will NOT tent camp...a camper is as roughin' it as he will get) and my sis with a tent at Brown's Farm on top of a hill in good ole' Coshocton County was AWESOME!! Great weather, great fun, awesome bonfire, kids had a blast....overall a pretty perfect weekend. God was truly smiling on us! My Sis was truly the marshmallow roasting queen...she made them just the perfect way, just right amount of toasty-ness...unlike my boys who pretty much charred theirs (too funny). We will DEFINITELY be doing this again soon...we're even talking about getting our own camper of some sort...what a blast! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

We are also currently PRAYING about moving. We have found a house that hubby and I both's actually about a block away from my parents...we really like it, and they keep dropping the price on it. Kids however are NOT for it. They have always been in THIS house and they in no uncertain circumstances (per Austin anyway) want to move. This is something God will definitely have to make happen because it would definitely depend if we could sell our house...and being that our area is pretty economically depressed at the moment, it could be hard to sell it. Anyway it's in God's hands and I'm not getting my hopes up, but waiting for Him to move...or shall I say move us. You can see a pic of the house here.

Here is a pic of a scrapbooking layout I did for the latest Dares challenge...I had to make a page using non-scrapping! Hubby gave me the idea to use Postal supplies...I thought it was appropriate ;-)

Have another scrapbook album I made, but I'm just too tired to upload the pics here so maybe later this week...maybe ;-)

Started to finally Spring clean my house...I know...I'm a little late...I think of it as being really really early for next year. ;-)

Hubby and I had our first breakfast out together in YEARS without weird still not having children underfoot during the is kind of nice though.

Hope you are having an awesome week...blessings to you!