September 26, 2006

Join with me as I take a breath....

Yes folks I can breath a little easier now...entries for the fair have officially been dropped girls to babysit today, cold is pretty much gone except for a small cough now and then....yes folks that sound you just heard was me finally taking a deep breath and breathing...Halleluiah!!!

It's nice to be able to relax a bit and just breath...not that I don't have other things to major dust bunnies screaming my name or checkbooks needing balancing...but those things can's time to just breath....AAAHHHH that feels good...God bless the air that gives us life!

On other is my baby bro's b-day...He's 23 that makes me feel old...I was in high school when he was born and just a little thing when I officially left home. We aren't super close anymore since there is truly a huge age difference and he just doesn't have time for us "old people", but bless his heart, anyway Happy birthday Luke.

The weather here is so very fall-like. It's amazing how in just a few short weeks we went from shorts and flip-flops weather to jackets and jeans again. I love fall though...never used to, but hubby over the years has taught me the beauty of this time of year and I have to admit I now love this time of year too, except for the fact that it brings about my least favorite season...winter. When I went to the fairgrounds today it felt like, crisp air...made me want to run and get a caramel apple and some cider...yum. I love decorating my house for fall too...nothing like those rich harvest hues to make a house feel like home. LOVE IT!! When fall beckons here I get in the mood to crochet...I have already made a baby blanket, which I started last week and is already at the fairgrounds preparing for judging even as we speak, I finished a ripple afghan I had been working on off and on for 3 turned out so nice. And now I'm working on a southwestern type of grandma taught me how to crochet...and I'm so glad...I love it cause it's something I can do while I watch TV or wait on an appointment. I'm not one much for just sitting still or just watching TV...I have to be doing something else too...strange I know.

Well I have to go get my boys from much for my break :-) Hope you are having a good day. God bless

September 25, 2006


Well as I said in the previous post I've been busy preparing for the fair here in town...needless to say, God always has a way of making you slow down...been dealing with a cold...pretty much over it now...just a little congestion, but at least I can breath! Had to miss church yesterday though, which I hate...I love going to church...just helps recharge me for the week.

Well needless to say though, I'm pretty much ready to take my things to the are printed, blankets folded, scrapbook ready...I'm pretty much set despite the cold I've been dealing with...Thank God!

Well here are a few more pics that I plan on using for the tell me what you think...

September 18, 2006

Been a bit MIA lately....I know....

No folks I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...nor did I run off to become a Journey groupie (Though that doesn't sound half bad)...been really really busy...County Fair is fast approaching and I always try to put a few items in the fair...I usually put some crocheted blankets and photos...I'll probably try putting another scrapbook page in too...the more ribbons I get the more $$, the more $$ aleviates the cost for a stinkin' ticket into the fair which this year is $ 28.00 for an exhibitors pass...that is for 7 trips into the fair...for our family that means one family day with all five of us and maybe a night with just hubby and I and that's's too expensive for us to plunk down $ 6-7 a person just to get into our fair...though I must admit we have the most AWESOME fair in Ohio in my humble opinion...the town pretty much shuts down during our fair...schools close, churches cancel their Sunday evening services, businesses shut down, it's a trip! People who move here from other cities don't get it until they've been here and seen it....then they get it. If you want to see anyone the week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 5th....first place to look is the fair. It's sad I know. We are a bunch of hicks here...but it is a lot of fun. And nothing beats fair food...Italian sausage sandwiches, fried pickles, homemade ice cream bars, fresh lemonade, and my fav...kettle corn. Can't beat the fair. So needless to say in a long winded sort of way...I'm saying I'm going to be in and out of here quite a bit the next few weeks...but while I'm talking about the are a few of the pics I'm planning on putting in the fair...tell me what you think OK???

Well blogger is only allowing me to put these three pics on for now...I'll upload more during the week if I can get time...have a great week and may God bless you!

September 13, 2006

I'm Back...

From my concert....Journey rocked!! It's been a few years since I got to see them in concert...but they still can rock! Thanks honey for taking me! They played all my favs, some other songs I didn't quite expect, and Steve Augeri, the lead singer, was out with throat problems so there was another lead singer...he was good...not quite as good as Steve, but good nonetheless and still put on a good show. Our seats were smack dab in the middle of the amphitheatre and for the longest time there was no one in front of I had a terrific view of the day I'm going to get up front...not wanting to pay the $$ for that though...too stinkin expensive...maybe if they plan to retire I'll splurge on something like that....anyway, it was so great to see them again...we saw Def Leppard too, but only stayed for about 4 songs and left...their set was just way too loud (I can't believe I'm saying that!)...hubby was ready to go anyway and we wanted to avoid the traffic...which we did. We then went to IHOP for dinner...or shall we say breakfast...which was delicious...and cheap...never been to IHOP before. Anyway we got home about 1 a.m. Poor hubby had to be at work at 5 a.m. Poor guy...he has to work a split today so hopefully he can take a little nap before he goes back to work. I'm watching the twins it's going to be a long day for the both of us. Oh well I guess that's the price ya pay right???

So here is my question to you today...if you could see any band/singer in concert who would you choose and why??

Hope you are having a great week!

September 11, 2006

September 11th...where were you?

Practically every blog I've read tonight, the news, talk-shows had to do with Sept. 11th...and rightfully was and still is a significant part of our nations history. It's kind of like the JFK assination of our where were you?

Me...I was watching the Today show for some reason...not usually a Today show watcher...was just flipping through channels that morning and then it happened...My son Austin was 4...Bren was 2. Colton wasn't even part of the picture until the following year. I remember being glued to the TV...just couldn't get away from it...I was in shock. Watched the Discovery Channel special the other night about the Twin Towers and those emotions and shock rose up all over can people hate so much??? One thing I noticed on many of the blogs I read...many of you were, many of us have little 4-5 year olds running around. I remember when I was pregnant with Colton it just seemed like everyone was pregnant...maybe it was God's way to bless the world with these little souls to (and I hate to say replace...cause nothing can replace those that were lost) but give us that where left behind the Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The earriest thing though after the 9/11 attacks to me was the day after...not a plane in the sky...I usually see the lines across the sky left by the planes flying overhead...that day...not a was very strange and made it seem all that more real to me when I couldn't see a plane in the sky.

My heart goes out to those who had loved ones who perished...those who tried to save others and paid the ultimate sacrifice...those who didn't in any way deserve to die. Those who were brave and fought back to save the lives of other innocent people...God bless these people with an extra special blessing. May we NEVER EVER FORGET!!! May we never forget those who lost their lives, may we never become complacent. May we not be so comfortable that we think that something like this couldn't happen again...may we always be in prayer for our country and the innocent lives that live here...God Bless America!

September 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary. He truly is my soulmate. Though it hasn't always been an easy ride and we learn from each other more and more every day, I would not want to go through life without this man. He definitely makes life interesting and I love him...happy anniversary honey! We went

to dinner last night in town and had a nice meal. Thank God for our neighbors who were able to watch our boys at the last minute. They are truly a blessing!

On other notes of parents are celebrating their 40th anniverary on Tuesday...Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! They spent the weekend in Lancaster, PA visiting the place they spent their honeymoon 40 years ago. It's not many people anymore that can say they've been married that long...God bless them...hopefully with 40 more.

My sis has found a new church home I think....she called me today all excited. I'm glad for her...she's been searching for so long. I'm glad she's taken the step forward...I know it was hard for her. I pray that she finds her place and makes new friends there.

My little sis just called me from a Journey concert....she thought of me in the middle of the concert and just called me...said it was so I really can't wait until Tuesday!

My best friend from high school surprised me with a visit yesterday...we only get to see each other about once a year or's just hard for us to get together with her job and my was so nice to see her. We've been friends since 6th grade. In fact she was the first friend I ever had when my family moved us how time flies.

Well hope all was well with your weekend. Going to actually go to bed at a decent time tonight I think...these 4-6 hours sleep a night is killing me...and I only have myself to blame for that...too much going on!

September 7, 2006


Just a few thoughts today.....

In recent events...of course everyone knows by now about Steve Irwin's tragic I was never much of a fan of his, but I know he did a great job for wildlife and he loved animals. The thought that came to me though was this...He lived life his way on his terms and I'm sure he knew the dangers of the life he chose...thing is what would have been a worse life in fear of chasing your dreams...destiny...whatever you want to call it...or pursuing your life's passion and dying from doing just that?? I'm sure Steve wouldn't have lived his life any other way. Yet many of us coward away from the things that we know we should do because we are afraid of *what others will think *fear of getting hurt * fear of rejection * fear of failing. Am I right?? I know I fall in this trap just as much as many of you do. Fear is such a terrible thing...I can't imagine the many things I could have done in my life if fear didn't take over....saddens me sometimes if I think about it. Steve took the "gator by the tail" (please excuse the pun) and ran with it and made it his and pursued his many of us can say that...I know if it were up to me I would much rather die doing what I loved than living in fear and just waiting to die. God bless him! It's kind of like Jesus...He went back into the Garden three times...not once...not twice... but three times hoping that God would allow the cup to pass by him. Jesus could have ran away...backed down...let fear overtake Him...but no he faced it...lived His destiny...came to this earth to live the life God meant for Him to live. I know...I'm going pretty deep tonight...sorry 'bout that, but it just has been on my mind. Things like this tragedy with Steve Irwin just remind me how life is too short and we need to pursue what God brought us here for...whatever that may be...whether it be wrestling crocs and raising wildlife awareness or just raising Godly children...we all have a What is your purpose???

For those of you who watch Project Runway....I was so glad to see Vincent go this week... I was really getting tired of him...thing is now it's getting down to the good ones...who do you think will make it?? My top three choices are Michael, Uli and Laura. We shall see.

Went to the Lake today just hubby, Colton and was nice to just get out and walk...I will post pics later.

Hope you are having a good week.

September 6, 2006


Today went pretty well with watching the twins...other than the normal "so and so pushed me or so and so isn't sharing", it was OK.

Having an anniversary on the 9th and having trouble finding a gift....any great ideas that don't cost a lot of $$ (don't get paid until next week...phooey) Any ideas would be appreciated.

So I was on Jada's Gigi's website and she had this on there so I thought I'd try and join in...

3 things that scare me~
My boys getting hurt
Swimming in deep water
Speaking in front of people...even though I do it

3 people that make me laugh~
My boys
Pastor Lisa
3 things I love~
(you said things)
My Canon Camera

3 things I hate~

3 things I don't understand~
How people don't believe in God
Calculus...almost flunked this in High School
Adobe Photoshop...but sure would love to learn

3 things I'm doing right now~
Watching Project Runway
Sitting in my office chair

3 things I want to do someday~
Travel to Europe
Take a boat down Hewlett's Creek in North Carolina
Get a scrapbook page published in a scrap magazine

3 things I can do~
Mow grass

3 ways to describe my personality~
Shy-until I know you

3 things I cannot do~
Eat bananas
Not tell my boys I love them every day

3 things I think you should listen to~
80's Music (Journey!!)
Joyce Meyer or Joel Olsteen

3 things I think you should never listen to~
People who don't really know you
That little voice in your head that tells you that you can't
Disgusting music that uses profanity

3 absolute favorite foods~
Chocolate (It's a food right??)
Seafood, Mexican or Italian

3 things I'd like to learn~
Play piano or guitar
How to get my scrapbook pages in a magazine!

3 beverages I drink regularly~
Auqafina water
Tim Horton's English Toffee Capp

3 shows I watch~
Dawson's Creek (I'm a shameful addict!)
Project Runway
Dr. Phil

3 bloggers I tag
Anyone who wants to jump in...feel free. :) Do you have anything in common with me?? :)

September 5, 2006

I'm still here...

I know it's been a few days...birthday parties...relaxing...a little anyway. Mowed the grass or should I say it rained so much last week that by the time I got to that grass...Yikes...My back and legs hurt...had fun getting out of bed this morning that's for sure!

My twins turned four yesterday....Happy Birthday Alaina & Alexis!

Well I'd write more but I start watching the twins again tomorrow and hubby is on vacation I need my rest ;-)

Hope you all had a great weekend!