November 5, 2006


OK...I don't know about you....and I don't know that it's just the weather, the time change or something else, but I feel like I'm going into hibernation mode! I am like sleepy all the time and I feel like I'm eating as if I am about to go into's ridiculous! I just can't seem to get any energy. I took an almost 2 hour nap today...which sometimes I do get the luxury to nap on a Sunday afternoon, but a two hour nap is not normal. Though it sure was awfully nice, yet I still woke up tired....might have to look into some sort of vitamins or something...anywho...

Going to have some short weeks babysitting the next few a way I'm glad cause I NEED to get started on this Christmas shopping thing...and with me being tired it's a MUST to get it into gear!

Had Brennan's parent/teacher conference last week...he's doing well, just having a lot of trouble focusing on what he needs to be doing...I used to have the same trouble to a degree...I wish I knew what to do to help him stay on task. Even when he's home doing his homework, he has a lot of trouble sticking to it and getting it done...if you have any advice in this area I'd really appreciate it. He did however test highest in his class in word comprehension...actually in the 8th grade level...which blew me away, yet he only tested in second grade level as far as reading the story and answering the questions. It's like if there is only one word to figure out, he's off the scale, yet if there is a whole story to do, forget it. He just doesn't want to "waste his time" doing it. Which I understand because I always disliked the "read the story and answer the questions" problems. I pray that he is able to focus better and will be able to do well. Austin's P/T conference is tomorrow night. Let you know how that goes.

Was going through some of my pics tonight...found this one from our County's of my hubby and our neighbor Michelle...she is such a great friend who loves Jesus...I'm so glad God blessed us with such a great friend! She always makes me laugh...always. Thank God for great friends! Tomorrow she's fixing us her Chipotle Chicken for dinner...yummy HOT spicy mexican food!

Well I hope the Lord blessed you today.

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Jada's Gigi said...

Thank goodness for good neighbors...I haven't really met many of my neighbors since moving here...almost 2 yrs ago...I know...that's terrible! I'm really ban entertainer at heart and would lvoe to have a huge open house at Christmas or a big barbque during the summer but I have no dining room furniture and very little living roomfurniture in my new house so I haven't done anything like that yet...maybe next year....:)