October 29, 2006

Gotta love technology...

Been down again with the old PC....Brother in law had to fix it again....looks like we may have to consider a new computer in the near future....not sure about that...though this old clunker is over 5 years old at least....and has been patched up numerous times. The thought of plunking down big $$ for another computer doesn't thrill me much, but it is something I HAVE to have...it's a definite need with all that I do. Been thinking alot about switching to a MAC...they are so geared more for what I'm wanting to do...graphics and such. Just not sure I want to plunk that much money though...they are more expensive, but my are they cool!! Hoping to actually "test drive" one soon to see if I really like it. That would be nice.

On other things...hubby is on vacation this week so that is a huge praise! He's not so stressed when he is on vacation. Still have to watch the twins though...may have to watch them Friday, but thinking of saying no to that cause hubby and I were planning on finally starting Christmas shopping and he NEVER gets to do that with me...that is usually left up to me to do...We'll see what happens.

Aren't you glad to have that extra hour of sleep last night!!!!??? I know I was happy about that...Praise Jesus!

Plan on taking the family to Cambridge tomorrow after school to go to a huge outdoor dinosaur exhibit....tried going Saturday and got all the way up there to only find that it had been canceled cause of the weather. Hoping tomorrow will be better since it's pretty much our last chance to see this. Brennan is a huge dino fan and he's been so looking forward to this.

Well it's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow...sorry not much interesting to say, but I'm tired and it's late. Hope that God blessed you at church this morning...I know He blessed me! Thank you Jesus!

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