October 30, 2006

Trick or Treat and other fun...

Today was a long day....had to babysit today and just let me say that I earned my $ 20 today. The 4 year old stage is obviously the tattle-tale stage because that is mostly what I had to deal with today...so and so hit me, so and so took my toy, so and so did this....YIKES! And so much attitude! The time out corner was used by everyone today. Not so good. Hopefully Wednesday will be a better day.

So...like I said last night, we took the boys to Cambridge tonight to go to "Valley of the Dinosaurs"...an exhibit that they had over there for the month of October of dinosaur statues...it was OK...not quite what I was expecting...though we were a bit spoiled by the place in Kentucky we went to a couple years ago that had life size dinosaurs that Brennan what ga-ga over...these were much smaller, but Brennan still liked it some...as much as I hate to admit it, I think my little boy is growing up and though he still loves and knows his dinos, me thinks the dino phase is highly overshadowed by things like Star Wars and super heros. It's sad to see, but man I wish they didn't have to grow up so fast. They also had an "Enchanted Forest" there tonight were the kids got to trick or treat....and man did they ever get candy!!! They pumpkin pails were literally overflowing with candy...after the trick or treating they did last week and tonight we have two huge Tupperware bowls of candy....enough to rot their precious teeth five times over!!! Thank goodness for the trick or treating cause I think the boys would have been disappointed in the trip otherwise.

Well like I said hubby is on vacation this week. Hoping to get some stuff done around the house and start our Christmas shopping. We'll see what happens.

Have you ever lost something, possibly misplaced it...not sure, and you swear it was in the last place you put it only for it to just completely vanish?? I bought two new sets of clear rubber stamps and had them on my computer desk and man if I can find those pesky things!! It's aggrivating me!! Never even used them yet...I think I'm aquiring those senior moments just a bit too soon! I just pray they just didn't end up in a trash can by accident...if I only had the $$ for things that accidently got thrown away in my house!

Well I'm off to bed....it's been a very long day!

October 29, 2006

Gotta love technology...

Been down again with the old PC....Brother in law had to fix it again....looks like we may have to consider a new computer in the near future....not sure about that...though this old clunker is over 5 years old at least....and has been patched up numerous times. The thought of plunking down big $$ for another computer doesn't thrill me much, but it is something I HAVE to have...it's a definite need with all that I do. Been thinking alot about switching to a MAC...they are so geared more for what I'm wanting to do...graphics and such. Just not sure I want to plunk that much money though...they are more expensive, but my are they cool!! Hoping to actually "test drive" one soon to see if I really like it. That would be nice.

On other things...hubby is on vacation this week so that is a huge praise! He's not so stressed when he is on vacation. Still have to watch the twins though...may have to watch them Friday, but thinking of saying no to that cause hubby and I were planning on finally starting Christmas shopping and he NEVER gets to do that with me...that is usually left up to me to do...We'll see what happens.

Aren't you glad to have that extra hour of sleep last night!!!!??? I know I was happy about that...Praise Jesus!

Plan on taking the family to Cambridge tomorrow after school to go to a huge outdoor dinosaur exhibit....tried going Saturday and got all the way up there to only find that it had been canceled cause of the weather. Hoping tomorrow will be better since it's pretty much our last chance to see this. Brennan is a huge dino fan and he's been so looking forward to this.

Well it's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow...sorry not much interesting to say, but I'm tired and it's late. Hope that God blessed you at church this morning...I know He blessed me! Thank you Jesus!

October 24, 2006

Let's try some more....

Well here we go again...I'll try to post a few more pages...
Phewwww...that was more than I thought.

Well I'll write more later...hada bunch to write, but I got interrupted and have to go pick up the boys now...so talk to ya later!

October 20, 2006

Here are some more...

Here are a few more pages I made from Scrap Camp:

Pickles...Blogger is acting stubborn again...well...I'll hopefully upload the rest of them tomorrow...yes there are more!! Amazing what you can get done when you have a whole weekend of uninterruption.

I am finally all unpacked from my weekend, got all my supplies put away and even scrapbooked another page last night...I'll show it later. But the weekend totally inspired me and got me out of my scrapbooking funk I was in. Had no creativity left in me. The weekend away so helped...I'm like a scrapbooking fool now! And I like it!

So this week has been busy like any other...getting caught up with laundry and cleaning house while I was away. Dealing with homework...please say a pray for my middle son Brennan....he's really having a hard time with school and falling behind. Just not sure what to do with him...not that I think it's all him...I knew there was going to be troubles this year...my oldest Austin had the same teacher and troubles in her class too...can't wait to get past second grade! Anyway, thanks.

So...on other things...hubby and I had a rare chance to get out of town together yesterday...of course we had the little guy, but we got out of town...if only for a couple hours. Got my hair cut and then hubby spoiled me with these....I'm a huge Bath & Body Works fan...actually any nice body lotion, make-up, beauty products in general...I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a junkie...but they had these awesome fall scents that were so yummy smelling that I couldn't pass them up...and better yet I got the huge tube of body cream FREE!!! Can't beat that! The Vanilla Bean Noel smelled wonderful too...almost bought it too...but I refrained. Go check it out and enjoy the aroma!

Hope you are having a good start of a weekend!

October 18, 2006

It's late...

and I really need to get to bed...but I want to post at least one layout I did over the weekend...so here is one thus far...I'll post more maybe tomorrow or Thursday. It was ssssssooooo busy here today and I didn't even have the twins!!! Just one of those days.

Anyway layout is of my son Austin when we went to Disney MGM Studios...hope you like it.

Have a great week!

October 16, 2006

God blesses....

Well anyway, decided after all to go to my Scrap Camp this past weekend....after much guilt from myself and even though hubby insisted that I go, I indeed went....and I'm glad I did...though it was a long 2+ hour drive, I slept very little, the bed was as hard as a rock (of course nothing beats being in your own bed) I truly had a great time and had some much needed kid free time. Actually I didn't realize how much I had needed this time away. It had been over a year since I had been back to Scrap Camp or been away alone for anything else and I soooo needed this....I thank God that I had the opportunity to go. It was such a blessing. I got a lot of scrap pages done (I'll post those hopefully tomorrow...too tired right now), met some new people, re-connected with some people I hadn't seen since last Scrap Camp...it was a great time. What was wonderful is how supportive people were of my work. Lots of compliments, which blew me away and was such a blessing to me cause I see my work and don't think it's all that good compared to others, but it's nice when other peers make positive comments. It truly encouraged me and inspired me.

The greatest blessings were Saturday morning when I walked around the lake at the campground we were at and prayed...our church is having our annual Lay Revival this week and I was scheduled to pray for an hour from 9-10 a.m. This is usually done at our church, but I asked if it would be ok to do it "remotely". It was ok with them, so I did...what a blessing. Honestly I don't get the time to pray like that anymore...I know I need to make the time, but as many of you moms of young ones know....sometimes it's so hard to dedicate that time. It was so nice to be able to just relax and pray and connect with my Heavenly Father without interruption. Such a blessing. Then on Sunday morning the two ladies who put on this Scrap Camp lead a worship service. Usually it's only a handful of us, but what an awesome time that was! We prayed for one lady who was seriously thinking abotu leaving her husband, one who is having difficulties at her job, and Christina (the co-leader of Scrap Camp) talked about prayer. The amazing thing is I have this t-shirt that says "Pray Hard" on it with the verse I Thess. 5:16-18 on it (one of my fav verses BTW), and I was just so amazed by that because I just had this strong urge that I had to pack that shirt and then wear it on Sunday....isn't it amazing how God uses a silly t-shirt for a connection?!?! God is so amazing. Anyway I came back exhausted, with an awful headache and shoulders killing me, but I was so happy driving home....92.7 playing on the radio....blarring actually, and just praising and worshipping God thanking Him for the opportunity to go and enjoy this weekend. God is so good to me even when I truly don't deserve it.

On other info....saw my old pastor and his wife tonight which was a surprise....a pleasant one....it was so nice to see them both.

Well I'm really tired, had to watch the twins today, get caught up on thigns that weren't done while I was gone...mainly laundry, had homework from you know where tonight, I'm exhausted.

Hope you have a great week!

October 5, 2006

The Road Ahead...

First of all....I may not be going to Scrap Camp this year...Sister bailed on me and it will cost me an extra $ 40.00 to stay at the lodge by myself....or succumb to staying in the dusty circa. 1940's cabins that were probably cleaned about then bunking with 8 other women...why is it when I get the chance to get away...the chance to do something I like to do...there is always a glitch....I feel guilty for going alone since I really put hubby in a bind with watching the kids and getting someone to watch them while he's at work...and then of course there is the $$ issue...the money could truly be used for more important things...then there is the little hints that hubby says that honestly tells me that going is really not the best idea, but he doesn't honestly want to come right out and say it for fear of hurting my feelings...you know the "Go and do what you want honey...it's whatever you want to do..." I know that line....rats....thing is I'll lose $ 10.00 for cancelling now....if my sister would have told me last week I would have received a full refund...oh well.

The Road Ahead...

On to other things that have been plaguing my mind...been thinking a lot about the future...more specifically the next year...so much happening in my life come next year. I'll be turning 40 for one thing...YIKES!! When did that happen! Then there is the issue that all my babies will be in school next year....Mommy will be free, for part of the day anyway....been seriously thinking about what I will do...will I get a part time job? Stay home and watch the twins twice a week? Stay at home and do eBay? Volunteer at the school or church?? Stay at home and just craft my little heart out? What am I going to do??? I feel like I felt when I was getting ready to graduate from high school....so many doors opening up...so much to choose...will I make the right choice? I have that deer in the headlight look right about now...I know it's not until August when all these changes will take place, but I don't want to wait until then to make a decision....I want to have this thought out....I want to make sure I make the right decision...I have been a stay at home mom for lets see now....almost 7 years now...I have the 7 year itch to go out and be amongst adults again...enough Disney channel already...I think I've earned that right....somewhat...I'll never stop being a Mom....yet I want what every mom wants...a job from 9-3 would be great so I can be home for the kids. The one dilemma that I have is that the twins will still need a sitter twice a week next year...now I certainly don't get rich watching the twins not that I had any intention to...I pretty much do it out of kindess to my friends...after all $ 10 a day for each is not much at all when I watch them 8+ hours a day. Do I still want to do that next year?? What if she can't find another sitter especially for what I charge...I know I'll feel guilty. Do I want to go back to my old job...and even if I did would I get morning hours so I could be with my kids?? So much to think about....my brain just won't shut it off...Maybe you out there who may have gone through this situation can give me some insight...what were your struggles...what helped you...I know I'm going to be putting a lot of prayer into this...I won't make this decision without God, but just so much to think about and consider....and I can't believe that I've reached this crossroad in my life already. My oldest will be ten next year after all!! 10!!! Time goes way tooo quickly....

Sorry for the long post, but I just HAD to get that off my chest (and brain)....hope you are all having a safe and glorious week!

October 3, 2006

I'm here...

Just a quick update...will write more hopefully tonight cause I have a lot to talk about but...here are the results from my fair entries....

My black & white pictorial received 2nd place:

My black & white flower picture won 1st!!:

Then my black and white fair scene pic won first also!! Isn't that cute...my hubby's face won me first place!! Love ya honey...and he didn't want me to enter this picture...I'm glad I went with my instincts on this one.

I also won first for my ripple afghan, second for my indian afghan and third for my infant afghan (which shocked me). Though I didn't get any ribbon for my scrapbook...which I was really disappointed about, but people around here just don't get the art of scrapbooking so I'm not totally shocked either, though people told me that they loved my work, which means more than a ribbon truly anyway...but I'm just so tickled with how well I did with my photography this year...I've competed in photography for the past 3 years with nothing...this year I got three ribbons! I'm so excited...I feel like my photgraphy has truly evolved in the last year especially...I get the difference between a picture and a photograph...it's truly an art...one that I hope to continue to grow in over the years...I'm so blessed...God has bestowed me with some amazing gifts...I give Him all the glory for what I do withthe gifts He has given me...I feel this year, actually the last two years, have been so full of growth for me...and this coming year and the next...so much on the horizon...so much change in store for me...but that is for the next post....not right now...

Well getting ready to take the family to the fair this afternoon along with our neighbors probably. Can we say cotton candy and greasy fries?!?!

Later all!