November 14, 2008

The way of life today

My eyes have been opened in so many ways these past few days...being a stay at home mom kind of puts you in a bubble and I've been in that bubble for almost 9 years! I'll work backwards here...

First of all today I had to do the Accelerated Reader program with Colton's 1st grade class...I volunteer twice a week...I LOVE IT!! I have such fun watching the kids grow and learn to read and how they are so proud of themsleves with what they are learning and's fun to watch and experience. Today I was about done when the principal came over the loud speaker and said that the school was in locked down. Immediately the kids hunched against the wall and everyone got really quiet, lights were out, no one moved...well not very much anyway, after all we are talking 6-7 year olds. Thing that struck me is that no one seemed overly scared or concerned...they just hunched down and smiled as if it was no big deal. Now granted like I said these were 6-7 year olds, but I was scared...and believe me, they may say that there is no prayer in school, but while I was kneeling on that floor I was praying...for the kids, the school, everything. It struck me that unfortunately that is what our kids are subjected to in today's society...kind of like back in the day when you did bomb drills and went to bomb shelters...a bit before MY time mind you, but I'm sure the same thing...long gone are the days of the simple fire drill or tornado the kids have lock down. Scared me...and makes me worry about my kids...and its a shame that our children have to be subject to that...that there are those out there that don't care if they hurt truly is sad.

Also on another sad note, and I apologize for the downer post, but since working at the church I have had my eyes opened to how bad our economy in our area truly is and how so many people are truly hurting out first of all makes me extremely thankful for all that I have, and it burdens my heart to see those out there struggling. I pray that somehow this economy can turn around and very very soon! More of our factories here in town are shortening work weeks and threatening closing...I pray that it turns around soon, but I' afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Well...I better go, again sorry for the downer post...on a good note...we are going to Sandusky this weekend to go visit Kevin's Great Aunt Thelma...we always celebrate Christmas with her before for she leaves for though I heard it's supposed to be extremely cold this weekend, I pray we have a good relaxing time...we are overdue for it.

Take care and have a good weekend!

November 7, 2008


Life is minute things are going in a certain you are off going in a direction you didn't think you'd be going. As vague as that sounds let me explain...up until two weeks ago I was a stay at home mom doing her thing...plate was full I thought...then God stepped in....answered in a way, a prayer I prayed a while back, and though I would have never wanted it to be answered that way, He did answer. I am now an employed momma...only part time 18-20 hours a week, but am employed. Our church secretary had a heart aneurism (or however you spell it) and will be out of commission for at least 2-3 months. In steps me...the closest fill in...and I'm honored to do it...really I am....I just feel so sorry for Shirley (our secretary) and hope and pray she gets better soon...I do have a new appreciation for the work she does in our church office though...she is very organized...which helped me out a lot. So I is a workin' woman again. And let me tell ya...after spending the past almost 9 years (hard to believe it's been that long) out of the truly has felt a little weird being back at it in a job...actually very weird. I really have enjoyed being at home...maybe a bit too much and I've been spoiled (if you can even say that being a SAHM)....I love being at home.

But honestly this job came at the right time...of course it did, because it was God's time...not mine. I was wondering how we were going to do Christmas this year, and hey God answered. HE is truly good!

So other things...hmm...well I'm still taking my class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking....having loads of fun with that, even if I am a bit behind on my assignments...learning lots and loving it!

Taught a scrapbooking class at our church Tuesday night...the challenge that we are currently doing at Faithsisters, I'm teaching the ladies at church and we are using paper bag albums to do I've been teaching scrapbooking at the church for a couple months now and usually have no more than 4-5 ladies. Tuesday night I had 22 counting myself....22!! I was stunned...luckily I had a sign up list so I had an idea beforehand how many would be there...but I even had a couple extra show up...It was a super class...the ladies (and boys...I had a couple preteen boys their with their mom)seemed to realy enjoy it and I got many was so amazing...God has been good!

Other than that I'm just trying to get into a routine since I'm not home during the day doing hte normal things I usually do so I'm doing laundry now before I leave for work, and then before I pick the boys up from school, then of course cleaning will have to wait for Thursdays or the weekends...but overall...I'm adjusting OK.

Well I need to get some projects done...maybe even straighten up my office (ha-ha)...until next time...have a super week!