April 9, 2009

For what it's worth...

Silly me has been dealing with a cold off and on for the last three weeks...one day I'll feel great, next day lousy...and it just will NOT go away....I'm so sick of it...come on Spring officially get here already so I can get these germs out of my house!

So it's been a while since I've posted and a while since I've commented on American Idol. Since this is pretty much the only thing I watch on TV of course I have to comment. I have to say this has been an OK season. The judges are driving me nuts personally with their "You really need to change the song and make it your own" and then comments like "You shouldn't change that song, it's great the way it is"...it's no wonder some of these guys seem frustrated.
But beyond that...I honestly think the first two spots are pretty much cinched at this point...that being Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. These guys have been solid since day 1 and if I were a betting woman I'd say the final show will be between these two. Danny though being the front runner, because for one I LOVE him and his heart in his music. But I love Adam too because he's so different, which I feel will be the reason why he won't win...because it seems that with Adam it's an either "you love him or you hate him" thing...but either way you know both of them are going to end up with a contract somewhere.
So about the last results...I wasn't totally shocked about Scott going, though to be honest, I thought that Lil would have been the one to go this time. She's got an amazing voice, but has yet to wow the people...she's great for karaoke, but not much for originality or showing us who she really is. I knew Scott would be on the chopping block soon, and his song this week was probably the worst he's done yet. I have to say I did admire his heart and how he has not allowed his disability to squelch his dream. Anoop...I haven't been a huge Anoop fan (sorry Jackie)...but there is just something about him I don't like...his attitude at times for one. Though his rendition of "True Colors" was very nice, but not overly original.
Ans though Lil managed to escape being chopped this week, I think she's really going to have to step up her game in a huge way to avoid being chopped next week.
So here are my predictions: Top two: Danny & Adam
Third spot is a toss up between Allison and Kris.
Next to go: Probably Lil.

Well I'm off to take some more meds and hopefully kick this cold before Easter Sunday...I have to lead worship...YIKES!

Have a great week!