November 18, 2010

A bunch of randomness...

That's pretty much what the last few weeks have been...a bunch of randomness, very ADD and squirrelly.

To start off...I have to give a huge trumpet call to my son Brennan who just competed in his school's Science Fair and got a Superior on his project! Way to go Brennan...we are so proud of you!!! He did his experiment on the affects different liquids have on baking soda. He had a bottle with a cork and tried to see which reaction would make the cork go the highest. He tested white vinegar, ginger ale, lemon juice and red wine vinegar. After all the testing, white vinegar won. I'm so proud of him, because I'll be honest...I really wasn't sold on this project (he came up with it by himself by the way, no science fair project books or internet ideas), so I was a bit skeptical and wasn't really sure how he was going to pull it off. But he did...he attached string to the cork and then measured the string to see how far it went into the air...ingenuitive! He's always loved science and experiments. He reminds me so much of me at that age. I received my first Chemistry set at his age and I thought it was the coolest present ever!! (Yes Dad I thought it was cool...and I know that it was an expensive gift at the time you bought it. I think it cost $75.00 at the Hobby store (mine was a much bigger kit than the one shown here...I think it had 75 or 100 projects)...but I want you to know it was one of my favorite presents EVER!!) Anyway, He will now progress to the County Science Fair in January and he is so excited! I'm so proud of him!

Also we just got done with selling popcorn for Scouts. Thank you to all who bought popcorn from my boys. I know they appreciated. Brennan now gets to Fort Rapids water park and also got a Marshmallow Gun. All their proceeds also has pretty much paid for their summer camp for this coming summer too. So thank you from all of us, cause that is a big help for us and we couldn't do it without you!!
On the fitness front...I just jogged my best mile and my best 5K yesterday. I jogged a 9' 29" mile and a 30' 55" 5K. Which honestly surprised me because I just wasn't feeling it yesterday. Now this past Sunday I was in a groove...I jogged my longest jog...6.7 miles. The best part of that was walking/jogging around our courtsquare in the middle of town. It's there that I take the time to pray for our city, the people, the officials of our city, the police station, the people in the jails, the fire dept...just anything God laid on my heart. I am loving this time and like I said, before I knew it I had logged over 6 I guess God laid a lot on my!
The boys are starting Upwards basketball soon and they are excited about it. It's Bren's last year so hoping he has a good year this year. Colton...well lets just say he's super!
I don't know where you are, but the weather here has been cold and miserable. I think the older I get the more I understand why people go south for the winter. I've had a dull headache for three days and going from the heat to the cold does NOT make it any better. Praying that Mr. Sunshine shows up sometime soon cause I miss him a lot!
Well I better go for now. Gotta get the boys from school soon. Have a super week!!

October 29, 2010


Sometimes life can be tough, sometimes things don't always go the way you planned. Sometimes life throws things at you you don't expect. Then again, sometimes life surprises you.

Today is probably one of the first days in a long time that I've had time to really breath. No deadlines looming on my desk, no huge to-do list...just an unadultered moment to exhale....ahhhhh! And it feels good....not sure how long it will last, but I'm savoring the moment. It seems like I've been going non-stop since...well, since I got back from vacation in August?!?! That's been almost 3 months ago and let me say this puppy is tired and worn out. The only sanity saving thing I've had these past few months is my jogging/walking and my friends whom I don't get to see near often enough. Though these past few months aren't ones I'd care to live again, I have learned some valuable lessons along the way:

Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes you have to forgive and find it in you to move on...If you push yourself and believe in yourself you can reach your goals (and not to mention a little anger and frustration is a great motivator)...Don't go running after you haven't done so for several days...big no no....God always provides at just the right moment, His timing is perfect...Make time for your family and don't take the time you have with them for granted and protect what you have. And one I'm still learning about but making good baby steps....learning to say NO. My plate is more than full and I have this past month not felt guilty saying no to some things that people threw my way. I used to feel so guilty and take things on and then stress myself trying to get whatever it was done...I'm learning that my health and well being is far more important for me and especially my family. And through it all God has been there, He always will be there and I would be so lost without Him. He's humbled me in so many ways these past couple months, good ways that were needed. I'm glad I serve a God who is not only forgiving and willing to guide me over and over, but also that He's so very patient cause with me it takes many lessons before the light bulb truly goes on.

Well I'm going to go clear off my desk so I can actually see it again and just breath. Have a great day all!

October 12, 2010

It's not called being Bound and Determined

So what a month!!! As most people who know me know September - first week of October is pretty busy for me. This is the time that I get ready for our County Fair. Though I didn't have as much in this year (no crocheting this year) I did have 14 entries...13 of those being in Photography. I actually got to sit in on the judging this year. Now that is a job I would NOT want. From what I heard there were over 800 entries this year in the photography division...for a little fair like ours...that's a lot of photos! I don't know how this judge did fact not sure exactly what he was looking for in some of the photos he chose, but hey I am by far not a professional photographer by any means. I'm still learning...I'm what you'd call a 'trial and error' photographer. Every once in a while I do come up with a pretty stellar shot. So shockingly (and I do mean shockingly, cause there were some pretty nice photos this year...though I do believe there is a HUGE difference between a picture and a photograph) shockingly I was able to pull off 2 ribbons in Photography...and with the odds of over 800 photos and only 13 categories...I am blessed beyond all reason! Here are my photos that won this year:

For this photo I got third place for the category black and white snow scene.

For this photo I got second place for the category of Color landscape scene.

So life yes has been crazy...not sure if it just is, or I'm making it that way, but either way life IS crazy right now. Still e-schooling Austin which is going well, Brennan is in the thick of doing Science Fair (which I really need to help him more on), our church is celebrating its 80th Anniversary at the end of the month so been busy making flyers, bulletin inserts and bookmarks for that...not to mention my weekly FaithSisters commitment and normal mommy/housewife things. I have been a busy busy gal!

To top all that off...some of you know I've gotten back into exercising. Now before, I was doing workout videos and even got into the P90X the way those are killer! Great if you want results though but prepare to get your butt whooped! LOL!! Well since this past winter our family room has been going through a remodel (which honestly means it's unusable until we can find someone who can fix it and the money to pay!) So as of now the family room is least for me to work out in, cause with all the stuff that's now in there, there is no room to workout. So this past August (and maybe I've already mentioned this before) I started walking, which has progressed to speed walking, which is progressing into jogging...and so far so good...slow and steady wins the race as I say. When I do go out, I try to run (I use the word run loosely) at least 3 miles...I try to do between 3-5 miles depending on time and how I feel. Honestly time is more the factor at the moment. When I started the kids weren't quite in school yet so I could go when I wanted...well since school has started I've had to adjust my exercising I started walking in the evenings which worked wonderfully, but...I've since taken on a small cleaning job in the evenings 3 nights a week so evenings are out and honestly now that the days are getting shorter and it's getting darker sooner I don't like going out in the dark alone...and I again have had to adjust. So next solution, I began walking/jogging right before I picked the boys up from school and then walk with them home...of course they didn't like walking as much as I did but hey they got their exercise anyway :-) So that was going well for a little while...that's until a lady that sometimes goes to my church, her van broke down and she needed me to pick up her daughter and take her to school and bring her home. So walking to the school and getting the kids was no longer a good option anymore since this girl lives all the way across town...a little much to ask any 8 year old to walk...not to mention the bellyaching I would get from my own 2 boys. So again, I've had to some people may have given up by now, but not me...stubborn you say?? No not me...I would call it more of a "bound and determined" attitude. And also the fact that hey I paid a good hard earned $ 20.00 on that Nike+ Sensor I'll be darned if I'm not going to use it!! So now I came up with the brilliant solution of driving up to the school, doing my walking/jogging around that area and still make it bake in time to get the kids and bring them home. So far it has worked pretty well other than the fact I'm sure the kids don't like the way I smell when they see me, but hey that's beside the point...I'm getting my exercise in...and I'm happy. I'm really happy that I've stuck to it. I've traveled over 115 miles since August 8th and I feel much better. I always feel better after working out. Now I'm concerned with what I'm going to do once the snow starts flying...not sure I want to brave the elements let alone that I have to watch breathing in too much cold causes me to wheeze and that's not a good thing. So again it looks like I may have to adjust again soon...hopefully it won't be a bad winter.

Well I think I've bored you enough. I got a bunch of stuff piling on my desk. Until next time.
God bless!!

September 11, 2010

Wait...where did August go??

OK, can someone please tell me where August went?? What do you mean it's the middle of September already?? Dang that went fast!! What a crazy month or so it has been!

August was filled with vacation, Cub Scout Day Camp, VBS, getting ready for school is in full swing....Austin is doing OCA again this year (and it seems to be going much smoother this year now that we know what to expect)...of course been busy with the odd jobs, doing the usual mommy has truly been a whirlwind.

So something I have started this past month is jogging...ok more of a speed walking if you will potentially turning into jogging :-) I had started a workout program a couple years ago and loved it...however last summer with life getting crazy and our basement needing a remodel (and still does) hubby didn't think it was safe for me to be working out down I stopped. And I could tell...I always felt better after my workouts. So about 6 weeks ago I decided to do something about it. My dear scrapbooking mentor, goddess, funny the way I am kind of girl and someone I would so love to meet Cathy Zielske was doing this running thing attempting to get her life back on healthy note...I followed her progress...I was impressed with her progress...which spurred me on to progress myself. With my iPod Touch that I got for Christmas, my new Nike+ Sensor and armband...I started walking, which is now progressing into a somewhat jog/walk. Baby steps I say, baby steps. So far I have started feeling good again....walked with some great friends from time to time (hi Leslie, Dani, Cindy and Sandy!!) And overall feeling really good about my far since August 8th I have clocked in over 62 miles! I know...who knew?!?! I am thinking about doing a 5K soon...there is one coming up next Sunday, but not sure if I'm ready for it's a 5K Run/Walk, so I could walk it if I! We shall see. Stay tuned!

So just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary a few days ago. Hard to believe it's been that long!?!? Time sure does fly.

So our County Fair is coming soon...need to get things started on that and get my entries in....haven't even started getting ready for that. Yep, looks like next week will be another busy week...oh well. Speaking of next week....I am taking another scrap class from the amazing Cathy Zielske starting Thursday over at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Me: The Abridged Version. I took it last year and loved it so much that I'm taking it again this year. If you love scrapbooking and always wanted to do a project about you (and I don't mean in a conceited "look at me" sort of way) and you love funny (cause Cathy is hilarious) then consider taking this class. It's a blast...And I think I have pics of last years album on my Facebook photos...take a look there...It's one of my very favorite albums!

Well it's early on a Saturday...wanted to sleep in but that of course didn't happen. Maybe a nap later?? Oh well....since I don't know when I'll be on here next have a happy September!

August 14, 2010

Happy birthday!

A quick 'Happy Birthday' greeting to my now 8 year old son Colton and my Dad!! Hope you both have a super day!!

July 10, 2010

Summer is just flying by...

Wowzers!! It;s already practically the middle of July?!?! Where has the summer gone?? Life has been crazy busy, but good. God has been good to us this summer. Kevin and I have been able to make a little extra money here and there (to prepare for our upcoming vaca) and the boys have been somewhat busy. God is good.

My Brennie had a huge growing up experience this past week...he went to a week long Boy Scout camp, no mom, no dad, just a bunch of boys and his scout leaders. It was truly a learning experience for him and honestly a test for me...none of my babies have ever been away from me for that long. Maybe a weekend, but never a whole week. This morning I was up at 5:30 a.m. and couldn't wait to pick him up...I didn't have to get him until 10:00 a.m. If they would have let me I think I would have been there at 6:00 I missed him lots! He pretty much came home and crashed and is still in bed in fact. Poor guy. It was a long week! And during this week I think my little boy grew up. Even my oldest son mentioned it...Mom I think Brennan matured a lot this week...and for Austin to say that is huge, cause you'd just have to know Austin...he could use a little maturing! Anyway I'm so glad to have Brennan back home and have my family back together again. By the way have I mentioned this growing up stuff stinks?? Speaking of stinks...I just started doing Brennan's laundry from camp...HELLO!! not go in there! I know I gave that boy white socks before he left...he must have either traded someone for some black socks or this boy didn't wear shoes all week...YIKES!!

Onto other things...I'm currently attending a online Scrapbook Camp over at Big Picture Scrapbooking with May Flaum. I was a little leary about taking this class at first, but even though I'm a bit behind I'm actually getting some paper layouts done and that's all that matters. Reason I say that is because I haven't done any paper scrapping since I went to Scrap Camp in W.V. back in March so it feels good to get back into the saddle again.

So, we are getting ready to go on a long and much needed vacation. I think I had mentioned before that we, hubby and I, have felt a tugging to go to Asheville, NC. Not sure why, love North Carolina, but God I think has something in store and we are just being open to what He may have for us. Maybe it's a calling to move, maybe it's just a calling for a nice relaxing vacation, maybe it's a calling to help out somewhere just this one time...don't know, but God is in control and we are excited to see what He has in store for us. After we get done in Asheville we are going to visit my parents and little brother and his wife in Kentucky. Even though us moms don't get much of a vacation going on vacation (after all we do all the packing, making sure nothing gets forgotten, keeping track of everything and everyone during the whole entire trip and then all the lovely laundry afterwards) I am looking forward to a nice get's been a long year, a pretty good one, but just been so busy...nice to finally get some R & R.

After we get back from vacation I then am helping Colton during his Cub Scout camp all week...then that Friday hubby and I are finally taking a weekend for ourselves and going to Columbus for the weekend to go see the Broadway show Wicked. I'm super excited about that cause hubby and I haven't been away for a weekend (other than a church kids convention) since 2006. We are sorely overdue for some time away. The grandparents have so willingly offered to watch the boys so we can get some time away...woohoo and thanks Gamma & Papa!!
After we get back from Columbus our church's VBS by the time mid August rolls around I should be pretty much shot to the! Just in time for school to start...ugh! Not ready for that at seems like summer has just flown by in a big way this year.

So how has your summer been??

Not sure when I'll get to post next, but have a great rest of your summer. Going to go inside (yes I'm outside on the laptop enjoying the stars and God's creation) and spend some time with my boys and snuggle with my Brennie a bit, heard he's awake now.

Have a super summer!

April 14, 2010

Yes, I'm a about you?

Greetings...I know...more than 1 post in a month...must be something wrong...actually no, just killing some time while Austin gets ready to take his Math chapter test...ahhh. Trying to keep on top of things a little better...trying...anyway.

So did you watch Glee last night??? I have been sooooo anticipating the return of my new favorite TV show...and for me to call a TV show a fav, there must be something to it because it takes a lot to keep me glued to that thing. I know this is going to come as a shock then, but I inevitably have NOT watched the new episode...yet. I honestly thought it was on today (Wednesday) so I forgot they moved it to Tuesday....but luckily one of the greatest inventions made by man (the DVR) recorded it for me so my evening tonight will be stuck glued to the TV in sheer laughter and song! So no one give it away for me...though I did download the preview on my iPod a couple days ago....hilarious....and can't wait to watch it tonight....along with a little Ghost Hunter action....ahhhh!

I'm again glad for the DVR cause I had a hugely long and difficult meeting last night so I just didn't have it in me to watch anything but my eyelids, but out....the TV is MINE!!!

On other interesting things....I took an over 3 mile speed walk around Lake Park (it's a lake about a 7 minute drive from our house) Monday night. Colton had a tour with his Cub Scout pack at the museum in Roscoe so I took advantage of it and dropped him off there and went walking around the lake. I have missed doing that....I used to do it all the time in my 20s, but after the kids came along it was tough...but anyway it was so nice to get out in the spring air and just jog and walk around....took me every bit of the hour to speed walk that 3 miles but hopefully in time it will get better. It just really felt good to exercise and my exercise has been a lot of hit and miss lately, but hoping that now that the weather is getting warmer that it will be more of a hit!

Oh and now that Easter is over (by the way I LOVE Easter) I have been able to use my iPod again....yes I gave it up for Lent. It was like getting a new toy again...I've been playing that thing like I just got it for I missed my iPod, but I'm glad I gave it up...I needed to.

Well I'm going to get off here...going to surf the net (if my stupid flaky computer will let me) and look up stuff for vacation...if anyone has any tidbits or advice on Asheville North Carolina drop me a line....I think that is where we are planning on going on one of our vacations this year....God just seems to be speaking to us about that area...we are going to check it out.

Have a gleek week! Love ya all!

April 6, 2010

God paints a beautiful canvas

Happy Spring everyone! I hope everyone had a Happy and blessed Easter! He is Risen Indeed!!
It's so nice to smell the fresh clean air...even though I am getting over a cold. Took the boys back to school this morning and I couldn't help but be in awe of God's beauty...the sunshine, the buds on the trees, the pretty daffodils dancing in the breeze...God does paint an amazing canvas...and He does it everyday. There is no artist like Him and I will always stand in awe of His amazing artistry.
As I mentioned I'm getting over a cold. I am so thankful that God gave me just enough strength (and voice) to sing on Sunday morning...I not only sang in the choir, I was asked to do the special that day. God was with me and let me tell ya, it was just enough, because I came home and pretty much felt miserable the rest of the day. Darling hubby got me meds yesterday, which helped tremendously...except for the fact that I probably shouldn't have taken them before bed because they kept me up almost the whole night. I think I got maybe 2 hours of's a wonder I'm still functioning!
I have to share this shocking tidbit I heard on the radio this morning. My clock radio is set to a Cleveland station 92.1...Moody Radio, it's a Christian station. Anyway, they reported this bit of news that just shocked me and stuck with me most of the day yesterday. They reported (and I checked on the internet to see if it was truly legit...and sadly it is)...that at a recent Girls Scouts convention they allowed the adult chaperones to leave the room while Planned Parenthood passed out pamphlets to the girls. You can see a copy of the pamphlet here. Please be advised that the information found in this pamphlet is quite shocking. I was shocked and appalled when I first saw it. And I feel quite niave as I was unaware that this kind of stuff is being passed on to our young people. Also, I wasn't aware that Planned Parenthood was now affiliated with the Girl Scouts organization...It's sad to see a once wholesome organiztion become so corrupted.
On a lighter note...the boys are currently starting their last nine weeks of school, and boy are they happy about that. It seems like it's been a long year. Maybe that's because of homeschooling the oldest, but it just seems like it's been a long year. I am excited just as much as they are for summer vacation. No definite plans for vacation, but we are seriously looking into going to North Carolina...God just seems to be speaking to us about that area...not sure why, so I think we may just go exploring and see what God has in store. Also there is always Kentucky now that my parents have bought a house down there...we had a lot of fun there last year with my brother Luke...I think the boys (and I) would love another just quiet relaxing week of nothing but nature, water and camping!
Well I better get off here...I have a house that is screaming my name. It's funny how a house can get so messy after a holiday AND being sick. Have a super day!

March 4, 2010

I'm feeling a bit like PRofessor Layton...

How nice it is to finally have a sunshine-y day in Ohio…nothing like a little sun and blue sky peeking through the clouds to lift the spirits of what has seemed to be an incredibly long winter. Also nothing like a little fine tea to lift those spirits as well. For those who have played Professor Layton, especially the latest game, "Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box", you will totally understand this post, and those who have never played the game, I believe you’ll get the jist…

Yesterday the UPS man dropped off a delightful little package…my first order from Adagio Teas. I was so excited to be receiving this package after the dear Cathy Zielske hyped up how amazing their teas were. After checking out their site I thought, why not give it a try. I love tea (hence the reference to Professor Layton)…so I did.

I ordered the IgenuiTEA pot and the black tea sampler. (See pic...also this is just a small sample of the many sample teas I was like Christmas here!) I also ordered the honeybush sampler (for me) and the Chai sampler (for hubby) and a few other samples. First of all the IngenuiTEA pot is amazingly cute and love the simple design and function of it. Put 1-2 teaspoons of tea in, hot water, let it steep, put it on top of your favorite mug and voila! Perfect yummy tea! So this is what we’ve tried so far:

Hazlenut Honeybush: This was the first tea I tried. I think I should have let it steep a little longer, but I was just so excited to try it. Overall it did have good flavor and I liked this one and I think I’ll like it better the second time around when I let it steep properly.

Vanilla Honeybush: LOVED this one! This so far is my favorite…it to me tastes like a vanilla cupcake in a cup…delicious! This is yummy cold too!

Spiced Chai: My son tried this one…again I think we needed to let it steep longer, but he was excited to try the tea as well…it did have a nice apple spiciness to it. I think this would make a great tea in the Fall.

Valentine’s Tea: My other son just couldn’t wait to try this one…supposed to taste like chocolate covered strawberries. He didn’t care for it much…my oldest thought it tasted like 2 day old strawberries…however hubby thought it was delicious! Go figure…I’m just glad it won’t go to waste J

Thai Chai: Hubby is more into the Chai teas than I am…this one is a bit spicier than the apple…it’s not bad…hubby liked it, but liked the Valentine’s better I believe.

Honeybush Mango: So this was the last tea of the evening last night…I prefer to drink a honeybush tea in the evening because it’s so much lighter than the black teas…This tea smells amazing out of the tin…like hubby described it…it smells like jell-o and he’s right, it does. However, the taste of it, though not bad, was just different…it was just OK…after smelling it from the tin I guess I was expecting something totally amazing and after drinking it, it was just OK
Honeybush Chocolate: This one my youngest tried and he hated it…I have to admit, all the chocolate flavored teas have a weird chocolate smell to them and not so much in a good way. I was unable to try this one or the Valentine’s tea since I gave up chocolate for Lent, but just the smell made me turn away (maybe it’s just God’s way of helping me get through the temptation of chocolate…thanks God!) Anyway the general consensus from those who did try it, this was everyone’s least favorite thus far.

Rooibos Vanilla Chai: An interesting tea, in a good way. Never tried a rooibos tea, always wanted to…it had a spicy note at the beginning and the end with a gentle yumminess of vanilla. Not bad for a chai. Hubby liked it…and he better, somehow I ended up with 2 samples of this one.

English Breakfast: The first black tea I’ve tried thus far and English Breakfast is my tea of choice in the morning. However this morning I probably should have waited until the boys left for school to fix this tea because I got a bit distracted with the morning routine and let it steep a tad bit too long…it was strong and a tad bit bitter…however hubby liked it and took it to work with him so no loss there. I will have to try this one again when I can keep a closer eye on it.

Irish Breakfast: After the bit of disappointment from the English Breakfast, I wasn’t sure about the Irish Breakfast, but I made sure I watched it and didn’t let it steep too long. It is actually very good… a nice black tea and at this point I like it better than the English Breakfast, but of course will give the English Breakfast another fair try another day.

So there is a long synopsis of the Adagio Teas we’ve tried thus far. Still plenty of samples to try…so be expecting another long post soon. Oh, and I’d give the company as a whole a huge thumbs up, not only because of their cute tea containters and neat tea pots, but their customer service is great…I forgot to put my $ 5.00 coupon in at the check-out, I e-mailed them about it and they went ahead and deducted it off my credit card…most companies would probably say too bad. Also they tracked my package the whole way…I knew exactly when my package would arrive and that it had been delivered. Beautiful and amazing. So if you are like Professor Layton and love your teas…give this little company a try. Also, though I didn’t try it yet, they have this tea called Birthday Party or Birthday Cake…can’t remember the name exactly, but it is supposed to taste like birthday cake and it even has sprinkles in it! Might have to try that one next time around…I know the boys would love that!

Well off to make another spot of tea…have a great day!

February 16, 2010

Scences out the back door...

This is the scene out my back door this morning....After a little over a week of snow, snow and more snow and another snowfall that hit us last is what we have so far...nine inches it says on the yardstick, yet that was in the lowest part of our yard...needless to say winter is alive and well in Ohio...personally I'm ready for a tropical vacation...LOL!!

My middle baby just turned 11 this past's hard to believe that my babies are getting so big already...

Have I told you how much I love the gift hubby got me for iPod Touch??? I love this thing! Not only can I play my music on this thing, but I can play games, listen to radio and podcasts and even better I can read the Bible on's wonderful!!!!
Well I thought I would have a lot to say today, but I guess all this snow has frozen my brain...LOL!
Have a great day all and stay warm!

January 29, 2010

Today I am...

...helping oldest with his first research paper...UGGHH!

...fighting a headache and my back and hip being out of place.

...organizing my bookmarked scrapbooking sites...too many of them and some of them just have to go...all a part of my year of organizing!

...looking through the Signature Homestyles catalog trying to see what I want to order. Another attempt at my year of organization!

...FREEZING!!! It's stinkin' cold in Ohio today.

...trying to be obedient and not eat too much sugar today since I kind of went a bit overboard with some tapioca pudding and a couple peanut butter cookies yesterday.

...wishing I was having another therapy lunch with my friend JoAnn...I love our new friendship and our bi-weekly therapy lunches! finished with the February Church calendar! Woo-hoo!

...looking forward to a night in with my family...our usual Friday night ritual of movies. On tonights menu...Ice Age: The Meltdown and maybe No Greater Love for hubby and I later.

...tired and hoping that I can relax a bit tonight.

...going to be picking up my boys soon from school.

...despite my headache and feeling drained today, I am thankful for my God and Savior that gets me through each and every day!

...thankful for my wonderful family and friends.

What are you up to today??

On this note I leave you with a random (and maybe distrubing photo). I found this snowman in my yard after coming home from grocery shopping a couple weeks ago....I'm thinking maybe my boys have humungous imaginations or maybe they just need therapy. What do you think??? The Jedi Council may just be looking these boys up someday...LOL!

January 25, 2010

God is good...

So here I sit after going through my 21 day fast...and I am humbled and I am amazed at what God can truly do...because honestly I couldn't have done it without God's help. Going without sugar has truly been a huge stretch for me...not something I could have done on my own. And how it has changed me is amazing! First of all that I was able to do it in the first place again was a true God thing...then the fact that I feel so very much better. During the 21 days I didn't have the stomach problems I was having, no bloating and pain, no sluggish feelings during the day, no brain fog...I just have felt a ton better. And I praise God for that!

So my fast ended this past Sunday and I thought I would go off the deep end into a total sugar coma...honestly I didn't. What was the first thing I had??? Believe it or not, a simple cup of hot cocoa. After 3 weeks of drinking nothing but water or tea without sugar (which btw, is not very tasty) all I wanted was something to drink besides water...I had cocoa...and though it was just a basic Swiss Miss cup of cocoa, it tasted so good and I thanked God through the whole cup. It was amazing! Then I tried a cinnamon roll I had bought at the bake sale at the Upward basketball game...honestly...I hated it. It wasn't a bad cinnamon roll, it just wasn't what I wanted or just didn't taste good to me anymore. I let the boys have them and they surely didn't turn them down. Today I had a half a Kit Kat bar that Colton saved just for me for after the fast and I was shocked how sweet it was. And how it just didn't do it for me anymore. The thing I noticed on this fast was how I don't really have the snacking cravings like I would have during the day. It's been nice and I'm afraid now anymore to eat anything with too much sugar because I honestly just don't want to go back...I'm looking forward and excited not only for what God has in store for me, but for a healthier and better lifestyle.

So through this fast I wasn't really sure what God wanted to show me, but I KNEW what he wanted me to give up...that was without question. And it wasn't until the very end of the fast He revealed to me what He wanted to show me...even though something may taste good, or seem good or you may think it is good, it just may not be good for YOU. And with with giving up sugar and yeast products it has truly shown me that though it may taste good and seem good, it just isn't good for me. And I have a feeling God is going to reveal many other things that really aren't good for me in the long run.

So here's to a corner being turned, a life being changed for the better and for whatever God may have in store.

Also...on the growing up front....Colton lost his top tooth growing up stuff is for the birds!

Have a super week!

January 20, 2010

I hate this part...

First of all many apologies for the lack of writing here on my blog...the last few months have been hectic and stressful, but things are looking up and God I know is going to do great things in our lives for 2010!

The end of 2009 was very very stressful with me going to the emergency room twice (once was an overnight stay) and Hubby having a throat scope and biopsy done. First time I went to the ER was for a supposed ovarian cyst that burst (which hurt like the dickens and I say supposed because they never really could tell me for 100% sure that that was my problem). Second time was for a very bad pain on my right side...come to find out I have gall stones and they suggested that I have it removed. However, me being a rebel and not really wanting or feeling like going through surgery (after all I AM a mom...I don't have time for a stinkin' surgery...LOL!) After seeing my doctor, they determined not only was the gall bladder a problem but again my kidneys were again infected and I had an internal yeast infection (whatever that is) I was put on antibiotics...which in all honesty didn't make me feel much again being the rebel that I am I decided to take my health into my own hands...I threw away the antibiotics and began reading things about health....come to find out that the antibiotics I was on were probably making my symptoms worse and that it actually killed off the good bacteria in my body making the bad bacteria I began to take action. After some help (and coconut water from my sister) I decided it was time for a life chage and a more healthy lifestyle. After the holidays I began watching what I ate and doing things a bit differently...and right now I'd have to say I feel so much better...and God has been with me all the way. Ironically our church began a 21 day fast 2 1/2 weeks ago...which really helped kick in the new healthy lifestyle I was wanting to start. So for my fast I gave up all sugars and yeast based products. Right now I am on the last week of the fast and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. So far I have lost 8 pounds (not that I'm doing this to lose weight) and I feel much better. And let me tell you when you take sugar out of your diet (even natural sugar) boy does it ever limit you on what you can eat...hubby has been doing this fast alongside me and though it's had its rough moments God has helped us through. I'm hoping that after Sunday (which is the end of the fast) that I don't go overboard :-) But I think that now that after three weeks and I'm starting to feel so good will help motivate me to watch what I eat, watch my sugar intake and hopefully take better care of me. Funny thing since starting this fast I haven't had even a smidge of stomach problems like I had before going into the hospital. And hubby hasn't had a bit of acid reflux either...hmmm. It's been good and God is good!

So the boys have been growing...maybe the better word is maturing...and I'm hating it...hating it with a passion!! I mean I know they need to and I'm glad that they are, but I miss my little guys. Tonight was a "running into the brick wall" moment for me when Brennan tells me he was too old now to do our nightly ritual...ever since I can remember Brennan and I always said goodnight by giving each other a hug, a kiss and a nosey nosey....tonight he told me he's too old for it. Broke my heart. Colton let our new dog Milo use his blanket...the blanket he's had since he was a baby....I knew that day was coming soon, but man I didn't want to see it. Golly why do they have to grow up! Colton's top tooth is about to come out at any moment and I'm hating that's like all of a sudden they are on microwave mode and growing up faster than I can keep up...ugghhh!

Now I've mentioned before that I don't do New Year's resolutions...but this year I have begun organizing my life a little baby steps though. LOL! It's funny how after having three kids you turn around and see your life so disorganized that you can't even find this year I'm determined to become more organized. So I've already begun in the living room, fridge and now working on my craft desk (again!) and shelves in the dining room and so far so good. Each day I'm picking an area to work steps. Hubby already worked on the basement a bit...I think the goal is obtainable! I'm feeling so good this year and about 2010...I know God has many great things in store!

So that's life so far in a nutshell at the moment...I was sick, hubby had throat scope, which by the way there are a few spots they want to keep an eye on and he has to go back in a year and be scoped again...I've taken a bit of control on my health and eating habits...and my boys are growing up way too fast. Such is life and life will keep going even though I want it to slow down. And I'm trying to organize my life. So there you go...

How is 2010 looking for you???