October 20, 2006

Here are some more...

Here are a few more pages I made from Scrap Camp:

Pickles...Blogger is acting stubborn again...well...I'll hopefully upload the rest of them tomorrow...yes there are more!! Amazing what you can get done when you have a whole weekend of uninterruption.

I am finally all unpacked from my weekend, got all my supplies put away and even scrapbooked another page last night...I'll show it later. But the weekend totally inspired me and got me out of my scrapbooking funk I was in. Had no creativity left in me. The weekend away so helped...I'm like a scrapbooking fool now! And I like it!

So this week has been busy like any other...getting caught up with laundry and cleaning house while I was away. Dealing with homework...please say a pray for my middle son Brennan....he's really having a hard time with school and falling behind. Just not sure what to do with him...not that I think it's all him...I knew there was going to be troubles this year...my oldest Austin had the same teacher and troubles in her class too...can't wait to get past second grade! Anyway, thanks.

So...on other things...hubby and I had a rare chance to get out of town together yesterday...of course we had the little guy, but we got out of town...if only for a couple hours. Got my hair cut and then hubby spoiled me with these....I'm a huge Bath & Body Works fan...actually any nice body lotion, make-up, beauty products in general...I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a junkie...but they had these awesome fall scents that were so yummy smelling that I couldn't pass them up...and better yet I got the huge tube of body cream FREE!!! Can't beat that! The Vanilla Bean Noel smelled wonderful too...almost bought it too...but I refrained. Go check it out and enjoy the aroma!

Hope you are having a good start of a weekend!

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Jada's Gigi said...

So glad you and hubby got a chance for some R&R..you deserve it...yum on the fall good smelling stuff..though something about B&BWs makes my head hurt...the scrap page is very cute...all ears..:)