December 14, 2006

Memories # 13 & 14

So today's entry is on an arts & crafts tangent today...ever since I can remember my gifts as a kid ALWAYS included something in the arts & crafts dept. Whether it was just a simple coloring book and crayons or a table top weaving loom, I always had at least one arts and crafts kit...of course I always had something artsy on my list. I've had actual art sets complete with crayons, paints & chalks, one of those neat crayon aprons (loved that as a kid), a table top weaving loom, those pot holder know the ones with the loops of stretchy fabric, paint by number sets, crewel and needlepoint sets, a simple drawing pad, sewing sets, mini sewing machines, you name it I probably had today's # 13 memory is dedicated to all those arts and craft gifts that I received over the years (and still receive). It has made me the artist (I use the term very loosely) that I am today.

So it's only fitting then that my # 14 memory goes with the previous one...this was one of my most favorite "artsy" gifts I received as a kid...Fashion could make different outfits, make them different patterns, so many different combinations...I so loved this set...I'd sit for hours and play with this set...I still have a few of the plates, but the board that it came with I have no idea where it is...lost in the depths of my parents house I imagine, but nevertheless, still one of my favorite toys.

So today I have a question...what was your favorite toy as a child and why? Do you still have this toy? What memories come to mind when you think of it? Please share!

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Jada's Gigi said...

One of my memorable toys I received as a child was the doll I posted about but I think my favorite was the Easy bake oven I received when I was about was so awesome...even after we had used up the mixes that came with it baking tiny cakes...we sould still find things to cook in it and did for several years..I don't know what became of it..I no longer have any of the toys I played with as a child. :(...but I'm holding on to some of my kids things...they will appreciate them when they are parents....:)