September 11, 2010

Wait...where did August go??

OK, can someone please tell me where August went?? What do you mean it's the middle of September already?? Dang that went fast!! What a crazy month or so it has been!

August was filled with vacation, Cub Scout Day Camp, VBS, getting ready for school is in full swing....Austin is doing OCA again this year (and it seems to be going much smoother this year now that we know what to expect)...of course been busy with the odd jobs, doing the usual mommy has truly been a whirlwind.

So something I have started this past month is jogging...ok more of a speed walking if you will potentially turning into jogging :-) I had started a workout program a couple years ago and loved it...however last summer with life getting crazy and our basement needing a remodel (and still does) hubby didn't think it was safe for me to be working out down I stopped. And I could tell...I always felt better after my workouts. So about 6 weeks ago I decided to do something about it. My dear scrapbooking mentor, goddess, funny the way I am kind of girl and someone I would so love to meet Cathy Zielske was doing this running thing attempting to get her life back on healthy note...I followed her progress...I was impressed with her progress...which spurred me on to progress myself. With my iPod Touch that I got for Christmas, my new Nike+ Sensor and armband...I started walking, which is now progressing into a somewhat jog/walk. Baby steps I say, baby steps. So far I have started feeling good again....walked with some great friends from time to time (hi Leslie, Dani, Cindy and Sandy!!) And overall feeling really good about my far since August 8th I have clocked in over 62 miles! I know...who knew?!?! I am thinking about doing a 5K soon...there is one coming up next Sunday, but not sure if I'm ready for it's a 5K Run/Walk, so I could walk it if I! We shall see. Stay tuned!

So just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary a few days ago. Hard to believe it's been that long!?!? Time sure does fly.

So our County Fair is coming soon...need to get things started on that and get my entries in....haven't even started getting ready for that. Yep, looks like next week will be another busy week...oh well. Speaking of next week....I am taking another scrap class from the amazing Cathy Zielske starting Thursday over at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Me: The Abridged Version. I took it last year and loved it so much that I'm taking it again this year. If you love scrapbooking and always wanted to do a project about you (and I don't mean in a conceited "look at me" sort of way) and you love funny (cause Cathy is hilarious) then consider taking this class. It's a blast...And I think I have pics of last years album on my Facebook photos...take a look there...It's one of my very favorite albums!

Well it's early on a Saturday...wanted to sleep in but that of course didn't happen. Maybe a nap later?? Oh well....since I don't know when I'll be on here next have a happy September!