December 17, 2012

I know it's been a while...

Yes I know it's been a while...well over a year since I've posted on here....but with recent events I feel the need to make a post...maybe not so much for others, but for myself to work through things.

Again in light of recent events with the school shooting in Newtown, CT...even though I knew not a single one of these victims or those directly touched by this tragedy, I have been affected deeply by this event. Taking my kids to school oldest two were almost late...not because of them, but because of me...I was the one dragging my feet this morning...I honestly didn't want to take my boys to school. And after I dropped them off and told them I loved them, I cried all the way home...and those who know me know I'm not a huge crier. This tragedy is sad and honestly makes a mom like me feel like nothing is safe anymore.

Now I want to preface this next paragraph with this statement....I do not own a gun. That being said...I have heard responses through social media and the like of those who are against guns. Yes, guns are dangerous weapons...they can be used to do terrible things, obviously. But guns don't kill people PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. It's those behind those guns that kill. I know this is gonna sound stupid, but never have I heard of any news report stating a gun walked into anywhere and started killing people. I mean lets face it....if someone wanted to use a toothbrush to kill someone, they'll figure out a way to do it...granted it would take longer and wouldn't have the same effect, but point being is objects don't kill. You can point fingers all you want to guns, knives, cars, video games, etc. but until we start looking ourselves in the mirror and putting the blame where it belongs...on a misguided and evil human race, all we are going to do is play an endless blame game that will never get us anywhere. We could ban guns, but that will only make those who want them fight that much harder to get them and then acquire them illegally.. Taking guns away will not solve this. Controlling guns....sure maybe. Honestly I don't understand why anyone other than a military official or someone in law enforcement would need an automatic rifle anyway. Again I don't own guns, but that seems a bit much for the normal Joe in my opinion.....but that's a whole other can of worms.

Honestly,  it's time to look at the human heart people. It's time for each of us to rise up and respect one another as HUMAN BEINGS!! We are all human...we all have rights, and feelings...we all breathe the same air. Until we go back to respecting each other, valuing human life and loving thy neighbor and quit focusing so much on ourselves, how we've been offended and hating each other this world is just only going to get worse. Until we learn how to respect things that we use as well things won't get better. For instance, I can teach my son to drive a car, but if I also don't teach him the things that can happen when a car isn't used properly, how can I expect him to respect it....and if he sees me disrespecting others, how is he going to learn respect.

Respect, value, integrity, honesty, love and so much more. Just a list of the many lost values we need to reinstate in the world today....thing is, it needs to start with us. We can either be a part of the problem and waste our time playing the blame game, or take a stand and live our lives as examples . Will it save lives you may ask?? Maybe yes, maybe no....but honestly what else do we have?? At least we can go through life doing our best to make a difference, no matter how small that may be.

Thank you for allowing me to stand on my little soap box. And please, I'm sure there are going to be those who disagree with my opinion. You have every right to disagree.

Please continue to pray for our country, for those in Newtown, CT, for those families affected by this tragedy and for our schools, teachers, school workers and students.