November 12, 2006

Well I'm up and running...sort of...for now

Still using my son's computer...but at least I'm online. I think hubby and I have decided to go through his brother again and get more or less a "shell" of a PC with a new motherboard and we're going to piece out this old one...install our old hard drives, RAM we just bought, and use that for the time being until we can research a better alternative, be it PC or MAC...I just don't feel right plunking that kind of $$ down without doing some proper research. So it's going to cost us about $ 150 or so...but better than let's say low end $ 400 for a bare bones PC to $ 2000 for a decked out MAC. I'm happy and OK with that...just can't be without my's my lifeline to the outside world after all. Being a SAHM...I don't get out much and this PC is not only my work that I do for church, myself and others, but it also is my social life...I know I need to get a life don't I :-)

Church was good today...though I had to lead worship and I felt very distracted for some reason and nothing seemed to go right during our Praise Team practice, God was in control and it all went OK. Donnis preached today and his sermon was interactive one and it was actually interesting and fun.

Well I'm off to check out my eBay auctions...have 28 auctions running right now...insane! Keeps me busy and provides $$ for Christmas after all.


Jada's Gigi said...

Prayer said for your computer...really for you without :) I'm sorry to say my computer is a huge part of my social life have to tell me how to do ebay?

Live, Love, Laugh said...

twenty eight auctions??? wow you are busy! what do you do in your five minute free time. lol