September 26, 2006

Join with me as I take a breath....

Yes folks I can breath a little easier now...entries for the fair have officially been dropped girls to babysit today, cold is pretty much gone except for a small cough now and then....yes folks that sound you just heard was me finally taking a deep breath and breathing...Halleluiah!!!

It's nice to be able to relax a bit and just breath...not that I don't have other things to major dust bunnies screaming my name or checkbooks needing balancing...but those things can's time to just breath....AAAHHHH that feels good...God bless the air that gives us life!

On other is my baby bro's b-day...He's 23 that makes me feel old...I was in high school when he was born and just a little thing when I officially left home. We aren't super close anymore since there is truly a huge age difference and he just doesn't have time for us "old people", but bless his heart, anyway Happy birthday Luke.

The weather here is so very fall-like. It's amazing how in just a few short weeks we went from shorts and flip-flops weather to jackets and jeans again. I love fall though...never used to, but hubby over the years has taught me the beauty of this time of year and I have to admit I now love this time of year too, except for the fact that it brings about my least favorite season...winter. When I went to the fairgrounds today it felt like, crisp air...made me want to run and get a caramel apple and some cider...yum. I love decorating my house for fall too...nothing like those rich harvest hues to make a house feel like home. LOVE IT!! When fall beckons here I get in the mood to crochet...I have already made a baby blanket, which I started last week and is already at the fairgrounds preparing for judging even as we speak, I finished a ripple afghan I had been working on off and on for 3 turned out so nice. And now I'm working on a southwestern type of grandma taught me how to crochet...and I'm so glad...I love it cause it's something I can do while I watch TV or wait on an appointment. I'm not one much for just sitting still or just watching TV...I have to be doing something else too...strange I know.

Well I have to go get my boys from much for my break :-) Hope you are having a good day. God bless

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Jada's Gigi said...

My mom used to crochet all the time but hasn't lately. I too love the fall..I dragged out my fall decor yesterday. Now i need to buy some mums. pumpkins and candles to complete the effect. Its crispy here today too but warming up again over the weekend...tonight feels like a highschool football nite. :) happy B Day to your bro...I have a much younger half brother...a couple years older than my son...we arent' close at all but I think of him now and then and wonder if he remembers he has sisters....