September 30, 2008

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

All I can say is that God is many of you know, September is a busy month for me as I prepare for our County Fair...Well...hard work and God's gifts He bestowed on me paid off...Here is my scrapbooking display:

And I got 1st place and Best In Show...shocked...yes I'm often as I've tried and always failing short, but this year I guess was my year...woohoo! I also got

a ribbon for 2 of my afghans (3rd places), my crocheted pumpkins (2nd place), and A first place for my black & white flower photo, 2nd for my black and white Fair photo, and 3rd for my black and white General Pictorial photo. Very happy and just glad that I made enough again off my ribbons to pay for my fair pass...which is what I strive for anyway...especially since the price of tickets went up this year.
On another note, going to be trying to do the "Week In Your Life" Challenge that Ali Edwards is putting on this week...I've taken a few photos, not sure what else I'm going to do yet, but hey I've got good intentions. If you want more info on the challenge see Ali's blog here.
Hope you are having a good week...and wow this is the last day of September?!?!? Where did that go??? Have a super October!

September 24, 2008

Faith Sisters Birthday Bash This Weekend!!

Join Faith Sisters for our Birthday Bash Cyber Crop!
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Why: To celebrate our 1 year birthday!
Earn points toward winning prizes by doing challenges, purchasing digi kits from our shop, and more! Earn an EXTRA 5 Points for inviting a NEW friend to the crop and have them sign up and participate in the forum!
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Come and join the fun!!! Hope to see you there!

September 16, 2008

Blow wind blow...

So today was spent taking care of or helping others with the HUGE windstorm we had here last night...and let me tell you if it was anything like they had in Texas...God bless them because this windstorm was the worst I'd ever expereinced...though fun to watch though...I know...I'm strange...but I honestly was out in it and just in awe of the power of the's amazing how God can just cause a gentle breeze or a 75 + mph wind. Trees were of course down everywhere...shingles blown off some houses...some cars smashed by this one that was smashed only three houses down from us... but luckily we were OK...many places in town received worse damage...the Wendy's sign got shattered, a gas station's roof blew off almost...lots of fact the boys didn't have school today and may not have it tomorrow because the area where the school is still has no electricity...luckily we have been OK in the electricity dept. too. Our old neighbors were with us a good portion of hte day because they had no electric. So exciting night to say the least.

Hubby is feeling better, thanks for your prayers...just pray that he would take better care of himself...he attempted to walk to the post office yesterday (almost a mile from our house) and today he mowed the lawn. He's not a very good patient. Needless to say I've been a bit upset with him.

Well hope you are having a good week...another busy one here...always busy ;-)

September 13, 2008

New FS Challenge and continue to pray please!

We got back into the swing of things over at Faith Sisters and we have a new challenge this if you're into scrapping and want a challenge check it out! Here is my layout for this week:

Also I ask that you continue to pray for my hubby...he's in a lot of pain and we had to go back to the chiropractor today...he goes in Monday for another appt. and possible MRI to see if maybe he ruptured or herniated a disc. Praying it's not that...he has to take Monday off and he may possibly be off for more depending on the verdict of the MRI...though he has sick leave built up...not really wanting to do that....hubby is not a good patient if you know what I mean. Please pray that it's just strained or something minor like that and not something he's going to have to deal with for the rest of his life....BTW...finally found out why he hurt his back...guess he jumped off the wall behind the boy's school...It's pretty high...not quite a story high but close...go figure! Spring chicken he is not and I think he's finally figured that out the hard way. Thanks for your prayers.

September 12, 2008

Scratch that...

Hubby hurt his back pretty bad yesterday...had to cancel our anniversary trip...which is just as's supposed to rain all weekend. Please if you can take a moment...pray for him that his back starts feeling better soon.

And before I forget....Happy Annivesary Mom & Dad!

September 10, 2008

Right now...

As much as I hate to be this impersonal with my blog is in overdrive and time is of the essence so here is my life right now....

....Just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary with my high school sweetheart...hoping to get away this weekend...and thanks to my mom who watched our boys long enough for us to grab some dinner...thanks Mom!

...Finally was able to get back to Wednesday morning Bible Study....nice to get back into that.

...Just sold a bunch of college books on eBay....eBay is keeping me really busy...which honestly is good because I have a couple trips planned I want to go on...maybe West Virginia again to Scrap Camp or maybe a one-day New York City trip....FUN!!!

...My Mom and Dad will be celebrating their Anniversary this Friday...I think it's 42nd?? That still only makes me 29 though ;-)

...Been doing great with my work outs...lost 10 pounds since March and into my size 8's again...woo-hooo!!

...Tired....lots going on and going to bed too late.

...Working two days a week at the school helping Colton's class with AR reading and testing. Those kids are so cute!

...Colton has gotten his card flipped 7 times so far at school (this is the school's discipline)...I think he's trying to beat Austin's record of 8 card flips in the first 9 weeks. Thing is...have you ever met a person who just honestly could NOT help getting into trouble?? That's my Colton...he tries so hard to be funny. He got his card flipped last week for putting crayons on his head and ears. This week it was for putting his scissors in his mouth...I think the principal and I are going to be on a first name basis soon :-) Just kidding.

...Brennan is on an AG day field trip today learning about Agriculture.

...There is a new Faith Sisters challenge up today.....go check it out here. Just got my page done in the nick of time.

...Probably going to dinner at the girlfriends house tonight...yeah!

...well more later...gotta run! Have a super week!

September 2, 2008

I am....

...enjoying the silence of my house at the are all in school and hubby has finally returned to work after a 2 1/2 week vacation. Ahhhhhh.....

...preparing for my Scrapbooking class tonight at church. I am teaching or shall I more approriately say, heading up a scrapbooking class at my church. Kind of nervous...I always am when I'm in front of people.

...getting ready to clean my main floor of my house. Having company over tomorrow.

...tired...stayed up a little too late watching a cooking show with hubby.

...out of my Millstone's Decaf Chocolate Velvet coffee...bummed about that.

...probably going to have to go back to the grocery store and pick up the can of black beans that I forgot for tomorrow's dinner. RATS!

...picking up the boys from school in an I guess if I'm going to clean I better get moving ;-)

...fixing homemade pizzas for the boys for dinner.

...hoping you are having a good more later!