March 31, 2007

Won't be long...

Weather was so nice yesterday that Colton and I walked to get the boys from school. It was a nice walk and for a short time he held my hand...he doesn't hold my hand much anymore...I miss I truly cherished this moment...him and I holding hands...getting his brothers from school...cause I know it won't be long until he won't even want to hold my hand anymore.

March 30, 2007

I'm back...

For now....what a top things off I have been without a washer all week and just got it fixed this morning so needless to say I'm up to my armpits in laundry. I even had to go to Wal-Mart last night to get the oldest some jeans to wear this morning so he'd have something to wear! Oh well, he was really in need of some new jeans anyway. These boys must be sprinkling Miracle Grow on their food while I'm not looking because they are getting so big! YIKES!

Got Colton signed up for kindergarten. I'm not sure I'm ready to let him go, but I know he's ready. We were at the school yesterday and I told him where his kindergarten class would be and he wanted to go right then and check it out. I think he's going to love kindergarten.

Hubby has been working a LOT and I'm hoping he's still getting the week of April 8th off. He needs some time to relax. This position he's in right now is aging him terribly. Too much stress.

God is really testing me....I have been on this waiting list for this kit from Cocoa Daisy from one of my most favorite scrapbooking artists Ali Edwards. I just got an e-mail saying that they are now available for those on the waiting list until April 7th after which they will then go on sale to the public...I of course gave up buying scrapbooking supplies until Easter. Hubby (sweet as he is) says to me, "Hey it won't get here for 4 weeks anyway so you wouldn't actually receive it during Lent right?...tempting honey, so tempting, but I am resisting...maybe God will bless me with one kit being left for me after the 8th. ;-)

Oh...and it looks like our family may be going on vacation after school's out...can't say where yet since we haven't told the kids, but they will be very excited...have to do some price checking first...Mom?? Dad?? any tips??


March 26, 2007

Just a short post...

Just a short post...I'm still alive. Just getting over a cold. Got TONS to do this work, eBay work, house work to get caught up on...washer is on the fritz...figures when I have TONS of laundry to do, 3 meetings this week, just LOTS going on so if you don't hear from me this week, don't worry...I'm still here!

March 22, 2007

I think Spring is here...

Dare I say it I think spring has arrived...yesterday the kids were out to nice...but part of my family and extended family are dealing with colds, flu or allergies. Austin, Brennan and I have the allergy part, daddy I think is catching the flu or a cold, Alexis (one of the twins I babysit) has an upper respiratory infection...yes spring is here...

Despite all's nice to see spring arrive. Saw buds on my new lilac bush that I planted last year...when I get a chance I'll take a picture. Today the weather is rainy, gloomy and very windy. Better than snow I say.

Man I am really struggling with this scrapbooking thing now. I so want to get in my craft room, but am still being a good girl. I have so many ideas. I guess this makes up for all those times I would just sit at my craft desk wondering what to do. That shouldn't happen for a while.

Working around the house today...have a TON of work to do tonight....have church board minutes I really should get typed up and my eBay auctions to square away...LOTS to do.

So how about American Idol...did you watch the results?? I have to admit this is where the show starts getting lame and makes it hard to watch. Especially this season since Melinda and LaKisha are in a far better league than the rest of them. Was VERY surprised by the results show though...not that I didn't think Stephanie would go home eventually, but not this soon and definitely not ahead of Sanjaya and Haley...IMO Haley and Sanjaya were my two picks to be in the bottom 2. Just goes to show ya I guess. And how are Sanjaya and Haley staying in this competition as long as they are??? Just my opinions of course. On to other opinions...Simon always goes on to say that AI is a singing competition...he's a is so much more than that. You can't just walk up to a microphone and sing...even if you have the most awesome have to PERFORM as well. That is why I think Taylor won last year...he could definitely perform. If it was just walking up to a mike and singing I would maybe give it a shot (not that I think I;m that good...please!), but I know I have trouble performing i nfront of others...I freeze to a degree. If you plan to be a singer you have to BRING IT...some of these folks this year act as if they could care less if they made it or not...kind of like Brandon last week. Sorry...I'll get off my soap box now.

Can you tell hubby has been busy at work a lot this week...not a lot of adult conversation going on here.... (hee-hee) Thanks for letting me ramble with's nice to talk to adults even if it is in cyber space.

Hoping that you are having a great week and that God sends a special "breeze" your way today.

March 18, 2007

Things that make me happy right now...

Things that are making me happy right now:

* How God used me in church today...Sometimes I struggle leading worship, but when I give it over to God and allow him to work through's amazing what He can do.

* Watching the kids sing a hip version of "Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus" in church today.

* Eating fresh strawberries and pineapple today...though Strawberries aren't quite in season yet they were a nice change of pace for a change.

* Colton telling me yesterday after he got done combing his hair and brushing his teeth as we were getting ready to go to my nephew's birthday party..."O.K. mom I'm ready to party!" The stuff that comes out of that little guys mouth funny.

* Not allowing some little things get to me...and allowing God to work...He's in control anyway right?!!

* Reading this book and being totally inspired...after Lent I am going on a scrapbooking FRENZY!! ;-)

* Seeing some sunshine today, even though it is still bitterly cold.

* Updating my MP3 now has cool wallpaper on it!

* Thinking about how truly blessed I am and thanking God for those blessings.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

March 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

A bit more randomness...

Yesterday I went here with hubby...first time he's had an actual full day off (other than a Sunday) in like forever...saw some cars that I liked...liked the new Kia van..loved the Ford Mustang (only Ford I would even consider...but man it's so AWESOME!) and of course the Corvette...hubby used to have one...sold it when we found out we were pregnant with Austin (I cried when he sold it...what a sacrifice he made when he sold it...he ALWAYS wanted one). Oh..and the seats in one of the Cadillac's I feel in love with...they were like a brown suede feeling leather...don't much care for caddys but the seat was SWEET! Also love the Lexus's the price tag I didn't like ($ 86,000 OUCH!) It was nice to get out with hubby...he's a HUGE car buff and I haven't gone with him to a car show since Austin was little. Was actually nice to go again...though hubby usually spends no less than 8 hours at a car show, he got out of this one in 3 1/2 hours. He usually likes to go to the one in Cleveland but his schedule wouldn't allow it, so we went to Columbus instead.

After the Auto Show we went here. We only walked around a little bit cause it was late and we were hungry and it was bitterly cold...yes winter is back...only in the 30s again. Hubby tortured me by taking me here...I was a good girl...but oh so tempted...but I truly refrained and just looked. Hubby even offered to buy me anything...but I said no...what good was giving up what I did for lent if I was just going to allow him to buy stuff for me...yes total restraint on my part...then we tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but it was a 40 minute wait and the place was so loud I couldn't stand it so we left and then went here instead. We had a nice meal..not cheap, but not bad either...just nice to have a quiet dinner.

Tired this morning...babysat next week which will be nice. Hoping to get caught up on a few things next week...maybe even schedule a haircut!

Invited neighbors over for dinner tonight and then watched "End of the Spear" with them...sad what happened to those missionaries...and I admire the women for their service to the tribe that killed their husbands...I hope that one day my life can have purpose like that...that I could bring glory to God.

Well have to travel back to Columbus tomorrow for my nephew's birthday party (he's the one pictured to the right)...should be a nice day...leading worship again this I better rest up!

Have a super weekend...Spring please come soon...and stay this time ;-)

March 13, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Austin!!!

Happy 10th birthday Mosie!! Can't believe you're 10 how time flies!

Love ya bunches!

March 12, 2007

Monday Randomness...

Just a bit of randomness again...

Finally had some nice weather over the weekend...high 50's...washed hubby's car and my SOOO needed it. Boys played outside and it felt so good to feel the sunshine on my face...I've so missed that so very much.

Of course Sunday was the time change...always throughs me off for a few days...was so tired this morning...had a hard time getting motivated.

Being a mom is by far the hardest job in the world and sometimes most unappreciated. Makes me feel for my mom who had 5 of us little heathens. Bless her heart. My oldest turns 10 tomorrow...YIKES!! When did this happen?!?! Anyway Austin I believe is beginning those teenage years early...he's already being mouthy and somewhat disrespectful and I'm just having a hard time with that...bugs me something terrible...I just keep on praying ;-)

If there is one part of my day that I could totally cut out it would be homework time. Tonight I spent 2 1/2 hours getting the boys to do their homework. It took a good half hour just to get them to sit down to start on their homework and then another 45 minutes just to write something. You can tell Spring is right around the corner. ARGH! I just wish there was a way to get through homewark time without a lot of badgering from me and then a lot of resistance from them. I really must be doing something wrong.

Totally forgot about a meeting I had at church tonight...and I'm the secretary! I hate it when I do that.

For Lent I've given up buying scrapbooking supplies again and also doing any kind of scrapbooking...which has been a bit hard for me...I go into my craft area (which is in my laundry room, so can't avoid that for 6 weeks right??) and just stare. Then a girl in our youth group gave me a flyer about a scrapbooking crop being held on the 24th of this month in town...yes in our little town...there is never anywhere or anything scrapbook related in our town...I was so tempted...I think God is testing me ;-) but I threw the thing away and I'm not even going to thnk about it...I know I can do this. What have you given up for Lent?

At 10 p.m. this very night 10 years water broke and I was in labor for my oldest how time flies. How did we get here already??

Well I'm whipped and I think I'm going to actually call it an early night. Going to go read my Bible...still doing well with the reading the Bible in a year's been good for me.

March 10, 2007

Not the weekend I had planned...

So....not the weekend I had initially planned, but....

First off...let me just start out in saying that we have some amazing friends....Our neighbors...(mother of the twins I babysit and her are of us all at our county fair this past October) they talked hubby and I into going out last night with them...we initially planned to go out of town to a movie...but hubby's job blew that out of the we just went out for dinner and shopping...which was just as fun...hubby really needed to get out...this job of his has him so was nice to see him smile and have fun....he so so so needed to get out and relax. We went to Ruby Tuesday's (not my choice but it was OK) and then went to Kohl's where I actually got some who hates to clothes shop...I so needed some clothes too. Overall it was a fun evening...anytime we get together with the Warner sisters you know laughs will be inevitable and fun will be glad God blessed us with them.
Today we were to go to Columbus for nephew's birthday party. Brennan was complaining of a sore throat last night and still had it this morning. Took him to the doctor and he has tonsillitus. Needless to say we weren't going to the party...called my sis and found out that most of my family is sick or out of town and since we weren't going to be able to make it either they were canceling until next Saturday...luckily I got a hold of her soon enough before she picked up food so that was a blessing...feel bad that she had to cancel the party, but no sense having a party for only 3 people...hopefully next weekend will work out better.
So on that note...hubby is getting off work early so he can go to the party...and as guilty as I feel, I haven't told him that it's been that bad of me??? Part of me does feel guilty, yet there is a big part of me that does not...he's put so much into that Post Office lately I think him having to work another 12-14 hour day and only getting paid for 8 is ridiculous. Anyway, he's been away so much lately I just feel like our family is missing something without him here...Forgive me Lord if I'm being dishonest...he hopefully should be home in the next 15 minutes...we'll see what happens. Hopefully he doesn't hate me.

March 8, 2007

Little tidbits...

Just a random post...haven't they been pretty random lately...sorry about that. Anyway...

So...American Idol...did you see it last night?? I am so impressed with the girls...they have really brought it to the far as I'm concerned the majority (other than maybe a couple) of the guys should just pack up and go home. The girls as Randy would say "are in it to win it." Did you catch Melinda?? I pegged her from the auditions that she would be one to watch...she's AWESOME! LaKisha did an great job also as usual and this time I thought Gina really kicked it up a notch and shined. So my top three this week for the girls are: Melinda, LaKisha and Gina. My choice to go home...Antonella of course and unfortunately I think Haley will go home too...she just didn't bring it, though she's a good singer...the competition with the girls is much harder than the guys...I think it will be easier to vote people off once the guys and girls are together...I think then the girls will be able to breathe a little bit easier.

So, I just found out this week that I will not be watching the twins next school year...their school has decided to go to a 5 day kindergarten next year instead of a three day. Kind of excited about that...again not because I don't like the girls or that they ar any's just a new (and I believe exciting) chapter is about to open up for me and I'm really excited, scared, nervous, all those emotions rolled into one...not sure still what I'm going to do...maybe work...maybe volunteer somewhere...maybe just work from home...I have so many options...which has a tendency to be a bit overwhelming for me...I want most of all what God wants for me and what will be best for my family. I pray that God leads me in the right direction and most of all that I obey that direction...that's the fun (scary) part.

Well off to do laundry and other motherly things...have a great day!

March 7, 2007

More of the blasted white stuff...

Yes...while others are claiming to see spring flowers...I woke up this morning to about an inch of snow...SPRING WHERE ART THOU?!?!? Needless to say, boys are home from school because of the snow...driving me nuts fighting over the Playstation as usual...It's going to be an interesting day....

Just a little blurb about AI...So BORED by the guys...There wasn't one that totally Wowed me, Chris Sligh and Blake were the only ones I would have even given the priviledge to move on. The girls are owning this season in my opinion...and if a guy wins this competition, then it's obviously rigged. So, I was watching the news today and there is apparently some controversy (When isn't there with AI...I think in many ways they do that on purpose) I guess there is something about Antonella Barba having "questionable" pics on the internet of herself. Supposedly there was another contestant from a past season who was booted off AI for the same reason and the question is out there about whether or not Antonella will get the boot...what do you think...should she get booted for these pics or be allowed to stay?? I know my opinion, but would love to hear yours.
On a final note....have you ever had someone question you about how you worship, and if it is truly genuine?? Kind of ran up against that this weekend...was directed at a group of us, which things like that always make we question my worship...which I hate because when it comes to music that IS how I worship. I may joke around and be the one to lighten things up a bit, but when it gets to the brass tacks...I love to worship the Lord through music. Again, not sure if the comment was meant for me, but I wish people would just have the guts to pull that one person aside and question them instead of directing it to a whole my opinion it just makes everyone feel that they are doing something wrong. Maybe I'm just being sensitive, but it really bothers me when people question how I worship. To me that's between myself and I wrong??
Hope you are having a good (minus any snow) day :-)

March 5, 2007

I survived...

I survived the weekend. Boy's party went well...was a long day, but it went well. My song at church went well too...I sang Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)....such a cool song. The Pastor asked me to sing it again at the end of the is such a powerful many people came up to me after the service and thanked me for the song...It always amazes me as to how God works through me. After all He was the one who gave me the gift to sing...I'm just more than happy to use it for Him and to touch His people...I love to sing. May not enjoy doing it in front of others (I get nervous) but I just can't keep from's a part of me.

On other things...if you notice off to the right there is a badge there with a pic of a cute little boy on it...that adorable guy is my nephew who was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. I signed up to help raise money on behalf of the Autism Speaks Foundation. Autism impacts 1 out of every 150 children most of those being boys. With those kind of stats there needs to be a cure for this...please if you find it in your heart to donate to this cause, please do so...I'm not one to usually beg for money, but when it touches someone in my means something, so if you feel so inclined I and I know my sister and nephew would most appreciate it. Oh....And the 6 degrees website is offering a grant of $ 10,000.00 to the charity that raises the most number of donations by March 31st....even more reason to give. ;-)'s 10:15 and believe it or not I'm I think I'm going to call it a night. Have a great week!

March 1, 2007


So...another week...this week has been a busy one...babysitting, grocery shopping, trying to get the boys birthday party planned on my own (I hate planning parties...that's hubby's thing), I have to sing the solo at church on Sunday...still trying to find music for that...have to also teach Junior Church Sunday so trying to prepare the lesson for just trying to maintain the everyday...busy, busy, busy. See me in my superhero suit...I'm multitask queen this week ;-)

So since my brain is pretty fried this week...I shall annoy you with my rambling...

Boy's party is Saturday...STAR WARS is the theme of course...had a hard time finding Star Wars themed stuff...I got a few things, but nothing great. I'll probably decorate with their plethera of Star Wars figures and stuff.

Got my new cell phone's nice. I like it. Got a new LG VX8300...nothing fancy but this one does come with a old one didn't have one. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have very nice ringtones for it...most are annoying...but of course I can download ringtones for $ 2.99 a piece...ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! So ridiculous. I may get one or two I suppose only because the ringtones are THAT annoying...(there is a really cute one from Chris Tomlin where he says "Forever your phone is ringing...forever...and ever...and ever." May have to have that one.) But honestly what a rip off. That's where they get ya...of course I guess I shouldn't complain since the phones cost us nothing with hubby being with the Postal Service.

So how about AI tonight?? I am still not overly impressed with the guys...the girls still rule in my opinion. My top guys are thus far Chris R., Chris S., and I thought Blake was different and brought a different element to the competition. The women were far better and I am still impressed with Melinda (she was great!), Lakisha, and Stephanie. As far as those that went home tonight...I wasn't surprised about Nick going home, but I was a little surprised about AJ. Though I didn't think he'd win it I was surprised Sanjaya made it through. He just seems a bit young for this competition. I wasn't surprised about the girls Alaina and Leslie getting voted off. I predict that Antonella will be next to go and unless Sanjaya really kicks it up...I predict he'll be gone next as well.

Should hopefully get my movie If Only tomorrow...can't wait...I really liked this movie...If you couldn't tell already.

Well I am tired...may have to go out of town tomorrow...need some rest. If I don't get back here...have a super weekend!