April 30, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

OK...I have to say...my boys just crack me up...Now my two older boys have been very busy taking their state tests the past two weeks....now yesterday before we left for school Brennan frantically tells me..."Mom, Mom...I think today is hat day at school." I look at him kind of funny because usually they tell parents when they are having these "special priviledges" at school. I'm like "really buddy??"...he's like..."yeah mom...my teacher told us that we needed to bring our brain hat."...I stood there and thought for a moment...brain hat?? Then it hit me..."You mean thinking cap buddy?"...."Yeah that's it mom...I need my thinking cap...can we get it?"

Hee-hee...gotta love 'em!

Also if you happen to be surfing the net and are a digi scrapper...check out these Freebeies at FaithSisters.

Hope you are having a good week.

April 25, 2008

So Let's Review...

OK...I just have to say how cute my boys are right now...last night we were getting the boys ready for bed...and hubby asks Colton if he got his card flipped at school (card flipping is our school's form of discipline for those who may not know)...and Colton unfortunately did yesterday...I guess him and another boy were hiding instead of going to the Art room. Of course his 5 year old (and very intelligent) brain tries to explain to his daddy why he got his card flipped...well daddy I wasn't really hiding I was just playing and I wasn'tready to go into the room yet. When hubby asked Colton to explain again what he did...he looks at his daddy plainly and tells him...OK daddy....Let's review...I lost it...I had to walk away...where does this little guy get this stuff...it's like the day at church when he wanted me to spell sun for him (he kept spelling it s i n...appropriate at church I guess)...and after I spell it for him he says, "That's very interesting Mom." He is such a trip!

Then there is Brennan who came home yesterday with bandages on his elbow and leg..his leg all skinned up...I asked him what happened...He tells me he caught the football and another boy pushed him to the ground to get the football. Now if you know Brennan he doesn't play much with the other kids...he says he has no friends and he usually plays alone on the playground...so I honestly was kind of excited to hear that he was playing football with other kids...after a long conversation...come to find out he wasn't actually playing the game...he was in the middle of the field and accidentally caught the football...he wasn't actually in the game, he was just in the wrong place and happened to catch the ball and caught dirt too in the process...I was upset to hear the boy who pushed him didn't apologize, but one of the big prayers I have had this year is that Brennan would have a friend. And the last couple months he's mentioned this boy that has been playing with him and befriending him. Well yesterday this boy saw that Brennan got hurt, personally took him to the office to get cleaned up and gave up his recess to help my Brennie...I was so touched by that...and the power of how God answers a mother's prayer. God is good! It's good to know that even amongst children there are those who truly care about others.

Hoping to watch Hans Christian Anderson with the boys this weekend (yes the 50's Danny Kaye movie)...hope they enjoy it like I did as a kid.

Oh...also...If you are a scrapper and well if you are obsessed with it as I am...you know next weekend is National Scrapbooking Weekend...well in honor of that Faith Sisters is having a celebration on their web-site...there will be prizes, scrapping and tons of fun....so stop on by...you know I'll be there ;-)

Have a super weekend!

April 23, 2008

After much anticipation I bring you...

My Kitchen...the pictures aren't the best...with the new doors this room is a little dark, but it really look gorgeous IRL...here are a few pics:

Even though this is NOTHING like what I originally wanted or planned and this project gave me more headaches than anything I've ever dealt with...after all I was aiming for a more rustic feel...I do actually like it...even if the doors are much darker than the background...I'm going to call it chic rustic...or maybe contemporary rustic...what do you think? If you're close by...come by and check it out.

Been keeping busy with boys school projects, church stuff and scrapping this week...also trying with not much success to start spring cleaning, but oh well.

Going to keep this short as I have not been to bed before 1 a.m. this week and I still want to watch American Idol on my DVR before I retire this evening...but before I go...

If you happen to know how to convert a .wma file to an .mp3 file could you please let me know how?? I have a song I need to sing at church this Sunday and it's in .wma and I usually haven't had any trouble, but it's been a while since I've done it so maybe I'm doing something wrong...any help would be greatly appreciated! And please remember I'm blonde...I need details ;-)

Have a great week!

April 17, 2008

Check this out...

Going to keep this super short, got to pick up the boys in a few minutes...but I just went to the Faith Sisters site and one of the fellow Faith Sisters, Dahlia, who asked me to join her Creative Team featured my layout from her last challenge on the website...you can see it here. I'm super honored and excited...God has been blessing me greatly in this area of my life and I am super grateful...God is good!

Have a great day!

April 14, 2008

What a great weekend!

Sometimes it is just nice to get away. This past weekend I went here. So nice to see Michelle and Christina again and just get away and just scrapbook. Huge thanks to hubby for taking care of the kiddos all weekend and my super father in law that helped hubby just about finish putting my cupboard doors on my kitchen...it looks FABULOUS! I love it! I will take pictures tomorrow when the sun (hopefully) is out and I can get a better picture. Anyway fantabulous weekend! I got 18 pages done and another 9 pages done in a mini album I am working on. Here are some pics of the weekend:

This studio used to be a bar and these girls converted it into an amazing crafting studio...I had an amazingly awesome time...I'd have to say more fun than Scrap Camp, just because it wasn't as noisy and cramped (there was only about 12 of us compared to 100 at Scrap Camp) and it just seemed more relaxed. I liked it a lot. Plan on going again soon, once I sell more eBay to pay for it ;-) That's how I paid for this trip...my eBay monies...well worth it too! I do owe hubby $ 23.00 cause I just HAD to buy one of those cute new ribbon organizers...that I filled up today and it is just too cute and now all my ribbon is in one spot and most of all visible! Thanks Michelle and Christina for an amazing weekend and all the awesome food (yes they fed us too)...the Taco soup was amazing!

They had a layout contest from the weekend and the campers voted and I tied for first place...I'd show you the layout, but it's for the next challenge on Faith Sisters so after Wednesday I'll show you. But the other girl who won with me made this layout that I voted for because I thought it was truly amazing:

Here are a few of my layouts:

Then on Sunday Christina and another lady invited me to go to a church service at an area church...kind of like an inner city type mission church to describe it...it was a very upbeat church that their target seemed to be teens, single moms and the homeless...honestly I had a great time. Their praise team ROCKED! The worship was truly amazing and just feeling God move there was all I could say is WOW...it was nice to be at a service for a change and not be "in" the service doing something. Totally helped me to focus more on just worshipping God. It was a great experience.

Again...the whole weekend was an amazing time...will be doing it again hopefully soon...I got my cupboard doors on my kitchen...kids were good while I was gone...life right now is good.

Now back to reality and getting back into the groove.

Have a great week!

April 8, 2008

I want one of these

OK...I don't usually get to excited about these die cutting machines, but I've seen this one and I want one...it's portable, makes cute designs and from what I hear more reasonable than the other bigger models which I really wouldn't get the use out of, but I really like this one...may have to save my pennies for this one. Check it out:

Also don't forget my giveaway below...you have until Thursday.

April 4, 2008

Back to life....back to reality...and Lurker where are you? I've got a prize for you!

OK...now that I have that crazy song playing in your head...been extremely busy lately...busy at the school, busy doing things for the church, busy at home, busy trying to get things squared away...just lots going on....today it was another non-stop day. Had to go to the school for "Pastries for Parents" day...it's their finale for their Right to Read week...and they got to wear their pajamas to school today...it was great to go to the school and eat donuts with my babies! Then it was off running errands and grocery shopping (man is that ever getting expensive anymore!) and then hubby took me out to lunch at English Ivy...yummm...I had a bowl of their Mexican Cheese soup...oh my...so delicious...my favorite soup from there...so tasty and spicy! Then I was home for less than an hour and had to pick up the boys again...man these days just go faster and faster!

On to other things...I did get my movie that I mentioned in the previous post Dan In Real Life...so cute...may watch it again tonight...maybe while I'm working in the office that is. Oh also rented Indiana Jones first movie...can you believe I've never seen this movie all the way through?

OK...you may have noticed that I have this map on the right hand side of my screen...tells me where in the world people are reading my blog...I'm amazed as to where people are reading from...Montana, California...even Singapore?!?! (Jaz is that you???) So I want to prompt you out of your lurking...I know all who read may not be scrappers, but I'm going to make the assumption that you are...so if you post a comment to this post....just say Hi...(a name would be nice too, but I'm not picky) I will pick a name at random this Thursday evening and you will be the happy new owner of these foam stamps. So come on...quit lurking and talk to me ;-)

Have a great weekend all!