October 30, 2005

Well I made it...

Made it through the day that is THANK YOU GOD!!! We made it to the 9 a.m. meeting on time (yes with all three boys in tow) and I was pretty thrilled about that. They behaved somewhat, but they were a bit distracting....Thanks be to God that they were only there for about 45 minutes because Kevin came to pick them up. Much better after that.

Then I came home and cleaned my disaster of a house. Got all my laundry done, barely fed the boys lunch. Made broccoli cheese & noodle soup again...Kevin's sick so I thought soup would be good. Made enough to send over to Pastor Rod and Joann tomorrow for lunch. Joann has been really sick this week so that has left Pastor Rod to run things with 6 year old Karissa and 1 year old Kate. Thought at least a lunch may help them out some...I know it ain't much, but I thought it might be nice.

Went to a cookout tonight, only took Brennan with me since Austin is still sick and Kevin too. It was nice...it was at my old boss's from Buehler's house, Danny. I haven't been to one of his party's in years...and I was so shocked when his wife Lori called me and invited us out. He always has the best Halloween parties. Always a campfire, lots of food and a haunted hayride, which I forgot about, but this time it was a trail you had to walk through...he always goes all out. I had a blast. It was so nice to get out amongst adults and just be me for a little while, even if I did have Brennan. Saw several people from church I knew and Donnie Jacobs that I knew from Buehler's. It's hard to believe that I haven't worked at Buehler's in almost 6 years now. Time has just flown. Anyway had a great time, was a little cold, but we bundled up good and the fire was nice and toasty.

Well I need to get to bed...I have to lead worship tomorrow with Joann being sick and I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing since I didn't go to practice last week...wasn't planning on being upstairs this Sunday. On top of leading worship I have to sing a special song too...could be interesting. Be with me Lord!

Hope your weekend is happy...


October 29, 2005

What we did tonight...

Austin, Brennan & I made Halloween cookies tonight. They had fun decorating them...I let them do that themselves. They enjoyed it. Yes, it was store bought Pillsbury dough, but hey the way I've been so busy lately it still worked anyway and the boys still enjoyed it.

Got to help out at Austin's Harvest Party...luckily Kevin didn't have to go back to work until 3:30, so I got to help out with the activities...it was nice to just get out of the house and away from three year olds. Love them I do, but after a while of whining and fighting from not sharing, it can get old quick. Brennan however told me that his class didn't have a party...not sure why or why not, but I was pretty bummed for him...so I think baking the cookies tonight made up for it.

Kevin is coming down with a cold...so here we go until Spring...passing around the sickness. I went to Wal-Mart and bought $ 20.00 worth of cold medicine and Vitamin C pills...that boy won't be holdin' onto that cold long :-) The long hours he's been putting in along with getting maybe 4 hours of sleep a night I think is catching up with him...poor guy.

Here is a picture of the boys from last night's Trick or Treat outing...aren't they cute??

Well I have a meeting at 9 a.m. and I somehow have to take 3 boys with me and keep them occupied while I take notes from the meeting. I'm praying it doesn't last long (with the boys there maybe it won't)...Why do people make early meetings on my only stinkin' day off...hate that. Wish I could just stay home. I'm just tired.

Well I better get my stuff together for my meeting tomorrow and head off to bed.


October 28, 2005

My Austin is sick...

Went to the doctor today for just Austin's yearly check up and though he had been dealing with a cold the last few days I didn't think much about it. I was giving him the cough and cold medicine and doing all that a mom could do...the doctor looked at him today and said he has walking pnemonia...I felt like the worst mom...here I thought it was just a cold and he's actually has pnemonia...he's upset cause right now for the next month he's on an inhaler, he's on an antibiotic and cough medicine. In a month the doctor wants to see him again to rule out asthma...which freaked my son out just because he freaks out about everything. He went to bed crying tonight and in his prayers tonight he said, "and God could you please not let me have asthma." Broke my heart...right now I feel like I'm failing at everything...I must be the worst mom out there...

Boys went trick or treating tonight...when I upload the pics I'll post them here...We bundled up Austin a bunch...He went as Stitch...Brennan was a Dinosaur...and Colton was Spiderman again. They had fun...we didn't stay out the whole time...we only went for about an hour and came home...the boys were tired and ready to come home.

On a different note...trying to put a new song on my blog the last few nights...hoping this one works...I usually listen to more christian rock/pop music, but I always liked Nickelback's music...their newest one is just kind of what I'm going through personally now...looking back on the past, thinking about the fun I had back then, and though it would be nice in some instances to go back, it's time to say goodbye to that...sigh...well I hope the song comes up.

Have a good night.


October 26, 2005

Ever have those times...

When you just want to give up and crawl back in bed and shut the world out...felt that way today. Not sure why...maybe it's this blasted Ohio weather...haven't seen sunshine for days...nothing but rain for I know at least the last three days. I need some sunshine folks! Felt kinda irritable today, but not at anyone, just that "I'm irritated" sort of feeling. I guess I'm just in a funk right now. Pray that it passes soon.

Surprised the boys with their Halloween costumes tonight. Austin has the Stitch costume and Brennan of course is a Dinosaur. Colton is going to be Spiderman again cause that's what he wants. The boys loved their costumes and were pretty excited about it. That made me happy. It just puts a smile on my face to see them smile.

Not sure I'm liking this new schedule hubby has right now. He works all day...literally...though the money is good, I miss having him here and it's hard for me to plan anything....I'm just hoping he doesn't miss out on trick-or-treating on Thursday.

Well I'm going to bed.


October 25, 2005

It's here!!!

Yes...the paper I ordered from Rocky Mountain Hobbies arrived today...and it's so stinkin pretty...can't wait to use it...hard to believe there is $ 30.00 worth of stuff there (I got a couple packs of rub ons and some Lil' Davis chipboard letters too so it's not all paper), but I haven't splurged that much on paper in a very long time...it's so beautiful!

This is my hard workin' hubby...he finally has seen my blog for the first time tonight and he was like..."nice...you have pictures of the kids, and even pictures of your scrap pages, but nothing of me..." (not true...there are a couple pics of him on this blog...just nothing recently)...so to appease my loving hubby...here is a picture of him I took this summer at his brother's place. Everyone say hi to Kevin for me!!!

Today was Monday...Alexis was whiney today...Monday's after the girls spend the weekend with their Dad is always hard...makes me thankful that Kevin & I are still together...we may have our moments, but I would hate to live with a split family. I've seen what it does to the girls and it breaks my heart. I've never posted pics of the girls I watch during the day so here it goes...

First pic (one with bandana around her neck) is Alaina...other is Alexis...aren't they cuties?!?!

Well I better mosey on outta here and try to get a good nights sleep for a change.

Later taters!


October 24, 2005

Finally starting to figure out this Blogger thing...

Well if you haven't noticed yet...I finally have music on my blog...(Switchfoot ROCKS btw)...and if you look to your right...I have some interesting reading listed...just some of the blogs I peruse and some wonderful people I've met being on Two Peas and stuff...it's amazing the connections you make online. Now if I can just figure out how to make my own cool banner for the heading of my blog...

Well just got done talking to my family...we have a flight to Florida...PRAISE YOU JESUS!!! And it's a God thing because we are all (19 of us remember) on the same flight and it's a straight flight...no layovers...thank GOD!!! So everything is a GO for Disney...I'm starting to get excited now. We leave later on Christmas Day which is OK with me, we leave Florida earlier than we were before, but I think after 7 days of Disney a few hours aren't going to matter. It ended up costing my Dad a little more for tickets, but not as much as he thought it would so that is another praise! God really worked on this one...Thank you again Jesus!

Exhausted again today...I beginning to think maybe I have something or can it really be the change in the weather...don't know...I'm just tired of being tired. Just can't seem to get it in gear.

Praying for my boys today...we had to have a family talk today...for whatever reason they have been very disobedient lately...Austin & Brennan walked to church without their Daddy today after Kevin told them not to. Granted it's only a block an a half away (pretty much down an alley)and granted Austin is 8 but I'm just not comfortable letting him do that yet...maybe I'm overprotective...we live in a pretty safe city...just scares me. So I had to sit and talk with them today. Hoping that they took it to heart. It's so hard being a mom and having to disipline your kids. It' breaks my heart sometimes. Though I know it's for their own good I'm not sure they see it that way...one day I hope they'll understand.

Went to look at that house again today...it's such a nice house, but it is a bit out of our price range and we just realized it doesn't have AC and is electric baseboard heat...so no ductwork for AC anyway. It need all new windows and carpet. It still is a nice house, but for $ 159,000...not sure it's that nice when I'd have to plunk so much more into it...but the boys love it out there...with 3 acres to roam...they were like free little birds...it's so sweet to watch...also on the downside they would end up in a different school district...meaning new school, new friends and all...not sure how'd they'd feel about that. But anyway...it's nice to dream.

Here is a photo from last weekend...they boys and my niece Tea went pumpkin pickin'. Looks like they had a good time.

Well wrote more than I thought I would...going to call it a night and get geared up for another week...hope you have a great week too! God bless!


October 21, 2005

My poor hubby...

Feeling kind of sorry for my hubby at the moment...He's been back in supervisor mode again for the last few weeks (and he has to work this position until May at the earliest)...he's been working 60 hours a week though it seems like a lot more because he goes in at 5 a.m. and usually doesn't come home until 6-6:30 p.m....tonight it was 7:30 p.m. He does come home for lunch, but lately those have been short lunches. I feel bad for him...I know he's working hard for us, I just wish he didn't have to work 6 days a week. It's like he's a stranger and I don't get to see him much. By the time he gets home in the evening he's fried and exhausted, yet he still won't go to bed early....poor guy. Say a little prayer for him...he works too hard.

Had fun with dinner tonight...since I was going to be a bit busy today with cutting grass and other things, I decided to do beef & noodles in the crock pot. Well I had some candy on the canisters in my kitchen and Brennan got some...also on the canisters were the candles the boys made from the Fall Foilage Tour we went to this past weekend...well somehow Brennan's candle fell on the lid of the crock pot and melted into the crock pot...so I had this nice purple wax floating all on the top of my beef for the beef and noodles. Needless to say we ended up doing a frozen Digorno pizza...so much for trying to get ahead...but I did almost have to laugh...though I was REALLY hankering for some beef and noodles tonight confound it!

Finally getting a haircut tomorrow...can't see past these bangs and my hair just will not curl it's so long! I had a trim about a month ago from Kevin's hairdresser, but I'm in need of Monica doing my hair...since I got a break and don't have to watch the twins tomorrow I hurried and made an appt. with Monica for tomorrow and luckily she could get me in...Thank God for that!

Spent some of my babysitting money tonight...I just couldn't help it...It's been so long since I bought any scrapbook paper...bought some of that new Daisy D's French Market paper, some KI Memories paper and that awesome new Scenic Route Fall Harvest paper...it's so beautiful...can't wait to get it. Now if I can just get to a Michaels to get some of that new Christina Cole paper I've been seeing...

Well I just may scrap a little tonight...on my little desk. Havea great night!


October 20, 2005

The Lord works...

Today, though it was very busy went pretty well...see the Lord got me through! I was up at 6 a.m. and amazingly I wasn't too exhausted as I usually am. Actually it wasn't until I got in front of the computer tonight that I finally started feeling tired.

The twins were good (Alaina though pee-d her pants twice...not sure what was up with that.) Colton was pretty good too and Austin liked the play he went to see. Brennan had a good day...the weather was nice...it was all good.

Made dinner for Dora Belle tonight...she appreciated the meal. Made her a ham loaf, some homemade broccoli cheese noodle soup, rolls and some corn...bought her some angel food cake at the store...I hope she liked it. It was nice to be a blessing to someone. Even though there are times I just shamelessly grumble about not having time (yes I'm hanging my head at the moment) but once you see the smile on someone's face that you are being a blessing to, how can you NOT want to be a blessing to others. I think I really needed to make that meal for her more than she needed the meal. It's so easy to lose sight of why we are here...thank you Lord for the reminders.

Well I'm off to sleepy bye land...may God richly bless and use you in extraordinary ways today...


October 19, 2005

Beyond exhausted...

I'm keeping this one short tonight as I am just totally whipped and need to go to bed. Still just dragging butt around here...not sure if it is just the weather with everything getting colder and the days getting shorter or just too much on my plate, but I'm drained.

Did get to go to a women's Bible study tonight. It's been so long since I've been to a Bible study where I wasn't leading or had some sort of hand in it. It was kind of nice to be "fed" for a change. I think it's what I've been needing. Like I said in a past post I think I need to start re-balancing my life and try to spend more time with God than I have been.

But then things just keep getting thrown on my plate...the devil just loves that I think. I have to be up extra early tomorrow cause Austin needs to be at school at 7:45 a.m. to leave for Newark to go to a play. Then I have to get Bren off to school, the twins will be here at 8:15 a.m., then one of the ladies from our church has been down sick and some of the ladies have been fixing meals for her each day for the next two weeks and Betty C. called me today to see if I could make her meal for tomorrow...so I need to do that...then I have to make a few more phone calls for Austin's school Harvest party to get things squared away for that...Then to top it all off my sis Wendy called tonight and needs me to watch her two girls tomorrow around 5 p.m. while she goes to the hospital to be trained on her new diabetic pump...then at 6:30 p.m. it's off to Dora Belle's to deliver her meal (we're taking the youth group with us as well)...very full day tomorrow...but I believe God will somehow by his grace will get me through it.

I need a day off...a day to just relax and get caught up on things...God...how about an eight-day week huh?? LOL!!

Well off to bed I go.


October 18, 2005

Why can't things just go smoothly??

Trying to recover from the weekend...been so busy the past few weeks I think my body just pretty much shut me down yesterday. I just didn't feel that well at all. Luckily I don't have to watch the twins today so I've been able to take it easy today.

Called Mom today...Pan Am cancelled our flights to and from Orlando for our Disney trip...HOW CAN THEY DO THAT?!?!? My parents are stressing now and scrambling to find an affordable flight (Prices of course since the hurricanes have doubled and tripled) where we can possibly all fly together (there's 19 of us) and hopefully a non-stop flight (or at least one with not a very long lay over)...This is upsetting. My whole family has never been on a vacation together...by the time my youngest brother was old enough to go on a trip I was already out on my own...and my parents honestly couldn't afford it then anyway. My parents have been saving and planning for two years for this trip and now this...Dear Lord...I need another miracle here...I'd hate to see this whole trip get cancelled because of no way to get there...I'd also hate for us to have to pay for the plane tickets ourselves because we personally can't really afford that right now...and I'd hate to see us resort to driving down because that will also be expensive as well as a headache with three kids in the car for 2 days...not to mention cutting into our trip and time spent at Disney. Please Lord...find a way to make this happen in a good way. I covet your prayers too...I know this seems so petty...It's not like someone is sick or hurt, but this has been in the works for 2 years and to see it not happen will not only be devestating for my parents but also to all our kids who have been looking so forward to this trip.

On another note...went to look at a house yesterday...probably shouldn't have done that. Not that we were seriously looking, it's just Kevin's Mom (who's a realtor BTW) saw this house and thought of us. It was a nice ranch style house (which I'm not much for ranch since they tend to be tiny) but this one was nice. It was in the country but not too far out that it's hard to get to town. It had three bedrooms upstairs with the possibility of one downstairs. It sits on three acres and is in a quiet area. It was nice...Not entirely out of our reach...be better if I was making some real money. There would be a lot I'd miss here though...my fireplace for one, my huge front porch for another...and my hall of pictures that goes up the stairs....but this was probably one of the nicer houses that Kevin's mom showed us since we moved into this one 12 years ago. Another prayer Lord...is it the right thing...if it is would you please give us a well defined sign Lord?

Well I'm going to go finish laundry...hopefully take a breather. Kevin won't be here tonight until later...he's got calling hours to go to in Dover. So it's just me and the three buggaboos tonight. Maybe I'll order pizza or we'll go out for dinner...not much feeling like cooking.



October 16, 2005

What a beautiful day!!!

Today was a great Saturday...Praise the Lord for a great day. The weather was great. I got to sleep in...made pancakes for the boys this morning...got everyone ready and took the boys on the Fall Foilage Tour. It was nice...though I had to take an unexpected detour to get there (which made Austin car sick...but luckily I was prepared!) Other than that, it was great! Here are some pictures I took of the boys and the foilage...I think next weekend will be great for the fall leaves...the trees were still a bit green yet.

Kevin didn't get to go with us...he had to work again all day...he hasn't had an early Saturday since August and it doesn't look like he's going to have any time off anytime soon...probably working 56 hours + a week from now until May at the earliest. He'll really be ready for that Disney trip in December...or he'll be sleeping the whole time while we go out and have fun. Right now Kevin is at a wedding...some relative from his step mom's side of the family. It's so nice to be home relaxing with the boys.

Well I think I'm just going to go back to relaxing...it's been a great day...Thank you Lord for a great day and for giving me just what I needed.


October 15, 2005

I know...

I should be in bed right now...but I just couldn't sleep...this dare # 12 was on my mind and I got started and just couldn't stop...Thought it turned out OK...so I thought I'd share before I went to bed.

Feeling much better now...


Jesus is the way...the truth...the life...


I could be at Scrap Camp...

Just thinking....right now I could be in Ripley, WV at Scrap Camp...instead here I am at home...I'm not looking for any pity party...I know I did the right thing, especially after today. It's just Scrap camp is so stinkin' fun...I'll definitely be there for Spring Camp...It's just even though Scrap Camp is a great time...even if I did nothing while I was there it would still be great cause I would have some time for me...Disney right now is far more important. Kevin & I spent till late last night trying to figure out places we are going to eat while we're there so we can make appropriate reservations. It's hard to believe it's only 2 1/2 months away.

Had open scrap night at church. Joann was the only one to show up...felt a bit awkward, yet I think it went OK. I don't think she's been doing it long or really knew the gist of it, but hopefully I was able to help her somewhat tonight.

I guess I'm a bit discouraged about my scrapbooking...nobody shows up for my scrapnights anymore...I post layouts online and I don't get much comments. I know...man I don't know what it is with my mood tonight. Must be something...maybe it's a full moon or something.

Maybe I just need to go to bed...Kevin has to work all day again tomorrow...may take the boys on the Fall Foliage Tours if the weather is nice...it'll give us something to do besides sit at home.



October 14, 2005

Finally got to scrapbook this evening...

Finally got a chance to scrapbook tonight...and I needed that...even though the boys are running around and I think it is about time for bed :-)

This week's dare was to do a layout with childhood pics...journal 5 things about your childhood (I did more than 5) and use a star on the layout. Thought it came out nice, except for my handwriting...been using more of my handwriting lately, though I really really hate it. I wish I had pretty handwriting. The things I listed on my layout were: * At age 5, I stole a 3 Musketters bar and wasn't smart enough to wait until I got home to eat it...but at least I shared with my brother * I was one of a handful of girls to model in my Elementary School's Fashion Show * HUGE JOURNEY FAN * Going to California twice with my Uncle Bobby....I miss him. * Going to Jellystone Park and meeting Yogi Bear * Helping my Dad in his electronics business * Loving to sing at an early age (Large pic is of me singing). This layout was fun even if I don't like the handwriting.

Well I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday...need a weekend. Hope this weekend's weather is nice.

Well maybe after I get the boys in bed I'l be able to scrap some more...we'll see.



October 13, 2005

I need some balance

I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed over here...today just wasn't the greatest day...bad me went to bed too late last night, I couldn't sleep cause I was just bone chillin' cold...not sure why. Super tired today, didn't want to get out of bed, and probably would have been better off staying there. Though I think I realized that I need to lay off the coffee...even though it does help to wake me up, it for whatever reason not only makes me tense but I become very irritated and mean. Don't like it...need to lay off that stuff.

Not only that, my relationship with God has been lacking lately. To be honest ever since Pastor Dean and Pastor Lisa left I've just honestly have strugglged bad with my Christian walk. I mean I haven't turned my back on God or anything drastic like that, I just don't feel as close to God like I had been. I know that is solely my fault. I have devotions and read my Bible some, but my prayer life is not consistent like it used to be. I mean if my life was more consistent it sure would be a lot easier. With getting Austin & Brennan off to school, taking care of Colton and the twins during the day...it's tough. I've tried the getting up early thing...doesn't work so well since I tend to be a night owl. I really need to get a balance and grip on this part of my life...I think that is why I'm struggling so much in other areas of my life.

As I said today was not a great day. I prayed in the basement today while I was doing laundry...Lord give me strength, I get upstairs and the phone rings...it's my sister Wendy. I end up spending over an hour arguing with her on the phone about the Kid's Bibles the church bought...she is one person who can upset me quicker than anyone. She's so opinionated...and she's always got to be right. You know how that there are those people in your life who can build you up and refresh you and those who tear you down or just suck the life right out of ya...That's Wendy...she just sucks the life right out of me. I got off the phone with her and had to call Kevin just to hear his voice...just to comfort me. I just wanted to cry and bang my head on the floor. Then I prayed for strength this afternoon and Alexis stuck a VHS tape in backwards in the VCR...I finally just went upstairs and just took time to just pray...and the day did go a bit better after that. Lord forgive me for trying to do things myself and not putting you first. I can't do this without your help...please help me to draw closer to you.

My life seems to be in overdrive...all the things I need to do, all that I want to do, all that I have to do...there are days that if I really sit down to think about it, I'll start giving myself a panic attack.

Oh, also to go along with the day, Brennan's teacher Mrs. Knoff talked to me and said that Brennan has for the last two days totally refused to talk at all to his speech teacher. I guess she wasn't very happy with him. And Mrs. Knoff says that Brennan needs to speak up in class...he talks to softly. He's a shy little guy...I don't know how to break him of that...don't know if I ever will. That's just how he is people...please try to understand my little guy instead of pigeon holing him into what the average school kid is. School can be such a pain...if I knew I could I would homeschool.

Well I think I'm done talking about my not so great day...better go help Kevin get the boys in bed. Until next time...


October 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Michelle and other tidbits...

First of all a shout out to my friend Michelle...it's her birthday today...so hoping it's a happy one!

My son Austin, who's 8, did a scrapbook layout...he's been working on it and Mommy finally printed the pictures out for him today...this is what he did...I know I'm very biased but didn't he do a great job??? I try to do collage type pages but they turn out so...like someone just tossed a bunch of paper on it and there it is. I think he did a wonderful job. If you would, could, PLEASE...I posted his collage on the Two Peas In A Bucket site...could you give him a bit of praise on it...It would really make his day! Here is the link


Thanks a bunch!! He'll love it!

My Brennie Gene got another 5 out of 5 on his AR test...he was so proud...he couldn't wait to show me today when I picked him up from school...I'm so proud of him too...he's come such a very long way, not being able to hear well, having speech therapy for 6 months before kindergarten, speech therapy at school, being so shy and backwards...he's really blossomed this year...I just want to cry. I'm so happy for him...he always seems to have to struggle so much more than the other two boys...it just makes my heart swell when things just go his way (sniff-sniff) sorry...happy mom...I just thank God for all that he's done and continues to do for Brennie.

As I said in my last post I was going to clean off my craft table...so here's a pic of that accomplishment. Also included is a picture of the craft table I'm now residing at for the moment...I'm really hoping Kevin gets that wall fixed quick!

Had a church board meeting tonight. Went well and wasn't overly long. Like that. The more I get to know Pastor Rod the more I like him, but not sure how close to him I feel yet. He does truly seem to have a heart for our church which is all that matters.

Well I've got some things to tie up here before I go hit the hay, so I guess I better mosey on...

Until next time...


October 11, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday...

Now that I have that old Bangles song ringing in my head...it was a Manic Monday. From start until...well I'm not done yet. Just taking a breather. Started as usual...getting the boys ready for school, Austin was poking along again. The girls were here and for the most part were very good...especially Alaina...she was great. Had laundry to do today, stripped all the beds and put flannel sheets on since it's been so cold at night...now it'll probably warm back up again :-) Had a little time for the last half of Dawson's Creek and Dr. Phil (which was very good today...got to get a copy of that show...if you happen to know how I could get a copy PLEASE let me know). Made lunch for the kids, started cleaning more of my craft/laundry area. Mended some clothes since I could get to my sewing machine. Trying to totally clean off my craft table so Kevin can do what he needs to do behind it. I'll be going from a craft table the size of Texas to a TV tray...OK a bit exaggerated, but close...the table I'll be moving to is small...doesn't thrill me at all. Got a phone call from the school...Brennan didn't make it to the bathroom in time...Kevin was unavailable so here I am taking 3 three year olds up to the school to get Brennan a change of clothes. That went OK...got home and the kids wanted a snack. So I got them snacks and Kevin gets home. I'm folding laundry. Kevin gets the boys from school, I did a craft project with the girls of some foam Princess frames with their pictures in them...cute! Once the boys are home I help Brennan with home work, still doing laundry and in the process I make a couple pillows I've been meaning to make for the youth room at church. By this time it's 5:30 p.m. so I run upstairs and make dinner...easy...spaghetti tonight. Don't even eat dinner myself, run outside and mow the lawn. Finally make it back in the house about 7:30 p.m. (Hubby realizes I mowed the lawn when I had about 2 more strips to mow...Go figure...luckily I don't mind mowing...it gives me time to myself.) Come inside, cleaned up the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, put food away...hubby is talking to his Mom...she needs help with some invoices I did for her a few months back that need to be resubmitted, took care of that for her. Hubby says he's going to run that down to his mom...it's now 8:15... at 8:30 I run the boys upstairs for showers and get them in their PJs, FINALLY get myself a shower, read them a couple stories and get them ready for bed. Come back downstairs get the last load of laundry in the dryer and now finally sat down to do some work on the computer. Surprisingly I'm not exhausted, yet it feels like the longest day ever.

Well I hope to get some more done in my craft/laundry room before calling it a night...I may even do some eBay...we'll see.



October 10, 2005

My baby is losing his first tooth!!!

This afternoon after church Brennan was complaining that his tooth hurt. Now Brennan just so you all know hasn't lost a tooth yet, he's 6 1/2 and in first grade. Austin began losing his teeth in Kindergarten, so I guess it's about time for Bren. I touched his bottom tooth and sure enough it's loose. I'm excited for him, yet I'm so so sad...my little Brennie is growing up. He has such a beautiful smile...(I tried looking for a picture of him showing his teeth, but that is more of an Austin pose than Brennan...couldn't find a picture of Brennan like that). I just hope that Brennan's big teeth come in better than Austin's has...I think Austin is going to need braces before too long.

Church was good today. Tried inviting Kevin's Mom & Step Dad, but they wouldn't come. I know they know about Jesus and all but I just don't know that they know Jesus personally and I just wish I knew...and knew why they are so not interested. I know it's a personal choice and I'm definitely not one to push the issue...but I just would love to see them have that relationship. I'll keep praying.

Well got another busy week ahead with meetings and cleaning and babysitting the twins. Probably should get a good night's sleep.

Oh before I go...just want to show a wish...something I just really would love to have, but certaintly can't afford it at all right now, but someday...maybe with selling enough eBay stuff and babysitting one day it will be mine :-) The Canon Digital Rebel XT...my sister Jackie has one...I love it...I drool on it every time she brings it around. I want one...I need one. One day Lord willing I'll have one!

Well until next time,


October 9, 2005

Another Saturday...

I've been a busy little beaver today. I went and got new shoes for the boys today. They all needed new tennis shoes. Went to Payless and found a pair each for Colton and Brennan. They were on sale for $ 14.99. They both got Batman shoes. I went to check out and the sales lady said it was only $ 14.91...I looked at her funny and she said all the clearance items were buy one get one free...so I got a heck of a deal there...PTL!!

Then went to Wal Mart...no deals there...never usually are. Spent too much there as usual. But I did find a pair of shoes for Austin, which was great!

Then came home and made lunch for the boys, did dishes, started laundry (on my last load right now), and then started cleaning my craft room/laundry area. What a mess, yet it feels so good to clean it up. Thing is I have to clean off my craft desk so Kevin can scrape the wall behind my desk again since the junk on the walls came back...so he has to scrape the walls again and hopefully try to re-seal them again and pray that it doesn't come back again...thing is, and no offense to Kevin cause I know that he's working a lot of hours right now at the post office, it may take him forever to get that done...where do I craft and scrapbook??? I can't go for weeks or even months without crafting!!!! What will I do??? So in the meantime I'm not only trying to figure out where to put my stuff, but also an alternative place to do my "thang". Could be an interesting feat in itself.

Well I better go finish up my cleaning project and get the boys off to bed. Got church tomorrow.



October 8, 2005


My I'm so glad it's Friday...it's been a long week. Today wasn't too bad. Last night we went to see the Rough Trucks at the fair. That was fun...we had to wait for what seemed like forever, but when it finally started we had fun. Also a blessing...someone gave us free fair passes to get the boys into the fair so the evening only cost us some snacks and some water...Praise the Lord for nice people!! That was such a blessing since money has been kind of tight lately anyway. It's funny how God just comes in at the right moment and takes care of us. God is so good!

So it's Friday...the boys are home from school, the twins are back home and they were good today, the weather today is very fall like with a slight nip in the air. Today has been a pretty nice day...thank you Lord!

Oh one thing that maybe God had a hand in but, TBS has changed the time that Dawson's Creek is on...I believe they must have it on from 8-10 a.m. which stinks cause that is totally impossible to watch it at that time...I'm lucky to catch the last half hour which I guess I've gained a bit more housecleaning time...however I have now caught on to Dr. Phil so...oh well I still gain a half hour :)

Well I'm going to go relax and maybe even try to clean my craft table...it's a terrible mess.

Later taters,


October 6, 2005

It's the end of the world as we know it

Yes folks it's true...the world is about to end...It was on the news last night

Yes...folks Tom & Katie are expecting...can we all just hurl right now. Those who know me know I love Tom Cruise...I love Katie Holmes...just the thought of the two together makes me just ...well it just gives me the creeps. I just don't get it. Now they're procreating...what HAS this world come to?!?!?!

Well, trying to clean out this house....I'm just in that mood right now...if it's not serving a purpose...out you go. I just feel very cluttered right now...hello eBay, hello garage sale. It's gone...not only that, the extra money would come in very handy for the upcoming Disney trip.

Well now thinking of Disney...I need to make dinner reservations soon or we'll be eating at those cheesy cart vendors all week. Too much on my mind. Too much to do.

Last night of fair tonight...so glad...not just because it's over, but because Rough Trucks are tonight!!! YOOHOO...It's Brennan's & my night to enjoy together. Can't wait!



October 5, 2005

It's 9:35 p.m....

and I'm getting my first break since pretty much 7:30 this morning. Had to watch the twins until 6-ish tonight...it wasn't too bad except for Alexis peeing on the bathroom carpet. I had all the boys home today too which made for an interesting day. It just made it a long day all the way around. Overall I think I had more trouble with the boys than I did the twins. There is one reason I'm glad I don't have girls though...and this is nothing against the twins, I've just found this to be true with most girls...they WHINE!! I absolutely hate whining! Colton has started it now and it drives me crazy...ACK!

Went to the fair Sunday and Monday spending about 7 hours there each day...can we say that I'm tired of the fair?!?!? Most of the fair food has stunk...except for my Kettle Corn that I get every year...still as awesome as ever. There didn't seem to be as much there in the barns this year. Boys enjoyed it though, and I guess that's all that matters. Man I remember as a teenager that the fair was THE thing...couldn't wait until fair and then I had to go every stinkin' day. Man after two days I'm done and if it wasn't for picking up my entries on Thusday night and promising to take Brennan to see the Rough Trucks...I probably wouldn't go then either. Oh well...I guess this is a sign that I'm getting older....YIKES!!

Well I'm tired and have run out of things to talk about.



October 2, 2005

It's just not the same...

Well this day didn't go as planned at all. Plan was to go to the fair as a family...ended up just being me. Though it was nice to be able to look at things at my liesure with no kiddies whining and pulling on my arm...it just wasn't the same without family.

So this is what happened...I told the boys to go upstairs, make their beds, get some jeans on so we could get ready to go. Well beds never got made, they both came down in shorts. Told them they neede to straighten up the playroom (it wasn't even that dirty). Instead they wanted to play in their playroom. I sent them back upstairs to get on their jeans. Go up there a few minutes later and they haven't done it yet and beds still aren't made. I just finally got so frustrated as well as Kevin did and told them that they obviously didn't want to go as bad as I thought because they weren't getting things done so we could go. So Kevin told me to go and he made the boys help him in the garage.

It sucked...I know that they are learning a lesson but it still sucks. I only stayed at the fair for about 3 hours and came home. I was bored, I was tired, it just was not any fun alone. In fact I don't think I'd do it again. I wonder how I enjoyed going everyday. Every year it gets worse. Hopefully we'll be able to go on Monday.

Oh, and I am a bit miffed about the fair judging. First of all in the Creative Hobby Show, there was one guy that entered his wood carvings in the wood carvings show then also entered another set of wood carvings in Creative Hobby and won ribbons for each...I don't think that was fair. He has a specail class of wood hobby...so does that mean I can enter my crochet work too in creative hobby?? Not fair at all! Also on one of the photos that won the person was from Frazeysburg...since when was Frazeysburg in Coshocton County??? I thought that was a major requirement that they must be from Coshocton County! Go figure that one out. And the adult garment that only won second place I think (I didn't see a first place ribbon) was a not so attractive granny square jacket. I just don't get it...it was like I was robbed. I'm trying so hard not to be bitter, but it's hard.



October 1, 2005

No sleeping in today...

Saturdays....my one and only day to sleep in. And it's a lot like the lottery...most of the time I don't win and have to get up early anyway, once in a great while I get lucky...today wasn't one of those days. But after a glass of cold coffee drink I'm doing OK.

Colton got me up at 8:30...I tried like mad to get him to lay down with me if even just for 10 more minutes...but nothin' doin'...he was up. I did get to cat nap a little in granny's chair until the other two guys woke up which was nice and helped a lot.

I just have to say that I have the sweetest father in law in the world. I love talking to him. I know he sometimes thinks that he failed his boys in raising them, but I think overall he's done a great job...at least with Kevin anyway...which is what really matters overall to me. Joe is so caring and giving and loving. He loves my boys so much and loves being involved in their lives...in fact he hates the fact that they are growing up so much that they don't need him as much anymore...it makes me sad to see them grow up so fast too. I just hope and pray that they believe and follow God throughout their lives and that they keep family close. If there is one thing that I have truly learned with being with Kevin and his family is that family is very important. It's what makes life worth living. And I've adopted that process with my children now (my house is full of photos of my boys...I don't like them much...yeah right.) I hope my boys will feel the same way about family.

Well not sure if we are going to the fair today or tomorrow...we'll see what happens.


Well I got to scrap...

And I feel a bit better. Did Effer Dare # 10...this one was where we had to create our own National Holiday so I created one that was funny and called it unOFFICIAL Switcharooni Day...the day when all children had to switch places with their Moms and the boys would have to clean house while I destroyed it and the boys would have to cook the meals while I said "I don't like that"...That way I could spend my day watchin TV and playing like they do. I love my boys, but sometimes it's just hard keeping up, so this layout was kind of theraputic in a Mommy sort of way that only mommys could understand.

Well I'm off to bed...Austin & Bren are still awake...I hope they sleep in tomorrow!


Was thinking today...

You know I was thinking today...I sometimes do that :-) I just got two of my scrapbook mags today...it always seems that my scrapbook mags show up when I'm having a bad day...I love it when the Lord just sends that ray of sunshine when I need it ;-)

Looking at my mags makes me wish I could see my work in a magazine. I've sent in stuff a few times, but I never hear anything. I look on Two Peas and those ladies there are so stinkin talented and I wish...Wow I wish I could do that. I know I sound envious, I don't want to sound that way. I just wish I could just once be published or when I put something on Two Peas that I would get a bunch of praise for it. I know that sounds so stupid. And then I thought, you know maybe there's a reason why I haven't and maybe never will...maybe God knows that maybe I would be prideful about my work and that maybe this wouldn't be such a good thing for me. Maybe God has something else in mind. Maybe wishes don't come true for a reason and I just need to be thankful that I'm at least saving memories for my family whether hundreds of other people like it or not. Lord help me keep things in perspective...and thank you for always knowing what is truly best for me.