January 28, 2008

The Weekend...

Concert was good! Missed Group 1 Crew, but other than that, had pretty decent seats and just had an overall good time...even Skillet was good! Barlowgirl rocked and Steven Curtis Chapman was great as usual. I was amazed that Skillet's drum player was a girl! She can wail on some drums let me tell ya...as well as Barlowgirl's drummer...I was unaware that she played the drums AND sang...amazing! The weekend was good other than dealing with a headache for most of the weekend.

Helped my neighbors move this weekend...which was bittersweet. They are moving to a better place...only a few blocks away, but it's sad that they aren't right next door anymore.

Not much else going on...kids are OK for now (other than Brennan has a cough), just keeping up with things on the homefront. Hope all is well with you.

Have a great week!

January 25, 2008


I will be here in Columbus with our Youth Group....Wish me luck ;-)

More later...

January 18, 2008

Pure Magic

Hi di ho all! Above is my latest layout for the Faith Sisters Challenege this week ...it's based on a sketch by Nikki on the website. Layout is of pictures from our Disney trip in 2005 that my dad took all our families together for an amazing memorable trip! Anyway, if you feel like playing along, come join us! I like Nikki's sketch so much I did another layout (a one pager) about items I remembered from my childhood...

I so loved all these things...and I know I'm dating myself, but I remember as a kid watching the Banana Splits (and HR Puffinstuff)...I wasn't and still am not a huge TV watcher but I do remember taking time to watch these shows...the Marathon bar...which I think I mentioned in an earlier post...totally yumminess! The Spirograph and Fashion Plates....hours and hours of good crafty fun...I'm sure my mom loved these toys since I'm sure it kept me occupied for a good while...Journey...my favorite band ever! Holly Hobbie...and yes I had the Holly Hobbie lunchbox. Fisher Price's Video Camera....before electronic gadgetry of course...I used to love to take the cartidges and play the movies backwards...especially the one with Mickey and the Ghosts...classic! Mrs. Beasly...from the show Family Affair I believe...I'd carry this doll everywhere...I loved her...recently sold her a few years ago on eBay. Came in handy when I needed a little extra $$. As with the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees from Raggedy Ann and Andy. I think I sold him and Mrs. Beasly at the same time. Was sad to see them go, but I still have the memories and that's really all that matters. Oh, and Quiz Kid...I know...so nerdy, but I loved this too...and it truly was a great educational toy...It wouldn't give you the answer...one eye would turn green if you were right or red if you were wrong. Oh and almost forgot one of my toys from later childhood and one I really did enjoy...my Chem Craft Chemistry set. I remember in 5th grade seeing this Chemistry "magic show" on TV at school and I was hooked. My dad, bless his heart, saw my huge interest and just like any loving dad would....took me to the hobby shop at the mall, plunked down the $ 75.00 + dollars for it and off we went to do some experiments. It's one of those days I'd never forget. Back then that was a lot of money too and being he was the sole breadwinner and raising all us kids...I knew it had to be a sacrifice...but I'm so glad he did it for me. My dad always did come up with the best gifts for me (and mom too), but considering my dad worked a lot and when he got you a gift it was special. Like my electronics set (which he just bought one for my neice Tea and teaching her electronics now...woo-hoo!) My rock tumbler where my dad took me to this hobby shop in Cleveland that had a whole room it seemed of unpolished rocks...he helped me buy some. And not to mention the endless hours I spent with him at his workbench working on electronics with him...loved those days bunches! I'm so glad (and I've told him this) that my parents didn't raise me as a girly girl. My mom was a tom-boy...and so was I. I had more fun playing in the dirt (with my mom's spoons...sorry mom) than primping in the mirror. So much fun...Wow...this post got long...well back to reality.

So my new bedroom set...finally got it all in (including the dresser which barely made it and I pretty much told Kevin it will probably stay in this house if we would ever decide to move...if it wasn't for hubby's friend Ryan at work coming over and helping move it it would still be in my dining room! So here are some pics of my new set...not the greatest pics but you'll get the idea. I really like it. With the new mattress on my bed (BTW I really like having a Queen...more room!) my mattress is so huge and the bed is so tall I feel like I'm going to touch the ceiling! I have to literally step up into it...trying to get used to that, but anyway...love my new set.

Well I better go do something constructive...like clean out my craft room...again!

Have a great weekend!

January 16, 2008


I'm learning that sometimes life throughs things your way...not bad things, not good things, just little curves in your road where you feel like that car and the orange cones are coming at ya...sometimes fast, sometimes unexpectedly and somehow you need to maintain in order to make it through. Seems like life lately. I laughed yesterday and told the hubby, I would love to just have one day where things would just go the way I plan...but that's truly not life. And God is teaching me that lesson. So I'm trying not to plan too much or at least not write it in stone anyway cause somehow it always gets rearranged. So here...is to being more alert, more flexible, and not sweating the small stuff.

Finally got my furniture...I love it...it's nice. However can't seem to get the dresser up the stairs...it's too big (which I was afraid would be a problem)...so now it sits in my dining room until we figure out what to do with it.

Got my hair cut...I like it too, but I think it makes me look old...don't like that.

Worked late last night getting the next Faith Sisters challenge done. Had to run and get more yellow ink in order to finish printing out my pictures...again another curve in the road. But I got it done and that is all that matters...and I'm happy about that...check out the new challenge at the link above or to the right.

I think I mentioned before about my new little friend I had in my house...the one who somehow was crawling on top of my craft desk and partaking of my favorite Dove chocolates...well, needless to say he is no longer a resident...he's gone. Kinda felt bad, but he took my chocolates! No one does that and lives (just kidding). Well if yoou are a mouse anyway you don't...anyway...sorry mousie and I hope you have no friends with ya here.

Well got again tons on my plate and need to talk to hubby as to figure out how we are going to get this blasted dresser in our happy room....could be interesting to say the least.

Have a great day and may the orange cones be minimal.

January 14, 2008

I have been...

I know... a very bad Blogger lately. Sorry 'bout that...been very busy trying to get my house in order after Christmas, helping boys with homework, playing with the boys with some of their new Christmas stuff...yes i've been having fun too, just honestly haven't had a lot of time for sitting in front of the computer lately. So what's going on...hmmm...

Well I've started working out...just at home, but it's a little something...about 20-30 minutes a day...been good so far. I'm hoping to lose about 25 pounds, but we'll see.

I did finish reading my Bible in a year....was proud of myself. I didn't think I was going to make it for a while. Got a little behind, but I made it...woo-hoo. Hadn't done that since I was a teenager.

My new bedroom set is coming tomorrow...yikes! That through me for a loop, but I got my whole bedroom gutted today, Kevin took our old bed to a girl that goes to our church and hopefully tomorrow we will have our Mission style Amish oak queen bed! Can't wait!

Oh...and hubby got the regular position he applied for at work...finally!! He's happy and sad about it at the same time...we're happy that he will now have every other Thursday and Saturday off. He should no longer have to work Sundays or holidays (WOOHOO!! That always stunk at Christmas time). We may actually be able to do things as a family on weekends! The drawback is that he will probably see a bit of a pay decrease, which of course concerns him, but I'm putting it in God's hands...He's always brought us through before. I trust He will again!

Well can't think of much else....gotta go...big day tomorrow, got lots going on....all I can say is I'll see ya when I see ya! Have a great week...or month depending when I get back ;-)

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends and family a wonderful and blessed 2008! Hope that 2008 is one that fills your life with joy, happiness and family!

Here is the link to the surprise I was eluding to a post or two ago...finally my work is getting out there. I won the Scrapbooking.com's Year In Review contest (won an awesome prize of scrap supplies too!) It really has started me New Year on a positive note. If you get a chance check it out!

Also the Faith Sister's site is posting a give away this week and a new challenge tomorrow if you're interested in checking that out as well.

Happy New Year All!