November 1, 2006


Just an update...I found my rubber stamps!! Believe it or not I put them wonder I couldn't find them! :-)

Yesterday just wasn't a good day...had a headache...hubby and I had a disagreement...forgot about my women's Bible study group last night so I was a little late for that. Ever have just one of those days??? Glad it's over.

You know I can always tell when I haven't spent quality time with my Lord. Yesterday was one of those days...when I don't I ALWAYS have a bad day. Today I made sure I read my Bible and far it's going a bit always helps when you have the Lord on your side to start your day.

Well I have a ton to do today....things I just have to get caught up on. Have a great day!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Yep, that few moments with Him sure does make a difference. Even if its still a rough day, it seems smoother somehow when my focus is in the right place...