November 9, 2006

My sweet Brennie has a "playdate"'s boys are growing up...way too fast I might ad! My little middle sweet little shy boy...has a playdate on Friday evening...with a girl! How did this happen?!?!? And the girl isn't even in his class. She's in the other second grade class. I guess Brennan passed a note to her after school a couple days ago and it said that he liked her and wanted her to come over to our house to play. She sent him a note back yesterday saying she liked him and she wanted him to come to her house. Anyway, luckily this little girl's mommy is someone hubby and I graduated with and someone my hubby knows quite well. He and this girl's mommy talked on the phone last night and they both got a huge chuckle out of Brenn has a playdate with this girl at her house on Friday. Luckily Austin is going too...this girl has an older brother who is in Austin's grade and they've played together before. Even so, I'm nervous....I'm cracks me up hearing him say, "Well when I look at her she smiles and when she looks at me I smile." Oh my...can this be starting already??? Can't we just go back tothe days of dinosaurs and Veggie Tales?!?! I'm just not sure I'm ready for this stage...can anyone out there relate??? Pray for me ;-)

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Lizz said...

Hey Tammy, wow the boys are gettin so big. I think me and devin are going to try to make it on church Sunday Morning. (By the way Devin is my Boyfriend). But he said we Can try to make it so I will try my best to be there. DEvin said he Would be more than happy to Come with Me. So i may see you Sunday