August 26, 2008


So we've taken our (probably) last camping trip of the year...Colton is officially 6 now and had a nice party...boys are now officially in school...hubby is on vacation though this is more of a working vacation working on the house and cars and stuff. So my vacation officially won't start until next week (LOL!!) It seems like I've been away so long and that I've been in a much going on and just spinning around dizzier than all get out...of course some would say I am dizzy as all get out, but that's another story.

So needless to say I'm keeping this short for now...too much going on and can't seem to think straight. But such is life. Just wanted to say Hi...I'm still more when I can.

August 13, 2008

I'm going to miss 5

My little guy turns 6 tomorrow...makes me sad...he's growing up and it truly makes me sad. I SOOOOO enjoyed 5...I think with all my boys, 5 was a great age. And with Colton he's been a pistol and a true bunch of fun at 5. Let's see what 6 has in store.

Also this young man is also celebrating his birthday is a picture of him holding Colton after he was born...time truly does fly!

Happy Birthday Dad and Colton!

August 8, 2008

Not much longer...

So the eternal question to mothers right about this time of year is, "So, are you ready to send your kids back to school?" Now if you would have asked me last week I would have said NO...I really do enjoy having my boys home and knowing that they are safe here...but if you were to ask me this week...I'd give you a resounding YES! Isn't it funny how life just cycles like that. Though I'm still scratching my head wondering where the summer went...I can tell that the boys are ready to go back to school because they are just SICK of each other and they are currently in that "I'm just enjoying picking on you and thus annoying mom to the fullest extent" stage. And so life goes...but honestly, though I've enjoyed the summer (again wherever it went) but I'm ready to go back to some sort of routine...summer is bunches of fun wuth the freedom of not having to be anywhere and all, but it's time to get back into a routine...I'm ready....not for the early mornings mind you, but a routine nonetheless.

Been busy with VBS this week. I was in charge of crafts again this year. And this year we took the VBS to the kids. We went to a local playground about 4 blocks from our church and held our VBS there. Overall it has been really good and thank God the weather has been really good...we were supposed to get rain Tuesday and yesterday, but God held it off and we have had a great time with the kids.

Now with VBS about over it's time to gear towards our next camping trip which will again be at the Brown Farm...we'll be staying up there 3 days next week and having the youngest one's birthday party up there. Hard to believe he's going to be six....he's, well they all are growing up so fast.

Well I better go for now...lots to do.