February 28, 2006

What a day!

Today was one of those days that I just kept hopping...pretty much until now. Well except for going to women's group tonight which I haven't been able to attend for like forever. It was nice.

I really don't want to go on and on about my day so I will go on instead about our trip to MGM Studios.

Overall other than Magic Kingdom, MGM was our family's favorite. Since Austin is really interested in either being an actor/director this really interested him a bunch. And we were prepared for this trip...we had a good night sleep the night before...we had it mapped out and we were on top of our game. As soon as we got in, Kevin grabbed FastPasses for the Lights, Motors, Action show and I ran and got FastPasses for the Little Mermaid show. We saw a lot. The only things we didn't see was the Beauty & the Beast show and the Backstage tour...maybe a few other little things, but we got through this park pretty well. The Little Mermaid show was fun...nice performance. The Lights, Motors, Action show was spectacular! and we were only about 3-4 rows back so perfect seats.

Austin got his face painted. He wanted to do it when we went to Magic Kingdom, but I'm glad he waited. He looked sooooo cool! He loved it too!

We ate lunch at the Sci Fi Dine In Theatre which is like an old 50's drive in. I loved this restaurant specifically for the atmosphere. Menu was 50's type food. You sat in these 57 chevys...it was so stinkin' cute! The boys loved it...they got to watch old 50's sci-fi movies while they ate lunch...they were in heaven because we don't allow distractions like the TV around during mealtimes.

We then did a few more shows...ate dinner at the 50's diner...I didn't eat...was too full from lunch. Of all the places we ate this we liked the least. The atmosphere was cute, but the food was small portions and not that great. The boys chicken nuggets were like hockey pucks.

I did a little shopping with the kids while we were here...Austin got a Stitch pillow. While we were crossing the Main Street in MGM to get back to Daddy and Colton who were sitting on the bench waiting for us I lost Brennan...we couldn't have walked more than 100 feet and I turned around and he was gone. I looked around thinking "Oh he's right here somewhere I'm sure"...after about a minute I started panicking...cause it was crowded....I asked one of the workers that I lost my son and I needed help finding him (not something I enjoyed saying...I lost my son...what a moron I felt like!) The workers there were so helpful..the gentleman led me to a lady who obviously had been through this many times before and she began leading me to their customer services area...where we found Brennan....bless his heart and thank God he was smart enough to go up to a worker and say he was lost. We were probably only seperated for 5 minutes max but it seemed like forever....A very scary moment for me...thankful to God that he was OK.

We then saw the Osborne Christmas Lights. Unbelievably amazing! If you ever go during the holidays...you MUST see these lights....Truly amazing...and as we walked along there was soap bubble snow being showered on us...really added to the atmosphere.

We then went to see Fantasmic! A great show where they show clips of Disney movies off of fountains of water...stunning...I missed part of it cause Austin decided he had to use the restroom as the show was beginning to start. Then I couldn't find where we were sitting cause it was so dark so we eneded up sitting by the handicapped area at the top cause there was no seats left. But great show anyway.

We then went back to our room...we were pooped! A very perfect day other than Brennie getting lost. Here are a few other pics I took during our day.

February 27, 2006

A Mish Mash of Stuff...

Got a lot to talk about tonight...kind of restless...of course it may be the coffee I drank tonight with my dinner...not such a hot idea.

First of all we didn't go to Uncle Tony's funeral...we decided that we saw him when it meant the most so we just wanted to remember him the way we did. Anyway a 6 hour drive for all of us in one day wasn't an appealing thing...I don't mean that how it may sound and I mean no disrespect. I'm just thankful we got to see him before he died. I'm so glad he's in a better place.

We had our usual movie night. Kids watched their movies...mom & dad watched theirs this time. I rented Elizabethtown and In Her Shoes. I was not impressed with Elizabethtown...not sure what that movie was exactly about, but if it would have been me I would have started the movie at the last half hour of it, cause that's when it got interesting and somewhat watchable. Wouldn't recommend it. In Her Shoes was good...especially if you have sisters, cause you could relate to this movie. I liked it.

Taught Junior Church on Sunday. It actually went well considering I came up with the lesson myself. I went on the tangent of the Olympics and the Parable of the Talents and how God gives us our talents and how we should use them to glorify Him. The kids were great and mostly attentive and I thought it went well..PTL!

Had lunch today with Kevin, Colton, Pastor Dean, and Anna May. It was nice...It's nice to have lunch with friends. Pastor Dean was in town having his car serviced. Pastor Dean asked me an uncomfortable question about if I was going to run for the board again this year. I was seriously thinking of not...just because of several reasons, but like Anna May said "we need someone with a voice on there who is going to speak up"...I don't consider myself that person...that is more hubby's calling, but it's true. There needs to be an objective voice there...not sure why God would want me there...I'll have to pray about it.

You know...what do you do with people who annoy you?? As a christian this is a struggle for me. There is a certain person who is well respected in our church and the community that just really has been grating at me lately because honestly they are a user. They search out people for what they need...get the knowledge, $$, support or whatever it is that they need, and then bye-bye once they don't need you anymore and they seem to take the credit for all they've done. They also say that they are going to help you out...and then either forget or just help once or twice and then who knows. But hey if they need you...man you better jump...but they do it in such a nice way...they suck you in and literally seem to spit you out. It's so annoying...and they so have to be in the spotlight...also annoying. ARRGGHH...and the thing is I used to really look up to this person when I started going back to church and now I shake my head and wonder what I was thinking...unchristian-like of me maybe..don't know...just had to get that off my chest.

I am calling 2006 "The Search for ME". With all that has been going on in my life personally over the last couple years...I think it's time...it's time to figure myself out...time to find what God wants of me...time to figure out why I do what I do and why I am the way I am...It's time to search inside myself...deep...and see what I find...been doing some reading...some soul-searching...I'm so tired of just drifting through life and just allowing life to happen to me. I want to make things happen becaue I want it to happen. I want to know what makes me tick. I want to reconnect with my creative side which has been rather dormant and flat lately. Not sure what's going on there. Need to reconnect closer to God...figure out what He has me here for. It could be an interesting year.

OK...last question. To preschool or not to preschool??? I never sent the other boys to preschool...though with Brennan I wish I would have, though he's doing OK now. I have people asking the question...Are you sending Colton to preschool?? Thing is I've been through this twice before...these questions...why am I having a hard time with this one...though I think he would REALLY benefit socially from preschool....I don't know if I want to send him...I can teach him at home...I need to teach him at home...I need to do a better job at that. My life is so crazy and I think I may need to take an inventory and maybe pare down some things. So mother's out there...here's your chance to give me your two-cents...did you preschool or not?? Was it beneficial or just a waste of $$? What were your reasons for choosing preschool? Just curious...

Well I know that was a long post...sorry...I'll lay off the coffee next time.


February 24, 2006

Life cycles...

Today has been a good day thus far...didn't have to babysit today...had a lunch date with the hubby at my favorite restaurant (always love that), boys are home for the weekend (I so love Fridays cause the boys are home with me)...tonight is movie nite...can't wait to watch...It's truly been a good day from this standpoint....

However, I did get bad news this morning...Uncle Tony passed away this morning. Though it is sad, I know he's in a much better place and not only that, he with his wife, Pearl. When she passed away in June I knew it wouldn't be long until he went too...it's just sad though. But I do thank God for the fact that we did get to see him this past weekend. I'm glad we didn't wait cause it would have been too late. May Tony right now be basking in the Lord's beauty. He deserves it. This though had me posing questions to God today....Why is the aging process so hard?? Why do we have cancer? Why do good people suffer when there are those out there that are menaces to society and are walking around without a care in the world?? It just doesn't seem fair. And as soon as I thought those words, I felt the Lord speak to me...those who are left to walk around this earth without a care....are they really not suffering??? Are any of us not suffering on earth for that matter??? One day those who die without the Lord will meet their fate. Those of us who suffer and die in the Lord...our eternal reward awaits. This world will pass away...we are only vapor in this world...here for a moment and gone. God makes many of us stronger in sufferings so that when we get to heaven...how much more glorious it will be!!! Those who are getting away with so much and are living it up here on earth without the Lord....it will be like a daylily...beautiful one day and into the fire the next. How much more will they suffer after having had so much and getting away with so much here for a short time and then knowing the eternity they will have...scary thought huh??? Not that I want to see people suffer...not that I enjoy suffering myself. But I do believe God only gives us what we can handle. This world too shall pass...God is the same yesterday today and forever...PTL for that!

Well just had to share that...know that was a long disertation...but just what I was feeling at the moment. We may not understand the why's and what's of this world and all...but God has a plan and I trust that He knows best.

Have a great weekend!

February 22, 2006


Yes finally I'm showing my Epcot pics and talking about our Thursday, Dec. 29th trip...man how long can I drag this trip out huh?!?!? Still have to share so sorry if I bore ya...We got to Epcot a little late...I think around 10 if I remember correctly. The Future World portion of Epcot was packed so we decided to travel on to the World Showcase. Needless to say I liked the World Showcase, but the boys were somewhat bored. If it wasn't for the KidsCot stations where the boys could make a mask and attach little paper cutouts that pertained to that country, they would have been totally bored. Those masks were our saving grace. We went to Germany to "The Biergarten" for lunch. Yummy yum yum...I haven't had authentic German food since a) my grandma's and b) the German restaurants we would frequent when we lived in Cleveland. The Chicken Spaetzle soup was awesome...and the German potato salad was wonderful! It was one of my favorite places to eat. There were German musicians on the stage playing German music...reminded me of Sunday mornings at my house as a kid. The atmosphere was fantabulous! We then parused through the countries...We didn't go through each country...but most of them. There were a few countries that weren't there the last time I was there (Which was 20 years ago!!) We then ended up going across the lake and dropping the boys off at the Beach & Yacht Club's Sandcastle Club...which was more or less a place the kid's could go to play video games, watch movies and play and have dinner...supervised of course. It was included in our Wishes plan...so we took advantage of it and used it...while hubby and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner alone together. That doesn't happen often. We ended up going to France and eating at the "Les Chef de France" Restaurant. It was awesome! We started out with an Evian water and the French Onion soup...the soup was incredible and was so huge it could have easily been a meal in itself. Then I had the Prime Rib and Kevin had the half chicken. The prime rib was delicious. The veggies were OK...We even splurged on a glass of wine ($ 12.50 a glas...YIKES!) but it was good. I don't drink normally, but this was a special occasion. We then had creme brulee for desert. YUM YUM YUM! We walked out of there stuffed. We walked around a little bit more...saw Canada...which I think is beautiful. Then we saw the Illuminations fireworks show. Wasn't sure we were going to stay for that one, but glad we did...Disney does truly know how to put on an amazing fireworks display. If you go to Epcot...don't miss it. We then picked up the kids (would you believe that they weren't eager to come back with us...they were having too much fun) and we went back to Epcot because it was Extra Magic Hours night at Epcot. That's where resort guests get to stay in the park a few hours later than the other guests...which was great because it was the only way we got to get on the Fast Track Ride. Here is a picture of Colton watching the Fast Track ride...he couldn't wait to get on it. Even then we had to wait 30-40 minutes...but this was the one thing hubby wanted to ride for sure. Glad we did because that ride kicked...Colton loved it so much that he cried getting off of it...he wanted to ride it again. Would have loved to, but the park was getting ready to close by then so we left. We were pretty whipped this night as it was about 1 a.m. by the time we got back to our room. But what a glorious day it was!

So next time...MGM Studios....almost done...I promise!

What a weekend...

Sorry I've been gone for a bit...I don't know what it is but my life just seems to be in hyperdrive at the moment. In fact I have things that I really should be doing right now that are more important, but I need to do this right now...right now it's been kind of a stressful day...but I'm not going to dwell on that. I want to discuss my weekend.

Needless to say as I've mentioned before it's been a bit stressful around here and I saw the opporunity to get away and took it. Unfortunately it was for good and not so good reasons. We got a call Friday that Kevin's great uncle was losing his battle with cancer and they gave him only a week or two at the most. So we decided to make the three hour trip to visit Uncle Tony. However we decided to cut the trip in half and stop in Columbus along the way and we surprised our old pastor and his wife and Pastor Lisa at their new church...It happened to be Rachel's birthday on the 18th so it was a perfect time to go visit. We were the first family to visit them at their new church. I couldn't help it...I was all smiles during that service...it was so nice to be in worship with them and just praising the Lord. It was nice to be able to worship to some upbeat songs again....not to knock what we sing in our church now, because it is very worshipful and wonderful songs. I just miss some of that upbeat "rock the flock" music. Hey what can I say, I'm a rock and roll chicky at heart. We then went out to lunch with them and a couple from their church who offered us a place to stay the next time we come to visit. Very nice people. We got to see Pastor Dean & Rachel's new place which is BEAUTIFUL. It is so nice to visit with friends...I'm so thankful that God brought these people in my life. I also felt a connection with God this weekend that I had been missing for a while. It was nice. I felt a moment of clarity this weekend...I feel like things in my life aren't quite as fuzzy anymore. This trip really helped me in more ways than one.

Then we drove on to Troy to visit Tony. We saw him a little Sunday night but he was pretty tired. He's lost so much weight and it was sad to see him that way. I don't understand the aging process....I just hope that if and when I get to that point that I go quick and don't have to be in a home....it just seems so sad. I want to die at home with my family around me. I don't want them to watch me suffer. I know God has a reason for everything...this is just something I struggle with. We then came back Monday morning and saw Tony for about an hour or so and then left and showed the boys where hubby and I used to live and work when we lived in Piqua. They weren't the least bit interested...but I hadn't been back to that place in about 9 years so it was nice to just see what had changed....and then I was MORE than ready to go home....too many bad memories from that place...by far the worst year of my life...sad to say about your first year of married life together but so true and hubby knows it and we both agree.

So needless to say it was nice to get away even if part of it was sad...Hubby had time to relax which is a BIG PLUS!! This week is his big week withthe higher ups being there so I think it was good to get away and de-stress a bit...God just knows when you need a break...He is so good!

Well I better mosey and get my work done. So much to do...birthday party to plan, church stuff to do, home to keep up with, watching kids....it never ends...and you know, that's OK....that's life after all.

Hope you all have a great week!

February 13, 2006

Just another manic Monday...AKA 3rd grade stinks!!

AAAAKKKK!!! Sorry 'bout that....I have just spent 3 hours tonight working on 3rd grade math and my brain is totally FRIED!! Can you believe that 3rd graders are doing fractions already?? UHHHGGG! I never liked fractions and I was trying to help Austin with his homework and first I started doing it wrong...then I tried looking through his math book on how to do these "equivalent fractions" and it gave me only 2 pages on how to do it...2...that's it. Needless to say I was showing him wrong the first time and I wasn't surprised he was confused. Luckily the book had a website on examples of how to do this or I still would have been showing him wrong...YIKES!! He was frustrated, I was frustrated...needless to say by the time he got his homework done and wrote out his valentines for school tomorrow it was time for bed...I felt sorry for him...no time to really do anything...and he's only in 3rd grade...he did drag his feet doing his homework, but it was an awful lot to do needless to say it wasn't easy to boot. I can understand why he is so frustrated and hates school this year. His teacher said that they really pile on and expect a lot out of the third graders...not only that they have the 3rd grade proficiancy test and the Terra Nova tests coming up in March and April which the teachers are cramming all that info into their little heads. I can't imagine what it will be like when Brennan gets to third grade...it's so frustrating. They expect so much from kids anymore....not that I don't want my kids to be challenged, but when it comes to the point where they are coming home upset and spending 4 hours doing homework...it's ridiculous. Sorry for venting so much...just a frustrated protective momma here...What happened to the days when Elementary School was fun?!?!?!? Any other moms out there feel frustrated with how they pile on schoolwork on today's kids or is it just me????

On another note...saw three more movies this weekend. Mr & Mrs Smith, The Notebook and Proof. Mr & Mrs Smith didn't impress me much...not sure why, just didn't. Maybe it's because this was the movie that broke Brad and Jennifer up...who knows...The Notebook was good, drug a little in the beginning, but Kevin cried and I didn't...just didn't effect me like it did him...I must have been too tired for a tearjerker (it was 1:30 a.m. when the movie was over). Proof stunk...I watched only the first 30-40 minutes of it and I was thuroughly and completely bored and it was like beating your head on a wall...would not recommend that one at all.

Well I'm going to try and vent my frustrations elsewhere...I promise I'll talk about my trip to Epcot next time...hopefully.


February 11, 2006

Awesome movie night!

Just for the record I'm feeling much better, just a little cough left so I think life is looking up Praise the Lord!

Just for those who may not know, Friday night is movie night at our house. I figure with the kids having to be at school all week it gives them (and mom & dad) something to look forward to. Usually we just watch the Disney Channel movie or something in our collection, but the last couple Fridays we've rented movies. Tonight's selection was "National Treasure".

All I can say is WOW! This had to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Usually I have trouble just sitting through the whole movie without getting bored or having to do something while I watch...not this movie...I was glued to the screen the whole time...I know it's been out for a while...hey I don't get out much...but this was truly a "treasure"...no pun intended. Definitely one I'll need to add to my DVD collection. Makes me want to search for treasure :-)

Today was a good day overall....cleaned part of my craft area (which if you've ever seen my craft area...that truly is a feat), took Kevin out to lunch at the English Ivy...they had my favorite Mexican Cheese soup...nice and spicy! Kevin came home at a somewhat decent hour tonight, I made Chicken Paprikash (so so yummy!) and we really enjoyed the night as a family...Momma is happy!

Well I'll carry on my Disney trip tomorrow...to tired tonight for that...hope the Lord has blessed you with a great day!

February 9, 2006

On the mend...I think...

Well I have to admit I'm finally feeling a bit better...other than this nagging cough I think I'm on the mend. Didn't sleep well last night (because of my cough) and Colton got me up at 5 a.m. so I'm going to try to keep this kind of short.

I'm tired of talking about just me so on to the rest of my Disney trip. On Wednesday Dec. 28th we went to Animal Kingdom. Of all the parks we went to, I think this was the one we liked the least. I'm not sure if it was because this was the third day of our trip and we were pretty tired and beat, or that what was involved with Animal Kingdom just really didn't interest the kids. The first thing we did was go to our breakfast reservation at Restaurantosaurus. This meal was totally for Brennan our dino lover...he's loved dinos I think since he's been able to hold one. The restaurant had a neat dino, palentologist theme and the Disney characters came around and visited while we ate. Boys love that. The breakfast was really really good too...one of the best breakfast buffets I've been to. Then we toured around the dino section of Animal Kingdom, making our first stop to the DINOSAUR ride. We were warned beforehand that this ride was rough and a bit scary, but Brennan wanted to go on...and so did Colton. So we did it...it was indeed rough, but not too scary for the boys...including Colton. (Though Daddy did cover Colton's eyes at the end when the huge T-Rex came down in front of our car...great call Daddy!) We ended up riding this one twice...then moved on. We went to the Boneyard (which was nothing more than a dino themed playground...boys got to run off some energy. Got some of the sweetest pics of Brennan here. Hard to believe that in three days my Brennan will be seven! Where has the time gone?!?!?
Also got nice pic of boys with a dino. After the Dino area we

moved on to the Tree of Life...it truly is a sight to see...for me myself it was about the only thing that interested me about Animal Kingdom besides the dino area...what an amazing man-made creation! We then saw the Tarzan Rocks show...had the hardest time finding seats since they were trying to pack as many people as possible into the shows since the park was so packed. Brennan was not impressed with the show and he let it be known too. He was pretty bored. We then watched the parade...very crowded and we pretty much waited forever. The boys really started getting bored and tired by this point. We then went to see the Bug's Life Show which we had a Fast Pass for (it was a cute 3-D show) and after that it was back to the room for a much needed nap for all of us. PRAISE JESUS!!! After our nap we freshened up and went to our dinner reservation at Chef Mickey's which was at the Contemporary Resort. It was a buffet and was very delicious! Hubby's and my fav was the Chicken Corn Chowder...we each had two bowls. YUM! They had a kids buffet which was wonderful...Brennan had Mac & Cheese again (big surprise). They had Prime Rib which was also delicious. The Disney characters walked around while we ate here too. It was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale. Boys had a lot of fun cause they did this napkin dance every so often where the kids had to get up and swing their napkin to the music...Austin of course really got into it. Such wonderful memories. Got these really neat pics of the boys using the mickey ear napkin holders...too cute! Pretty tired after this day so after dinner we went to one of the shops and then back to the hotel...we saw some of the fireworks from the monorail...the boys liked the monorail, except Brennan said it smelled like a farm on the inside...and it really did...kids say the silliest things. We went back to our hotel and got a good nights sleep.

Well that's all for now...tomorrow is Friday...not babysitting tomorrow so it's just me and the Coltman...I'm glad...hoping to take it easy a bit tomorrow.


February 7, 2006

Kidney Infection part deux...

Yes folks....it didn't get any better, though I am feeling a bit better now. My kidney infection ended up coming back...Thursday I went back to the doctor literally wanting to jump in the nearest dug up hole...I had a temp. of 104, dehydrated and just overall feeling like death warmed over. The doc almost wanted to throw me in the hospital, but he gave me a strong antibiotic (4000 mg a day!) and I went back to the doc yesterday and I feel a bit better. Still had a temp yesterday of 100.6 but definitely better than 104. Still not feeling 100% yet, (now I'm dealing with hubby's upper respiratory infection that he decided to share with me), but I'm very slowly getting my energy back. My weekend was pretty much spent in bed...what fun. I am so ready to get back to being healthy...enough of this sickness already! Though I have had so many people praying and sending me cards and offering to help out. What a blessing! God has blessed me with some wonderful people in my life...My church family has been awesome...with people just calling to see if I'm OK, asking to help, just being there saying that they were praying for me...so awesome. I honsetly haven't been this sick since I was in the 6th grade with pnemonia...and I have always tried to help others when they have been sick or needed a meal, just to pray or something...to have it reciprocated...wow...words can't express.

Anyway...I am slowly on the mend and I'm praying so hard that the dark days are behind me...it's time for some sunshine. Did have our women's Bible study group here tonight...it was nice to see familiar faces again and just fellowship...I have so missed that. These four walls were starting to get awfully small.

Well enough about me....here's to hoping that the days ahead are much brighter!