October 29, 2010


Sometimes life can be tough, sometimes things don't always go the way you planned. Sometimes life throws things at you you don't expect. Then again, sometimes life surprises you.

Today is probably one of the first days in a long time that I've had time to really breath. No deadlines looming on my desk, no huge to-do list...just an unadultered moment to exhale....ahhhhh! And it feels good....not sure how long it will last, but I'm savoring the moment. It seems like I've been going non-stop since...well, since I got back from vacation in August?!?! That's been almost 3 months ago and let me say this puppy is tired and worn out. The only sanity saving thing I've had these past few months is my jogging/walking and my friends whom I don't get to see near often enough. Though these past few months aren't ones I'd care to live again, I have learned some valuable lessons along the way:

Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes you have to forgive and find it in you to move on...If you push yourself and believe in yourself you can reach your goals (and not to mention a little anger and frustration is a great motivator)...Don't go running after you haven't done so for several days...big no no....God always provides at just the right moment, His timing is perfect...Make time for your family and don't take the time you have with them for granted and protect what you have. And one I'm still learning about but making good baby steps....learning to say NO. My plate is more than full and I have this past month not felt guilty saying no to some things that people threw my way. I used to feel so guilty and take things on and then stress myself trying to get whatever it was done...I'm learning that my health and well being is far more important for me and especially my family. And through it all God has been there, He always will be there and I would be so lost without Him. He's humbled me in so many ways these past couple months, good ways that were needed. I'm glad I serve a God who is not only forgiving and willing to guide me over and over, but also that He's so very patient cause with me it takes many lessons before the light bulb truly goes on.

Well I'm going to go clear off my desk so I can actually see it again and just breath. Have a great day all!

October 12, 2010

It's not stubbornness...it called being Bound and Determined

So what a month!!! As most people who know me know September - first week of October is pretty busy for me. This is the time that I get ready for our County Fair. Though I didn't have as much in this year (no crocheting this year) I did have 14 entries...13 of those being in Photography. I actually got to sit in on the judging this year. Now that is a job I would NOT want. From what I heard there were over 800 entries this year in the photography division...for a little fair like ours...that's a lot of photos! I don't know how this judge did it...in fact not sure exactly what he was looking for in some of the photos he chose, but hey I am by far not a professional photographer by any means. I'm still learning...I'm what you'd call a 'trial and error' photographer. Every once in a while I do come up with a pretty stellar shot. So shockingly (and I do mean shockingly, cause there were some pretty nice photos this year...though I do believe there is a HUGE difference between a picture and a photograph) shockingly I was able to pull off 2 ribbons in Photography...and with the odds of over 800 photos and only 13 categories...I am blessed beyond all reason! Here are my photos that won this year:

For this photo I got third place for the category black and white snow scene.

For this photo I got second place for the category of Color landscape scene.

So life yes has been crazy...not sure if it just is, or I'm making it that way, but either way life IS crazy right now. Still e-schooling Austin which is going well, Brennan is in the thick of doing Science Fair (which I really need to help him more on), our church is celebrating its 80th Anniversary at the end of the month so been busy making flyers, bulletin inserts and bookmarks for that...not to mention my weekly FaithSisters commitment and normal mommy/housewife things. I have been a busy busy gal!

To top all that off...some of you know I've gotten back into exercising. Now before, I was doing workout videos and even got into the P90X videos...by the way those are killer! Great if you want results though but prepare to get your butt whooped! LOL!! Well since this past winter our family room has been going through a remodel (which honestly means it's unusable until we can find someone who can fix it and the money to pay them...lol!) So as of now the family room is unusable...at least for me to work out in, cause with all the stuff that's now in there, there is no room to workout. So this past August (and maybe I've already mentioned this before) I started walking, which has progressed to speed walking, which is progressing into jogging...and so far so good...slow and steady wins the race as I say. When I do go out, I try to run (I use the word run loosely) at least 3 miles...I try to do between 3-5 miles depending on time and how I feel. Honestly time is more the factor at the moment. When I started the kids weren't quite in school yet so I could go when I wanted...well since school has started I've had to adjust my exercising schedule...so I started walking in the evenings which worked wonderfully, but...I've since taken on a small cleaning job in the evenings 3 nights a week so evenings are out and honestly now that the days are getting shorter and it's getting darker sooner I don't like going out in the dark alone...and I again have had to adjust. So next solution, I began walking/jogging right before I picked the boys up from school and then walk with them home...of course they didn't like walking as much as I did but hey they got their exercise anyway :-) So that was going well for a little while...that's until a lady that sometimes goes to my church, her van broke down and she needed me to pick up her daughter and take her to school and bring her home. So walking to the school and getting the kids was no longer a good option anymore since this girl lives all the way across town...a little much to ask any 8 year old to walk...not to mention the bellyaching I would get from my own 2 boys. So again, I've had to adjust...now some people may have given up by now, but not me...stubborn you say?? No not me...I would call it more of a "bound and determined" attitude. And also the fact that hey I paid a good hard earned $ 20.00 on that Nike+ Sensor I'll be darned if I'm not going to use it!! So now I came up with the brilliant solution of driving up to the school, doing my walking/jogging around that area and still make it bake in time to get the kids and bring them home. So far it has worked pretty well other than the fact I'm sure the kids don't like the way I smell when they see me, but hey that's beside the point...I'm getting my exercise in...and I'm happy. I'm really happy that I've stuck to it. I've traveled over 115 miles since August 8th and I feel much better. I always feel better after working out. Now I'm concerned with what I'm going to do once the snow starts flying...not sure I want to brave the elements let alone that I have to watch breathing in too much cold air...it causes me to wheeze and that's not a good thing. So again it looks like I may have to adjust again soon...hopefully it won't be a bad winter.

Well I think I've bored you enough. I got a bunch of stuff piling on my desk. Until next time.
God bless!!