October 31, 2007

From our house to yours...

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween!!

Still alive...still painting...almost done with Austin's room...hopefully by the weekend (cause I just want to be done with it!) Kitchen is still gutted...new electric for kitchen goes in Friday. Hopefully new countertop next week (really hoping). Still sick though feeling much better other than an irritating cough that won't go away. Boys went trick or treating tonight...Austin was a Jedi (of course), Brennan ended up being a cross between a vampire and a pirate...we called it a Vampirate....and Colton has for months said he was going to be the black spiderman...tonight he changed his mind and for the third year in a row...he went as the regular Spiderman...guess when you've got a good thing going you stick with it...he's wearing Brennan's old Spiderman outfit now...luckily there is always Austin's Spiderman outfit when outgrows Brennan's...who knows how long this Spiderman thing will last ;-) Will post pictures of the boys once I get them downloaded...right now I'm going to go take some cough medicine, hack up a lung and hit the hay. Happy Fall everyone!

October 25, 2007

Not feeling well...

Not feeling well...just tired and sniffling and got the cough too...so it begins I guess ;-(

Anyway wanted to share this video to keep you occupied....very very powerful...please check it out:

October 23, 2007

It's cold and it's raining...

So far not a very productive day....it's cold...it's raining...I'm tired. Just not interested in doing a whole lot...not good when I have a week where my plate seems full. Need to finish Austin's room this week. Got the border taped off to paint last night, but though I love painting...I'm tired of painting right now ;-) Maybe later. His carpet comes in sometime next week...so I really need to get done. Still need to paint the border area...apply the border and paint the trim. YIKES!

Hubby spent part of the afternoon tearing out my kitchen...stove is gone...cooktop is gone...need to find a place for all my stuff in my cupboards....I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed...I don't mind a little mess in my house, but a huge mess is a totally different story...though I know it will be wonderful once it is done, it's the process of getting there that bugs me. I just wish we could have waited until after the holidays, but beggars can't be choosers.

Well I need to go fix some dinner and have to go to church tonight. My prayers go out to those in CA that are battling those fires...wish I could send my rain your way!

October 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Karma...co creator extraordinaire of FaithSisters.com...So I guess I better get to it...For those I tag, this is what you need to do...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
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My 7 facts:
1. I am a huge music fan...I love just about everything...except twangy country.
2. I used to help my dad in his electronics business when I was little...it was fun!
3. I'm not scared to use power tools. I'm a pretty good handy woman.
4. I would love to take a photography class.
5. I was already 2 weeks pregnant with my son when I went ot the doctor to find out why I couldn't get pregnant.
6. I worked in the produce dept. of our local grocery store for 14 years before becoming a SAHM.
7. I went to college and have an AA in Accounting, though I love to go back to school and study art and graphic design.

Now I tag:

Jada's Gigi
Stephanie Ackerman
Amber Nichole
My Sis Jackie

October 18, 2007

Bye Bye Nursery...

It's official...the days of baby are no longer at the McClain household...this is how I spent 10 hours of my day today:

The walls are painted...need one more coat I think, then I'll take "after" pictures, except I forgot to paint the closet!!! So that may have to wait until tomorrow...I'm just too tired and sore now. It looks nice, but seems odd to me...it's been baby blue for 10 years. No more Precious Moments angels border. Austin is really liking it though..which I guess is what matters. I think it's going to be so cozy! Maybe one day mommy and daddy will finally get their room done ;-) One thing at a time. Hoping to have Austin's room done by next week that way he can get out of the living room and back into his own room.

Had to share this photo for my dad...look what I fixed for dinner the other night....Chicken Paprikash....YUM!! This stuff is like the ultimate comfort food...and I was having a not so good day when I made this, but afterwards, Ifelt much better ;-) I wish I could have saved some dad, but it was just too good...maybe the next time you're home I'll make a special batch ;-) Also dad...check out what I just got from Amazon. Maybe I'll make something new for the holidays!

Well I'm tired and sore and hubby bless his heart drew me a bath with my last (and favorite) Basin bath bomb in it...what a sweetie!

Later all~

October 16, 2007

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Trailer

Check this out!!! I don't usually get super excited about a movie coming out, let alone a sequel. Can't wait until this comes out. Super excited!

October 9, 2007


Had a chance to talk to these sweet ladies tonight...They are the owners of the Faith Sisters site. Also got to talk with a few others that make up the Faith Sisters creative team...they just sound so amazing and I am so super excited to be working along side of them. So many ideas they have...not sure I can share so I won't, but their site is wonderful...if you are a scrapper (and even if you are not) please, go check the site out! This website is such an answer to prayer for me...I've been looking for such a place as this and God is so good! I feel like God is opening doors for me right now...I'm so amazed and can't wait to see what He has in store.

Onto other things....I just got the CD for this group today...now I don't usually like country music, but this group is what I would consider pop country so I give it the OK ;-) If you like Rascall Flatts...you'll love these guys...they are like Rascall Flatts with Jesus ;-) Very good and right now on their website they are selling their CDs 2 for $ 15.00....great deal for some good music!
As far as the homefront...well I'm starting to remodel Austin's room...tried taking the border off on his room...not fun or pretty...it's pretty much stuck fast since it was more or less double glued on there, so I think we are just going to paint over it and put the new border over the old...at least that is what we are thinking at this moment. Austin is VERY excited and very persistent in wanting his new room so hoping to get that done in the next few weeks. Counter top should be in soon. We are going tomorrow to talk to a guy about refinishing our cupboard doors. I will (unfortunately) have to strip the outer part of the cupboards myself...can we all say YUK!!! Not looking forward to that...why can't I just blink and it all be finished {grin}.
Oh, did I tell you I ended up getting second place for my scrapbooks at the fair??? I was so excited and surprised....God is good!
Well I'm kinda getting a headache and I haven't been to bed before midnight for days so I think I may just try and go to bed at a somewhat decent time tonight.
Hope you are having a good week!

October 5, 2007

Week of Fair = Mr. Morning Challenge

Check out this site. Mr. Morning Challenge has left the Edwards household and came to stay at mine this morning....Let's just say that I'm so glad for the fair to be over...though I like the fair and enjoy the sites and some of the food (which this year for some reason I couldn't handle so well)...let's just say that a week of fair = a case of the grumpies...not so much me, but for the boys! Wowzers...they didn't want to get up and moving this morning...I got grumpy attitude from the middle one and the youngest just drug his feet and grumped. Of course we stayed out a little later than we should of watching the Rough Truck contest...Brennan especially and I get such a kick out of it. I was wanting to watch my old boss race...which he when I left was in third place and 1st in the long jump, but we really were out a bit late, so I took the grumpies in stride and just went with it.

Today was catch up day...Needed to go grocery shopping, get fingerprinted so I can volunteer at th boys school, sort or straighten up the house. I have some things I could probably work on for the Faith Sisters site. I just finished this layout and uplaoded it to the Faith Sisters site of my BFF Michelle...totally makes me laugh.

I may be going here tomorrow with my neighbor friends...I've always wanted to go...hopefully will get a chance if I can get my house in some sort of order so my father in law won't think I brought the pig pen from the fair to my house :-) !!!

Right now the boys are watching Davey & Goliath....remember that show (for those who remember the 60's and 70's). Found it on Netflix and ordered them for the boys to watch...I always loved watching Davey & Goliath as a kid on Sunday mornings. Such fun!

Well I think for now I'm going to try to get some stuff done and enjoy some Davey and Goliath with the boys.


October 1, 2007

So excited!!!

Just got the news today....I'm so excited....check out this site to find out my good news!