May 28, 2006

Heading on my last leg of my 30's

Been a busy weekend...Graduation parties...going to hubby's brother and sister-in-law's for cookout...he's paintballing today with his brother...hoping he comes back in one piece...went to church today...ended up having to lead worship today because Joann's daughter Kate was sick...that threw me for a curve, it went OK...we got a new sound board at church so on top of being nervous leading worship, we had to deal with the quirks of dealing with a new sound board, but like I told the congregation today, we need to praise the Lord that He blessed us with a new sound board....sang the special today with Michelle and Leslie...think that went well...came home fixed lunch and then played with the boys while hubby went to get pelted with paintballs...boys now watching Spiderman...currently having a quiet Mommy-boyfree moment....AAAHHHH....that was nice...

Yes...tomorrow I embark on my last stretch of 30-dom. I don't know where my 30's went to be perfectly hubby said...the kids pretty much sucked those up for ya. Turning 30 I had not a bit of problem with...turning 40 next of a sudden I'm feeling quite old, and unfortunately at times I feel it....and I'm told it doesn't get much better. Oh well....God willing I'll age gracefully ;-)

Well I think I may take a few quiet moments and scrapbook or something. I have a few pages I need to show that I've done this week, but later...I promise.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend all! Be safe!

May 23, 2006

Oh my...

Well just some randomness...

Austin has strep throat. Six days of school left and he missed school today. Doctor says he should be able to go back tomorrow though...thank goodness. He misses his friends.

American Idol tonight...I know I said I wouldn't watch since Chris got bumped off...but...I'm a shameless sucker I guess. I watched...I wondered....I wondered why they sang some of the songs they picked...not sure who will actually win. I would like to see Katharine win of course, but who knows...I just know that it should have been Chris...I'm not bitter or anything ;-)

I just realized that there is only 5 days of school left and no teacher's gifts in sight...Yikes...need to get busy.

Have a meeting tomorrow night and I'm praying it doesn't run over so I miss American Idol.

I SHAMELESSLY downloaded some Chris music off the AI website...never paid to download music before. I could see that becoming a bad addiction if ever I got an iPod or something of that nature...I'd definitely have to set a limit on that bad boy.

Don't have to work tomorrow...and after Thursday I believe I'm technically done babysitting for the summer which I'm glad...I'll miss my girls (not that I won't see them since they are right next door) but I really need to get some stuff done around some serious eBaying.

Well I'm off to work on the Church calendar that is due out this Sunday, prepare for tomorrow's meeting and try to get some teacher gift ideas.

Have a fantabulous evening!

I'm Back

Well sort of...still on son's computer (only because hubby is on ours). Finally got our computer back so I am finally operational again. Things have been kind of stressed around here. With weddings, birthday parties, graduations on top of just the everyday it's been a whirlwind to say the least.

I just have to give glory to God above though....been dealing with a situation that had been bugging me and after much prayer and fasting, was finally able, with God's help of course, to deal with, confront, and handle the situation and I think things are for the better because of it. Praise God for His faithfulness and love and for always carrying me through. Praise you Jesus!

Well I know this is short but it's late and I need to go to bed. Only 6 days of school left.

May 15, 2006

What a weekend...

What a busy and frantic weekend this past one was. It all started with Friday....we were to go see Joel Osteen preach in Columbus. Well about 1:00 p.m. hubby calls me and tells me his parents aren't feeling well and won't be able to watch the boys...YIKES...and we wanted to leave aroun 3:30 - I'm frantically calling people...after all this was hubby's present. I call my go there...she was ankle high in water from all the rain we'd been having and she was blowing fuses in her house...not a good day for her...I call my sister who owed me anyway...after trying to figure out how to reroute her plans and ours...she came over and bless her heart she watched the boys. However we didn't leave until 4:30-4:45 which put us way behind and not only that...we were going to end up hitting rush hour traffic. And did we...YIKES again. We then were trying to meet Pastor Dean and Rachel for dinner beforehand since where we were going to be was near where they lived so we met them for dinner...about 6:30 by the time we made it through traffic and had to backtrack after making a wrong turn. We had a wonderful dinner with them and though I had thought about telling them we weren't going to make it for dinner I'm so glad we did because it really helped calm hubby down after the drive. It is always so nice to see them and when I get done talking with them it just makes me feel so much better and realize that how I'm feeling isn't wrong and that I'm not alone. I miss them so much.

So anyways, we finally get to the Arena...about 10 after 8. Started at 7:30...though I knew there would be praise and worship first, which I ws right and we really didn't miss much. However when we got there and I handed the girl the tickets she looked at me and says, "These tickets are for the wrong night...they were for last night." My mouth I know hit the floor...after all we went through to get there...I never checked the tickets and I knew I wouldn't have gotten tickets for a Thursday night. YIKES again! The lady then took us over to the service desk and the lady there tells us that we were in luck. Some people had turned in their tickets that they weren't going to use so there were extras...and she gave us the best seats she had...which were better than the seats I had gotten. We were on the lower level just to the left of Joel...very good seats...PRAISE JESUS!!! It was a great time and hubby most of all enjoyed it, which is all that mattered to me since it was for his birthday that we went. After the program we went over to the service desk and thanked the girl again for the great seats and nice to know that there are still nice people in this world.

Saturday we had a wedding to go to for one of the teens from our Youth group. She's not a teen anymore...she's 20, but...anyway it was a pretty wedding. I expected far more of a turnout, since what I understood most of the city and half of Ohio was invited as well as many of those out of state...but maybe the rain kept them away. Saw Pastor Dean and Rachel again there and also Pastor Lisa and Danielle. It was ncie to see them all again. Man I wish I understood more about God's plan...anyways...after the wedding reception we went to the video store and pretty much vegged and watched movies since we didn't have our Family Movie Night on Friday.

Sunday of course was church and then hubby took me out to my favorite restaurant in town...the Yucatan. Great mexican restaurant. Then we visited my mom and then hubby's mom. It was a long weekend.

BTW, my computer is still down...I really hope I get it back soon...I have a ton of stuff to do on there that I can't do on Austin's computer...YIKES!

Well I'm going to quit rambling and go try and do something productive...maybe even scrapbook...we shall see.

Hope your weekend was a good one!

May 11, 2006

You've got to be kidding!!

I am in utter you probably's over last night's American Idol results. Now granted I unfortunately missed Tuesday's night performance entirely (Church meeting) but I am in shock...I cannot believe that Chris got voted off. I was so upset that I threw my remote down and it sort of broke...I was able to put it together again, but foolish of me I know. It's just a show afterall...which I can't see me watching again...I can't see why he got voted off and Elliott is still in the running...WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA!! It is so against rocker guys I swear....that's why Bo didn't win last season. That's why Chris got voted off...rock and roll is not the thing the majority of America is into. Shame too. But anyway I think we'll still see Chris...he'll get a record deal somewhere. And I will definitely buy his album over an Elliott or Taylor. My hope now is that Katherine pulls it off, but I have no clue what is going to happen now.

Anyway on more interesting things. Hubby and I are going to see Joel Osteen tomorrow night. I think it will be a wonderful time. I enjoy watching him preach on TV. Some people think he sugar-coats religion a bit too much, but I feel that if one can bring people closer to Jesus in a gentle and loving way, so be it. It beats Bible bashing in my opinion. Hoping hubby gets off work in time so we can get there on time. Sounds like a good time for just us for a change.

Well I have to get my boys from school

Have a great day!

May 9, 2006

Enjoying God's Splendor...

Sorry I've been away so long...can tell that it's May and that summer is right around the corner...things around here are going into hyperdrive.

Spent the last few days finally getting away to get my haircut, go shopping for some clothes for myself (BTW...I hate shopping for myself...why can't they make decent clothes for a almost 40 woman???..Either it's too youthful and half your body parts are hanging out or the clothes make you look like your Grandma. UGH!) I also bought some plants for my yard...I finally bought a Lilac bush...something I have always wanted for my yard. They smell so wonderful! God makes so many wonderful plants...and of course I bought another rose bush...I love my roses.

Saturday I spent running hubby around town and then we spent time with our neighbor friends, playing dominos, eating pizza.

Sunday of course was church...I love church! We had a concert Sunday evening...what an awesome time and the singers were people from around town...such amazing talent! Loved them all.

Yesterday I spent with Leslie and the twins...we went to Zanesville and I returned a dress, spent some money on my boys and then came home and mowed lawn, planted most of my plants and worked on my front hill which I need to finish today. I so enjoy working with the plants in my yard and making it look nice. I like to mow grass even. If my hubby had it his way our whole lot would be concrete and painted green just so it would look nice.

While working on my rose bushes yesterday I couldn't find my garden gloves so I was working with my bare hands...of course I was stuck several times by the thorns...and I could not help but think about our Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us...I was pricked by one thorn and IT HURT. My Savior wore a crown of them and I couldn't imagine the pain He must have endured...for me. And yet He endured far more than that crown of thorns. I was humbled again by His marvelous sacrifice.

Well I'm trying to recover from all the work I did yesterday...a bit sore to finish that hopefully this afternoon.

Have a great and wonderful day!

Oh...and I may not be on here as much for a little PC has a virus again and I'm using my son's computer right to love those viruses!


May 3, 2006


Frustrated a bit today...boys not wanting to listen today...girls not wanting to clean the playroom before they left...hubby telling me he's on his way home for dinner which I run in the house to finish up dinner only to find out over an hour later he met up with his mom and brother...hubby not being home for dinner once this week...just a bit irritated that's all...of course God never said life would go's times like this I bite my tongue (HARD) and pray and rely on Jesus...He sometimes is the only thing that gets me through...which makes me wonder how do those who don't know Jesus do it??? I know it hadn't been that long ago that I was trying to do life on my own, but it seems like forever ago...God is my Rock and my Fortress...I can't live a day without calling out His praise or for help.

On a different note...AI...Paris is mom will be upset....sorry Mom...she liked her. She doesn't have a bad's just she had that squeaky voice when she talked which just annoyed me...but I think we'll probably hear more from her in the future...she's still young yet.

Don't have to babysit tomorrow....PTL cause I am in dire need of a haircut...I think it's been February since my last cut and haven't been able to work it in my schedule...I really need a trim...keeping it longer though...I like it a lot and I've gotten a lot of compliments with growing it out.

BTW, got to sleep through the visitors or anyone crying for a change....THANK YOU LORD! You are so good!

Still loving my book "Living With Less"...I think I have 4 chapters to go and then I'm done...and if you know me...for me to finish a book is quite a feat...doesn't happen very often. That should tell you how much I like this book.

Well I'm either going to go off to bed or scrapbook a little tonight not sure which...

Have a great day and when you go outside today...take in one thing that God has created...breathe it in (Lilacs are in bloom here...enjoyed those today)...bask in it...and then thank Him for His wonderful gift!

May 2, 2006

Well not much tonight...

I know after yesterday's post what else could I have to talk about. Tired today...I've had someone waking me up everynight except one for the past almost 2 weeks now...Momma's starting to feel the effects....Momma's tired so I'll keep this short.

Had Women's Group tonight. It was good...we had a great meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. YUM!

It rained here was nice. Love the smell after it rains.

Read more of my book today "Living With Less"....I'm really liking this book. It really puts my life here on earth in a much more temporal perspective...get it here if you are interested. Guarantee it will be the best $ 10.00 you've ever spent.

Watched all of AI tonight...haven't done that for a while. Each week I just am in awe of Chris...he ROCKS!!! Katharine was good too...her first song was OK but she did a great job I thought on here second song. My opinion...for what it's worth...I think it'll be down to Katharine and Chris...but I've been wrong before.

Well going to bed...hopefully for the whole night and no one crawling in bed wanting Mommy ;-)

God is good! He amazes me everyday that He would love a wretch like me.

May 1, 2006

So much to say...

God is so amazing!!! I feel like with each new Spring day I see something new and amazing about my God. He's os beautiful, amazing, exciting....He's all I need.

I sang last Sunday during Church...forgot to mention that in the last few posts...though it was a song I've sung before...God gave me this amazing strength to sing the song...I was just so amazed as how God used me caused I was so concerned about how I would sound with all these allergy problems I was having...but God was amazing and worked through me and I had several people come up to me and say how wonderful it was. I am always in awe as to how God uses someone as unworthy and common as myself.

I have some amazing friends that I'm developing some close bonds with. My neighbors Michelle and Leslie...(I watch Leslie's twin girls during the week)...they are so fun to be around...they make life fun...I'm so glad that God has brought them into my life. After an incident that happened with a very close girlfriend of mine in high school...(I found out our friendship was pretty much based on a bunch of lies)...I have always had a hard time getting close to female friends...I'm just so glad that God has helped me to be able to want to trust again in this way...God always gives you what you need when you need it.

I've been doing this Bible study on the book Captivating as some of you may know. Very good book BTW. It really gets to the core of a woman's we long to be told we're God created us to be beautiful and captivating. How beautifully God thinks of us. Lasts week's lesson was good on how we have been wounded...we all have been wounded in one time or another in our lives and how many times we turn to other things like boys, food, romance novels, etc. to fill the void of our wounds when we should turn to God. This week we are reading the chapter about "A Special Hatred" and how Satan hates us as women. "The evil one hates Eve because she gives life....thus Eve (woman) is his greatest human threat. Satan also fell from grace because of his pride and his he has this revengful assault on beauty and Eve is the incarnation of the Beauty of God. Thus Eve incarnates the Beauty of God and she gives life to the world...He assaults her with a special hatred." I thought these words wer so profound. and this as well..."He plays on a woman's worst fear: abandonment. He arranges for her to be abandoned, and he puts his spin on every event he can to make it seem like abandonment." WOW...doesn't that put things in an amazing different and focused light?!?! So least at times for me...and this final note..."You really won't understand your life as a woman until you understand this: You are passionately loved by the God of the universe. You are passoinately hated by his enemy." I read those words in this latest chapter and it was like a light came on...My God passionately loves ME....Wow...not like I didn't know that...he loved me...but passionately?!?!? WOW....almost brings tears to my eyes.

Another book I'm reading is "Living With Less" by Mark Tabb...another good book and an easy read. It talks about how we need to learn to live with less and that it's the world's view about how we think we need more stuff more things more more more....when in fact all we need is God and seeking His kingdom first and all other things will be taken care of. How we need to be a servant...and serve others...instead of focusing on ourselves and those things we think we "need". Like I said...good book so far...check it out.

On other far as Reality TV glad to see Kellie go...she hasn't been very good the last couple weeks...not sure who the next one will guess is Paris or Elliott...what do you think??? An on Top Model...I haven't been following this one too well since it's on the same time as Idol...but Nneena is gone??!!!?? What is up with that!!! and Jade is still there....can't figure this one out...Jade has such an attitude...she thinks she's all that. Oh well.

Finished the scrapbook I've done about me today...finally. I'll post pics once I get the pages all scanned. It looks great I think ;-)

Well don't want to write a book...though I've got a pretty good start going thus far huh?? Hope you all have had a wonderful and blessed Monday. Later all!