December 9, 2006

Quick update...Memories # 8 & 9

Making this kinda much to do. Don't you just hate the hustle and bustle of this season?? I know I do...of course I kind of got off to a late start this year with Christmas, so I haven't made it to easy on myself along with other things that have been put in my path...oh well...

Onto the memories...Memory # 8:

I'm not sure when I started this memory...I think it may have been before the boys were born. But I began decorating my own tree. One year I painted these birdhouses and decided to put them on my Christmas tree. Up near the top I have always put a white dove couple (if you look near the top you can see them) in honor of my hubby and I and our love for each other.

Memory # 9:

Another new memory combined with an old one. As I child I remember that sometimes we would have those Advent know...the ones where you would open the "date" to find a picture of something Christmas related behind it. One Advent Calendar I remember had a piece of chocolate behind each kind of calendar! (HEE-HEE) Well, while purusing on-line last week I found this cool Advent calendar that used a clip board and scrap supplies...needless to say I was there! So I made this one up for my boys...they have enjoyed it...though maybe not quite as exciting as opening the little "doors" or getting a piece of chocolate, in a pinch and with the rush of the season this one had to do, and so far it is working just fine...Just so you know...only 16 more days until Christmas!

Have a great weekend!


Jada's Gigi said...

lovely the bird house tree..:) only 16 more days!!yikes I'd better get moving!

Anonymous said...

you have wonderful memories. love seeing these.