November 7, 2006

Thank God today is here!

OK...I don't know about you or how things are in your area...but I am so glad today is finally here!! If I have to watch one more political mudslinging commercial on TV and receive one more political phone call I think I'll SCREAM! Man...the phone calls....yikes I went to the neighbors last night and Austin's Parent/Teacher conference (see last post) and I had 4 political phone calls on our machine....FOUR...I was hour and a half at the most. Though I thuroughly believe in the right to vote and our right to do so, I just don't like politics all seems like a bunch of liars, cheats, manipulators (now granted not all are that bad), but my goodness the negative campaigns that were on our TV this political was downright awful...and honestly I felt like I was stuck picking which was the lesser of two evils in many cases. And I don't like it being jammed down my throat...maybe because I'm at home and I hear all the ads on TV and get all the phone calls, I feel that way but...I'm just glad it's about over and we can return to the status quo of life.

But beyond all that, I did do my patriotic duty and vote...considering it was lunchtime I thought it would be packed, but I walked right in. Colton was the man of the hour charming all the older ladies and getting candy. He cracks me up.

Was going to go to the art gallery here in town that is displaying a local artists black and white photography on "Fatherhood", but hubby wasn't feeling up to it. Maybe Friday. I so love black and white photography....there is just something so timeless and magical about just speaks to me.

Well if you haven't gone out and voted...get out there! Your voice can't be heard if you don't.

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Jada's Gigi said...

Amen on all counts! I'm ready for it to end, I think everyone shoudl vote and I have and I Do love B&W photography! :)