December 7, 2006

Memories # 6 & 7

Before I go into the next batch of memories...I hope these pics of the tree come out a little better...

Onto the memories...# 6 would have to be where we went last year for's something we still talk about almost every day. Our trip to Disney last year was a dream come much fun, so magical...can't wait to do it again...soon!!

Memory # 7 I was reminded of tonight. My oldest had his first choir concert at school tonight....he was so proud and so was his mama. Reminded me of when I was in choir and had my choir concerts. I loved choir...I loved to sing...still do...I started choir in fourth grade just like Austin is now...hope he continues to enjoy it like I did...of course choir in high school IMO has a stigma for boys than girls I think...never enough boys in choir when I was in school and I think it was because it wasn't thought of as "cool". oh well.

It's been a very very long week...and I plan to go to bed early tonight in fact as soon as I get off to go to Z-ville to get haircut and hubby (hopefully), Colton and the twins will be going with us. Should be quite an adventure. Better get some rest.

18 days until Christmas folks.

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Jada's Gigi said...

I loved the choir as a kid also..I recently remarked to someone that I learned every Christmas song I know by the 5th grade..:) Now that's not exactly true...but the important ones..most of those I learned in choir...Have a great weekend! Christmas is coming!!