December 5, 2006

New Memory 2006, Christmas Memory #5

Created a new Christmas memory for 2006. Boys and hubby finally got their tree decorated tonight...I have my tree that has bird houses I painted in the dining room (I'll show pics later)...the boys got to decorate the real tree in the living room...I told them they could decorate it however they wanted...I should have known, left to their own devices....well, lets just say it definitely goes with what phase all my boys are going through at the it is:
Yes need to adjust your screen (well, the pics are a little dark...sorry about that) but yes is a Star Wars tree complete with Darth Vader mask where a angel used to sit...I have to admit it was very ingenuitive and it is fitting for all my boys, hubby included. The Darth Vader mask is a bit creepy though, but truly what is Star Wars without Darth Vader though? Boys took what few mini light sabers and Star Wars things they had, then hubby broke out the arsenal...his old 1978 set of original Star Wars figures (I swear he must of never played with them cause they still have all their robes and guns!) Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and the villianous Darth Vader as well as many other characters have taken temporary residence on our family christmas tree. Definitely a new memory indeed. Though not traditional, though not common, it's us...right now...and I kind of like it.

Feliz Navidad ~

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Jada's Gigi said...

OMGosh! How creative!! Definitly a memory to go in the books! Though th Vader mask is a creepy decoration...guess the kids love it...:) So you had the same reaction to the movie that I a mystery to me why that movie has made it to cult level....its weird...