November 15, 2006

Started Christmas shopping...

Well I've started my Christmas shopping last night...all on-line shopping of course. In my opinion and in the position I'm in....can't beat it. Yes you have to pay for shipping, but no crowds...get to shop when I finding a sitter for the going to 12 different stores to try and find the right thing...nope all done in the comfort of my home...jammies and all ;-) For me it is the way to go. Glad to finally get started.

So much going on as usual...I probably packed about over half of my eBay items tonight to ship out...that is the part I think I like the least....but I'm glad that the stuff is going out of more tripping over it, until brother in law brings me more of his stuff to sell...oh well keeps me busy and give me some extra $$.

Should hopefully have my "somewhat" new computer by the weekend. I'm glad...though son's computer is OK, I'm needing my own back.

I have to say....I am so spoiled by my father in law...he always takes my boys to school every morning...well this past week my in laws have been in New Orleans and I have had to take the boys to school every morning...though I did OK, it is so nice to not have to drag the little guy out in the cold if I don't have to...Thanks dad for all that you do....I need to do something special for him!

So here is my layout so far in the "Creating Pages Runway Project Contest". Tomorrow is the last day of competition...had so much fun with this contest...and I love how this came together thus far.

I'm starting a "Thankful Tree" with the boys this coming week...we started tonight. They make "leaves" out of construction paper and write one thing they are thankful for...we'll hopefully do this from now until Thanksgiving. Thought it was a neat idea to get the boys especially to think about how lucky they really are.

So what are you thankful for??

Have an awesome week!


Live, Love, Laugh said...

I have so many things to be thankful for, I just don't think there is room to list them all here.

Jada's Gigi said...

I am thankful for SO much! its impossible to list it all...maybe I should make a thankful tree too..:)
I like online shopping a lot too but I still like going out too..and I hate paying shipping and try to get it free whenever I can. Have a good weekend!