April 15, 2011



  • ...does is the weather always bad when my son goes to Scout camp??

  • ...does my lawn look like a hay field...you would think with all this stinking rain we've had that my lawn would look like the hills of Ireland, lush and green...there are two green patches of grass in my backyard...count them...2...which I also ask...

  • ...why can't my front hill look like a hay field so I don't have to mow it!!

  • ...no matter how much I do, the hubby always tells it like he was much busier, worked harder and did more than I.

  • ...do my boys think that I should do everything and complain when I don't?

  • ...does it have to rain so much?!?!?

  • ....am I complaining??

Oh well....time to go to work!

April 5, 2011

Hello April!!

Wow...time seems to be on an all out frenzy lately. Here we are, already in the first week of April!! Yikes! So what's going on...well today starts my journey with the Soul Restoration Class I signed up for about a month ago over at Brave Girls Club...today is the day! Though I won't officially start until Thursday because my friend Leslie is joining this journey with me. I'm excited and honestly a little bit scared about this journey....not really sure where this journey is going to take me....from what I've heard from others that have taken the class, it is amazing. So I'm hoping it's true...lol! If you are interested in taking a journey, there is still time to sign up until noon today. Check it out! So Brennan went to the District Science Fair a couple weekends ago....He got an excellent on his project...I am so proud of him. The fact that it was a project that I wasn't totally on board for...he proved me and his daddy wrong and did an awesome job. Though he doesn't get to advance to State level, the fact that this was his first Science Fair and he was the only one in his entire school to advance to districts....again I am one very proud momma, and yes Brennan is already thinking of ideas on what to do for the next science fair...lol!

Kevin had a scope done about 10 days ago because he has Barretts Esophogus and it was time for his check up. There were a couple spots the last time the doctor wanted to keep an eye on and check this time around. The doctor called last night and said that everything looked fine and that hubby wouldn't have to have another scope done for another 2 years...so a huge PTL!! Hubby was pretty worried, but God is good!

So if you've been anywhere near the Northeast...we have been having some crazy nasty weather. One minute it's nice (and I do mean minute, cause it doesn't seem to stay nice for long) and then, bam...tons of rain, like we had yesterday or like last week...freaky snow. It's crazy and discouraging because between being sick last week and this nasty weather I haven't walked/jogged in a week...ugh. I hate going that long without doing anything...I'm about ready just to run circles around the house!

Busy month again this month ahead too...This weekend in Colton's Pinewood Derby and also my sister-in-law's baby shower....definitely one of those times where I wish I could clone myself cause I can't be at two places at once and it's in two opposite directions!! Ugh...and hubby has to work this weekend so...hoping that Pinewood Derby doesn't take that long so maybe I can make it to the Baby Shower, eek...it's either feast or famine in my world...everything all at once or nothing. Ugh!

Well I need to get hubby's lunch ready....trying a new recipe from Gina's Skinny Recipes called Chicken Pot Pie Soup....by the way it is yummy!! Just tried it!

Have a great April everyone!