November 18, 2006

Just Another Manic Friday

Wow...what a day! Today I woke up late...not a good way to start the up at 8:15...boys have to be at school at 8:50...rush around get boys off to school...luckily they were cooperative. I hate starting a day that way...had no time for devotions, but man DID I PRAY today!! ;-)

Luckily Papa picked up the boys or I would have been hurting. Gathered myself after that and then got ready to go to the school for Brennan's harvest party. I was in charge of crafts. We made these: The picture isn't very good and if I would have not forgotten my camera I would have taken a pic of Bren in this Turkey hat, but I had an armload to carry as it was. The kids loved them and had a great time...however now I know why Brennan doesn't like going to school anymore...ever dealt with a controling teacher?? This is going to be a long year. Anyway...the party was fun and I enjoyed being with the kids so much...they were a blast!

Went to our Christmas parade in town tonight...wasn't really up for going (it was COLD), but boys wanted to since they were lining up right in front of our house!!! After we got out we had, I mean I had, a good time.

Here is my layout I finished for the Creating Pages contest... I'm also incorporating this into the Ali Edward's challenge since her challenge is about our scrapbooking style and how that style has evolved. My style has changed a bunch since my first days of scrapbooking 6-7 years ago.
Here is my very first scrap page: I've changed a longer just scrapping events, but scrapping life. How life changes...what I/we may be going through at that moment. Capturing moments, not just recording events. Not that recording events isn't important, cause indeed it is. But capturing a slice of day when I or someone else puruses my scrapbooks they'll see "me"...or "my boys" or "my husband" and know how I felt about them and what I may have been going through at that moment in life. Kind of like a journal with pictures in a way. Not only that, but I put more thought in a page other than...OK here are some photos...let's slap them on a page, put a title on it and it's done. I enjoy the Ali says...becoming a Life Artist. Oh, Also, I would hope that my photography has improved. ;-)

Well I'm going to close for many little time. Thank God for Saturdays!!


Anonymous said...

you have definitely the new page. Even tho the old page isn't in now, it was the style then, and it's the memory that counts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an evolution... love your new page!