October 16, 2006

God blesses....

Well anyway, decided after all to go to my Scrap Camp this past weekend....after much guilt from myself and even though hubby insisted that I go, I indeed went....and I'm glad I did...though it was a long 2+ hour drive, I slept very little, the bed was as hard as a rock (of course nothing beats being in your own bed) I truly had a great time and had some much needed kid free time. Actually I didn't realize how much I had needed this time away. It had been over a year since I had been back to Scrap Camp or been away alone for anything else and I soooo needed this....I thank God that I had the opportunity to go. It was such a blessing. I got a lot of scrap pages done (I'll post those hopefully tomorrow...too tired right now), met some new people, re-connected with some people I hadn't seen since last Scrap Camp...it was a great time. What was wonderful is how supportive people were of my work. Lots of compliments, which blew me away and was such a blessing to me cause I see my work and don't think it's all that good compared to others, but it's nice when other peers make positive comments. It truly encouraged me and inspired me.

The greatest blessings were Saturday morning when I walked around the lake at the campground we were at and prayed...our church is having our annual Lay Revival this week and I was scheduled to pray for an hour from 9-10 a.m. This is usually done at our church, but I asked if it would be ok to do it "remotely". It was ok with them, so I did...what a blessing. Honestly I don't get the time to pray like that anymore...I know I need to make the time, but as many of you moms of young ones know....sometimes it's so hard to dedicate that time. It was so nice to be able to just relax and pray and connect with my Heavenly Father without interruption. Such a blessing. Then on Sunday morning the two ladies who put on this Scrap Camp lead a worship service. Usually it's only a handful of us, but what an awesome time that was! We prayed for one lady who was seriously thinking abotu leaving her husband, one who is having difficulties at her job, and Christina (the co-leader of Scrap Camp) talked about prayer. The amazing thing is I have this t-shirt that says "Pray Hard" on it with the verse I Thess. 5:16-18 on it (one of my fav verses BTW), and I was just so amazed by that because I just had this strong urge that I had to pack that shirt and then wear it on Sunday....isn't it amazing how God uses a silly t-shirt for a connection?!?! God is so amazing. Anyway I came back exhausted, with an awful headache and shoulders killing me, but I was so happy driving home....92.7 playing on the radio....blarring actually, and just praising and worshipping God thanking Him for the opportunity to go and enjoy this weekend. God is so good to me even when I truly don't deserve it.

On other info....saw my old pastor and his wife tonight which was a surprise....a pleasant one....it was so nice to see them both.

Well I'm really tired, had to watch the twins today, get caught up on thigns that weren't done while I was gone...mainly laundry, had homework from you know where tonight, I'm exhausted.

Hope you have a great week!

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Jada's Gigi said...

SO GLAD you got to get away for a bit. Time to ourselves is so important especially as a young mommy. I know you probalby felt like crap when you got home and there was a mess to clean up BUT...as my girlfriend always says when we have sister sleepovers..."I'll sleep when I die"...LOL I think that translates to mean...it was worth it...:)