October 18, 2005

Why can't things just go smoothly??

Trying to recover from the weekend...been so busy the past few weeks I think my body just pretty much shut me down yesterday. I just didn't feel that well at all. Luckily I don't have to watch the twins today so I've been able to take it easy today.

Called Mom today...Pan Am cancelled our flights to and from Orlando for our Disney trip...HOW CAN THEY DO THAT?!?!? My parents are stressing now and scrambling to find an affordable flight (Prices of course since the hurricanes have doubled and tripled) where we can possibly all fly together (there's 19 of us) and hopefully a non-stop flight (or at least one with not a very long lay over)...This is upsetting. My whole family has never been on a vacation together...by the time my youngest brother was old enough to go on a trip I was already out on my own...and my parents honestly couldn't afford it then anyway. My parents have been saving and planning for two years for this trip and now this...Dear Lord...I need another miracle here...I'd hate to see this whole trip get cancelled because of no way to get there...I'd also hate for us to have to pay for the plane tickets ourselves because we personally can't really afford that right now...and I'd hate to see us resort to driving down because that will also be expensive as well as a headache with three kids in the car for 2 days...not to mention cutting into our trip and time spent at Disney. Please Lord...find a way to make this happen in a good way. I covet your prayers too...I know this seems so petty...It's not like someone is sick or hurt, but this has been in the works for 2 years and to see it not happen will not only be devestating for my parents but also to all our kids who have been looking so forward to this trip.

On another note...went to look at a house yesterday...probably shouldn't have done that. Not that we were seriously looking, it's just Kevin's Mom (who's a realtor BTW) saw this house and thought of us. It was a nice ranch style house (which I'm not much for ranch since they tend to be tiny) but this one was nice. It was in the country but not too far out that it's hard to get to town. It had three bedrooms upstairs with the possibility of one downstairs. It sits on three acres and is in a quiet area. It was nice...Not entirely out of our reach...be better if I was making some real money. There would be a lot I'd miss here though...my fireplace for one, my huge front porch for another...and my hall of pictures that goes up the stairs....but this was probably one of the nicer houses that Kevin's mom showed us since we moved into this one 12 years ago. Another prayer Lord...is it the right thing...if it is would you please give us a well defined sign Lord?

Well I'm going to go finish laundry...hopefully take a breather. Kevin won't be here tonight until later...he's got calling hours to go to in Dover. So it's just me and the three buggaboos tonight. Maybe I'll order pizza or we'll go out for dinner...not much feeling like cooking.




Jada's Gigi said...

Saw you on Sarah's blog and stopped by. Sounds like your weekedns have been about like mine lately. I'm fried! :) Hang in....this too shall pass. :)
I'll send up a quick one for your Disney Trip, I know how much these things can mean.
How can they just cancel your flights???? Unbelievable

sweethc said...

Oh, that stinks about the trip and the flights. I will be thinking of you and your family. Take care!

Sarah said...

Ug, that's wretched!!! How can they do that?

Hope it all works out....