October 14, 2005

Finally got to scrapbook this evening...

Finally got a chance to scrapbook tonight...and I needed that...even though the boys are running around and I think it is about time for bed :-)

This week's dare was to do a layout with childhood pics...journal 5 things about your childhood (I did more than 5) and use a star on the layout. Thought it came out nice, except for my handwriting...been using more of my handwriting lately, though I really really hate it. I wish I had pretty handwriting. The things I listed on my layout were: * At age 5, I stole a 3 Musketters bar and wasn't smart enough to wait until I got home to eat it...but at least I shared with my brother * I was one of a handful of girls to model in my Elementary School's Fashion Show * HUGE JOURNEY FAN * Going to California twice with my Uncle Bobby....I miss him. * Going to Jellystone Park and meeting Yogi Bear * Helping my Dad in his electronics business * Loving to sing at an early age (Large pic is of me singing). This layout was fun even if I don't like the handwriting.

Well I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday...need a weekend. Hope this weekend's weather is nice.

Well maybe after I get the boys in bed I'l be able to scrap some more...we'll see.



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