October 9, 2005

Another Saturday...

I've been a busy little beaver today. I went and got new shoes for the boys today. They all needed new tennis shoes. Went to Payless and found a pair each for Colton and Brennan. They were on sale for $ 14.99. They both got Batman shoes. I went to check out and the sales lady said it was only $ 14.91...I looked at her funny and she said all the clearance items were buy one get one free...so I got a heck of a deal there...PTL!!

Then went to Wal Mart...no deals there...never usually are. Spent too much there as usual. But I did find a pair of shoes for Austin, which was great!

Then came home and made lunch for the boys, did dishes, started laundry (on my last load right now), and then started cleaning my craft room/laundry area. What a mess, yet it feels so good to clean it up. Thing is I have to clean off my craft desk so Kevin can scrape the wall behind my desk again since the junk on the walls came back...so he has to scrape the walls again and hopefully try to re-seal them again and pray that it doesn't come back again...thing is, and no offense to Kevin cause I know that he's working a lot of hours right now at the post office, it may take him forever to get that done...where do I craft and scrapbook??? I can't go for weeks or even months without crafting!!!! What will I do??? So in the meantime I'm not only trying to figure out where to put my stuff, but also an alternative place to do my "thang". Could be an interesting feat in itself.

Well I better go finish up my cleaning project and get the boys off to bed. Got church tomorrow.



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