October 30, 2005

Well I made it...

Made it through the day that is THANK YOU GOD!!! We made it to the 9 a.m. meeting on time (yes with all three boys in tow) and I was pretty thrilled about that. They behaved somewhat, but they were a bit distracting....Thanks be to God that they were only there for about 45 minutes because Kevin came to pick them up. Much better after that.

Then I came home and cleaned my disaster of a house. Got all my laundry done, barely fed the boys lunch. Made broccoli cheese & noodle soup again...Kevin's sick so I thought soup would be good. Made enough to send over to Pastor Rod and Joann tomorrow for lunch. Joann has been really sick this week so that has left Pastor Rod to run things with 6 year old Karissa and 1 year old Kate. Thought at least a lunch may help them out some...I know it ain't much, but I thought it might be nice.

Went to a cookout tonight, only took Brennan with me since Austin is still sick and Kevin too. It was nice...it was at my old boss's from Buehler's house, Danny. I haven't been to one of his party's in years...and I was so shocked when his wife Lori called me and invited us out. He always has the best Halloween parties. Always a campfire, lots of food and a haunted hayride, which I forgot about, but this time it was a trail you had to walk through...he always goes all out. I had a blast. It was so nice to get out amongst adults and just be me for a little while, even if I did have Brennan. Saw several people from church I knew and Donnie Jacobs that I knew from Buehler's. It's hard to believe that I haven't worked at Buehler's in almost 6 years now. Time has just flown. Anyway had a great time, was a little cold, but we bundled up good and the fire was nice and toasty.

Well I need to get to bed...I have to lead worship tomorrow with Joann being sick and I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing since I didn't go to practice last week...wasn't planning on being upstairs this Sunday. On top of leading worship I have to sing a special song too...could be interesting. Be with me Lord!

Hope your weekend is happy...


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Jada's Gigi said...

Hope your family is feeling better. Be safe tonight and have fun. costumes looked cute. :)