October 6, 2005

It's the end of the world as we know it

Yes folks it's true...the world is about to end...It was on the news last night

Yes...folks Tom & Katie are expecting...can we all just hurl right now. Those who know me know I love Tom Cruise...I love Katie Holmes...just the thought of the two together makes me just ...well it just gives me the creeps. I just don't get it. Now they're procreating...what HAS this world come to?!?!?!

Well, trying to clean out this house....I'm just in that mood right now...if it's not serving a purpose...out you go. I just feel very cluttered right now...hello eBay, hello garage sale. It's gone...not only that, the extra money would come in very handy for the upcoming Disney trip.

Well now thinking of Disney...I need to make dinner reservations soon or we'll be eating at those cheesy cart vendors all week. Too much on my mind. Too much to do.

Last night of fair tonight...so glad...not just because it's over, but because Rough Trucks are tonight!!! YOOHOO...It's Brennan's & my night to enjoy together. Can't wait!




EatCrayons said...

Disney, how fun! When will you be going? Our family is heading there from the 27th-1st, for Halloween. We pretty much always hit Downtown Disney for dinner, no reservations needed. The only place we make our reservations for is the Blue Bayou and Goofy's Kitchen. Have a fun trip! :)

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Tom and Katie is just unreal ... what are they thinking? I have a feeling they won't last, it's quite sad.

Tammy said...

We are heading to Disney during Christmas & New Years. Can't wait!