October 2, 2005

It's just not the same...

Well this day didn't go as planned at all. Plan was to go to the fair as a family...ended up just being me. Though it was nice to be able to look at things at my liesure with no kiddies whining and pulling on my arm...it just wasn't the same without family.

So this is what happened...I told the boys to go upstairs, make their beds, get some jeans on so we could get ready to go. Well beds never got made, they both came down in shorts. Told them they neede to straighten up the playroom (it wasn't even that dirty). Instead they wanted to play in their playroom. I sent them back upstairs to get on their jeans. Go up there a few minutes later and they haven't done it yet and beds still aren't made. I just finally got so frustrated as well as Kevin did and told them that they obviously didn't want to go as bad as I thought because they weren't getting things done so we could go. So Kevin told me to go and he made the boys help him in the garage.

It sucked...I know that they are learning a lesson but it still sucks. I only stayed at the fair for about 3 hours and came home. I was bored, I was tired, it just was not any fun alone. In fact I don't think I'd do it again. I wonder how I enjoyed going everyday. Every year it gets worse. Hopefully we'll be able to go on Monday.

Oh, and I am a bit miffed about the fair judging. First of all in the Creative Hobby Show, there was one guy that entered his wood carvings in the wood carvings show then also entered another set of wood carvings in Creative Hobby and won ribbons for each...I don't think that was fair. He has a specail class of wood hobby...so does that mean I can enter my crochet work too in creative hobby?? Not fair at all! Also on one of the photos that won the person was from Frazeysburg...since when was Frazeysburg in Coshocton County??? I thought that was a major requirement that they must be from Coshocton County! Go figure that one out. And the adult garment that only won second place I think (I didn't see a first place ribbon) was a not so attractive granny square jacket. I just don't get it...it was like I was robbed. I'm trying so hard not to be bitter, but it's hard.



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