October 25, 2005

It's here!!!

Yes...the paper I ordered from Rocky Mountain Hobbies arrived today...and it's so stinkin pretty...can't wait to use it...hard to believe there is $ 30.00 worth of stuff there (I got a couple packs of rub ons and some Lil' Davis chipboard letters too so it's not all paper), but I haven't splurged that much on paper in a very long time...it's so beautiful!

This is my hard workin' hubby...he finally has seen my blog for the first time tonight and he was like..."nice...you have pictures of the kids, and even pictures of your scrap pages, but nothing of me..." (not true...there are a couple pics of him on this blog...just nothing recently)...so to appease my loving hubby...here is a picture of him I took this summer at his brother's place. Everyone say hi to Kevin for me!!!

Today was Monday...Alexis was whiney today...Monday's after the girls spend the weekend with their Dad is always hard...makes me thankful that Kevin & I are still together...we may have our moments, but I would hate to live with a split family. I've seen what it does to the girls and it breaks my heart. I've never posted pics of the girls I watch during the day so here it goes...

First pic (one with bandana around her neck) is Alaina...other is Alexis...aren't they cuties?!?!

Well I better mosey on outta here and try to get a good nights sleep for a change.

Later taters!


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